Jetstar Complaints

The biggest rip-off of all time

Dear Jetstar team,

I am writing you to lodge a complaint regarding extra luggage charges that I was forced to pay when I checked in for my flight JQ603.

When I proceeded to the Jetstar desk at Sydney Airport on 02/06/2017 / 5.15 am the customer service ground staff informed me that I had to pay extra for my luggage since the weight of the oversize item (my surfboard) was meant to be equal to the weight of the purchased luggage.

This policy being extremely confusing and unclear, I told her in good faith that while making the booking on I thought that...

1kg cost me $50

I was flying from Melbourne to Adelaide, bag was checked, all good. Coming back home from Adelaide my bag was checked and they said I was over by 1kg. I was told I could throw away my personal belongings in the bin to make it lighter, pay the $50 or I wouldn't be flying. I will never fly with Jetstar again.

Unauthorised Credit Card dedution

Received an email and invoice yesterday with a flight voucher for a club I had not joined.
To top it off they had deducted the money from a friends credit card which we had used to pay for flights on the web site in my name. On checking my account Jetstar had saved my friends credit card details on the account.I never authorise any merhant to save credit card details for further use and certainly would not allow saving of another persons credit card details. Surprise surprise Jetstar do not have a phone no to call so dealt with a remote chat room. Got told they would have someone...

Three Strikes and Im out!

Third Strike
12/10/2016 I paid for 2 return tickets to Hawaii with you for the price of $1083.36, including seats as generally you want to sit next to your family member, especially the elderly!
13/5/2017 you sent me an email to remind me that our flights are coming up, so I checked the booking to make sure all is ok, then I notice that my father and I are not seated next to each other as previously paid & booked for so, I then change the seats to ensure we were sitting next to each other.
25/5/2017 you sent me another email to remind me to book luggage, so as I...

Over crowding on townsville to Melbourne

What ever you do do not fly with Jetstar.
Airlines around the world passenger capacity for the A320 is 150 passengers not jetstar 180 and I assure you you know how a whale in an sardine can feels like.God knows what would happen if we had an emergency on board I guarantee 1/2 the passengers would not get out.forget it it if you are tall,overweight,elderly, disable, o r just not slim you have no chance.

Unethical Food Pricing

I flew JetStar to Hong Kong. It was lunch time, so I took the menu from the seat pocket and chose my meal. When the staff got to my seat, they said they had my selection but that the price was more than double the price on the actual menu.

When I showed them the menu, they claimed that the menu was from a "different route with lower taxes" and that's why the prices are lower on the menu. It looked and seemed really dishonest. It may well be true, but what taxes could account for a 125% price difference? Other customers were complaining about it as well. I've never experienced...

Movie selections

My sister and I paid for the movie package on a flight from Melbourne to Vietnam with a stop over in Singapore.

The choice of movies offered were most unsatisfactory, and on a long flight passengers deserve better.

Lift your game Jetstar.

food and travel

travelled from gold coast to geelong.... booked food etc... did not received food till late so had to woof it down before we had to pack up, then they say I have a $5 voucher, why would I want that .. I have paid for the food already...said I could have a bottle of water.. big deal... staff were not the best, the seats were disgusting, no room for my very short legs... worst trip ever.. poor women sitting next to me, not fat ladies, but bigger boned than I am... did not look comfy at all.. and all this cost me so much more than coming home with virgin from Tullamarine, staff...


The Phillipine call centre was called on 9, yes nine occassions to put me into large seats due to my spinal injury, we paid the extra, so was this done - NO

These flights were 3 weeks ago.

Philippine call centre refuse to discuss other than say the issue has been resolved, needless to say that no one contacted me in any way. Now oday the call centre staff say that all complaints are marked as resolved and there is no customer resolutions in any way. They all pretend to be complaints when they are not, people pretend to be supervisors when they are not, it is a disgusting...

Paul Mason

I booked on the QANTAS website and paid a $50 upgrade for a meal and gate to gate movies. The carrier turned out to be Jetstar which didn't bother me too much until the day of the flight. By the time the Jetstar crew got around to figuring out who wants an iPad and starts handing them out, we were 40 minutes into the flight. Then they collect them half an hour before landing, leaving no time to watch the average length movie on a trans Tasman flight. I knew this, which is why I bought the upgrade with QANTAS, and naively thought Jetstar must have solved the problem. They hadn't.

2 Hour Domestic Delay + Inabilty to Check In Online

What a nightmare. First time flying JetStar again after roughly 4 years, and I get to enjoy sitting in the plane like a chump unexpectedly for 2 hours for 'maintenance', after racing madly through Auckland almost rush hour traffic to make it on time. The flight is only 1 hour long, so tired, hungry at the end of a races work day - no lunch, was hungry at 4pm before flight and would have stopped to eat if had known, will now be 7pm or later before eating, as they won't serve us food, although we did get a drink. [The last JetStar flight my bags (inside & out) arrived soaking wet in...

A Bad Experience From Start To Finish

My wife and I recently flew from Melbourne to Narita and return on Jetstar. Here is a list of our bad experiences with JetStar:
1. We booked the flights through Qantas Frequent Flyer with points. Our itinerary had a Qantas booking reference which could not be used to check in on the Jetstar web site which requires a Jetstar booking reference. We couldn't find a customer service phone number on the Jetstar web site and the online chat facility proved useless at solving the problem. Eventually my wife found a contact number that someone had posted on the internet so I rang this number...

Food poisoning - it couldn't possibly have been Jetstar

I ordered a toasted ham and cheese sandwich on the flight. The toastie had to be heated up and was sad and soggy when I received it. It was the only thing I had eaten that morning. I got off at Cairns to catch another flight. Stomach cramps began immediately in Cairns. I drank water only after that. Cramps continued during the next flight. Could not eat. I had to lay down when arrived at destination 3 hours later I was so ill. At 9pm that evening I was projectile vomiting. I had several episodes during the night and the early morning. I was suffering. I could feel myself improving during...

Business Class - Jetstar in reality do charge for changes to flights

Jetstar ticket conditions explicitly state that there will be no ( repeat no) charge for changing the dates of Business Class tickets. In our case, after a previous 'reasonable' experience flying Singapore to Melbourne on a Business Class fare we decided the wider seats were worth it and had booked two Business Class tickets again from Singapore to Melbourne for a date in April 2017. Circumstances dictated that , two months before our departure we needed to defer that journey by two days. Jetstar were advertising ( on their website) Business Class fares for the Singapore to Melbourne...

Fraudulent vouchers

We’ve were given two Jetstar vouchers for $100 each because they charged us in Australian dollars on the New Zealand website. That in itself is probably a surprise for most people, but it took us a lot of work to get those two vouchers.
Six months later we thought we might as well use them. I got my daughter to do the online stuff – not because I can’t but because I get frustrated at the craziness of Jetstar's website in particular. When she got to the use your voucher section the vouchers wouldn’t work! She spent an hour on the phone with an Asian call centre person who, while she...

Why is Jetstar still in business?

Tried to contact Jetstar all day to confirm a booking I had paid for - before being told my session was ended. The flight is tomorrow — normally! Tried phone, email, customer care service... again and again and fucking agin! I'll just front up at the airport tomorrow and hope for the best. First and LAST TIME I will ever fly Jetstar. Just can't believe the incompetence, total disregard and lack of respect for their clientele. DON'T fly with this company. Unbelievable! But can't understand how they manage to remain in business.

Marianne - 1/05/17

My horror story

I have flown with many airlines around the world regularly over the past 30 years. Both my husband and I are frequent flyers with many airlines including Qantas. Usually I would fly using Virgin but as that was unavailable, I booked a family holiday with Jetstar for an overseas reunion in January 2017, paying a premium amount for the 3 seats. We had confirmed and had seat allocation and had driven for hours with our young child as we live in the country and arrived early at the airport only to find that our seats had been sold to third party passengers fromTiger Air so we had to wait 6...

It's official - Jetstar is the worst airline in the world !!

Well, all these posts have certainly reflected what we always knew but today's press is full of reports of a huge survey of airline travellers who rated Jetstar the worst in the world !!

If Jetstar Managemment don't listen to these reports then there's probably ho hope for them. Let's truly hope that they wake up and really start to try and make a difference. They surely must act now after the...

Thrown off a flight for criticising Jetstar

I arrived at the airport on that day for my flight from Sydney to Noosa and checked in and went through security and went to the departure gate. I was amazed that I got to the gate uneventful as that had never happened for me with Jetstar before, but I think it was because at that point Id had no human interaction with Jetstar staff. About 10 minutes before the flight was about to board Jetstar made an announcement at the gate that all hand luggage would be weighed for every customer and everyone had to queue up and get their carry on luggage weighed (about 100 passengers). As my hand...

Jetstar refused to provide me a receipt after I paid to JetStar on using a Jetstar flight booking number for purchased seats on Jetstar.

Here is the ACCC rule first, Mr and Mrs Jetstar:

Quote "Businesses must always give you a receipt or proof of purchase for anything over $75. If they don't, ask for one. You also have the right to request a receipt for anything under $75 and the receipt must be given within seven days of asking. A receipt or proof of purchase must include the: supplier’s name and ABN or ACN, date of supply, product or service, price".

But Jetstar refused to provide me a receipt I paid to JetStar on via PayPal using a Jetstar flight booking number xxxxx for my purchases of...

Jetstar Ruined our Easter holidays by cancelling JQ11 OOL to NRT

We meticulously planned a holiday with our extended family to Tokyo over the Easter break. As we don't live at the Gold Coast we had booked an over night stay at a B & B. We were all on cloud 9 excitedly chatting about all the things we had planned and booked in Tokyo as we sat down to dinner the night before. Then came the message... your flight has been cancelled. What a joke, the plane didn't have any problems - I call bullshit. They do this all the time and can't even be honest about it. We were so emotional and left 0 decent options so had to cancel the whole trip and then...

MAJOR FAIL Jetstar wants to ruin Easter holidays by cancelling JQ11 OOL to NRT

I got a text message last nght from Jestar saying that our flight from Gold Coast to Tokyo the next day (today) on April 14 was cancelled - I thought this was a joke. We had booked this flight about September last year and pre-paid accommodation and a 5-day hiking tour that starts on April 16. I got onto the live chat and was told to phone Jetstar - they didnt proivde a phone number and i couldn't find the number anywhere on their website. i had to google it. Eventually i got put through to someone who told me that the flight was indeed cancelled . what a blow to this holiday we had...