Jetstar Complaints

jetstar wont allow my sons life saving medication to travel as carry on outside the 7kg allowance.

i would like jetstar to change their medication policy to allow my sons medication to be taken as carry on without it be classed as baggage. Both my son's requires life saving medication that is administered twice a week via intervenious injection. We have a trip booked to Thailand in July and require 6 weeks of medication and supplies to be taken at a cost of over sixtey thousand dollars for both medication and supplies that was funded by the state and federal govermnet. This medication is unavaliable in Thailand and is required to treat Haemophilia a bleeding disorder where both my...

Bali Overstayers thanks to Jetstar - NOW REMEDIED BY MOST HELPFUL JETSTAR STAFF

Further to our complaint re Jetstar causing us to become "Overstayers" in Bali, I can happily report that Aisha - Jetstar Customer Care Analyst  has been very efficient and helpful in refunding us the $492 we were charged to change our flight unnecessarily, and in addition has refunded us the $60 "Overstayers Fine".


Allan and Liene Prince
Palm Cove

Bali Overstayers thanks to Jetstar

My wife and I recently booked a return flight from Cairns to Bali departing 27th Jan and returning 28th Feb. We were aware that 30 days is the "Free Visa " period, but also aware that we could instead obtain and pay for, a VOA ( Visa on arrival ). A VOA enables us to extend our stay beyond the 30 day Free VIsa period. We have lived and worked in Bali as Resort Managers, so we are fully aware of this availability.
Our dates of travel were accepted by Jetstar and bookings were confirmed and paid for. However upon arrival at Cairns Airport check in, we were told that we could not board...

Newcastle airport delayed flight

Well sitting here at Newcastle airport still fucking waiting for our delayed flight by 3 hours which is now 3and a half hours waited for ever to see Adele but guess what no way are we going to see the beginning of her show let alone the first song!! Fuck!! every time this airline let's us down I say never again!!! but I won't forget this Time I'll pay more for the reputable airlines that's for sure!! Thanks for another memory fucked up!!!

humiliating experience

I was at gate in Melb and the most humiliating and upsetting experience with a woman on power trip

The woman said my bag was over (on original flight I had worn heavier clothes and also weighed bag to ensure in weight limit). I said I'd take heavy gear out and wear it I was told I couldn't do that. I also said I don't weight much compared to others can that help and she went off - saying I was discriminating - in front of everyone threw my bag off the scales on the ground and kept going on how could I say something against other people's weight - I actually wasn't saying that....


Hi all I wanted was change my flight dates 17-march/ 20-march,go Queensland ,
I want to flight on 5.jan to. 8.jan 2018, they are making a big deal, all I want is to change dates why are you's making such big deal cancellation fee all that rubbish.

Forced to sign luggage waiver before flight

I was forced to sign a waiver when travelling with skis in January. After making the booking, reading all the Ts & Cs, arranging connections, accomodation, etc. etc., I get to Tullamarine and I'm told "If you don't sign this waiver, you cannot fly today." The waiver basically says "Jetstar can completely destroy your luggage and you agree to do nothing about it."

This is illegal. Consumers should not be coerced into signing a legal document at the last minute, after having already purchased and agreed to all conditions. I had my ticket, the deal was done. But then I get...

Brisbane to Bali

It has taken me some time to get over the fact that when I flew to Bali out of Brisbane with Jetstar we were made to board the plane from the tarmac. This was Jetstars standard operation. Sadly for my entire family it was pouring with rain & we got soaked to the bone. No umbrellas or ponchos were offered. I was wondering if anyone knows whether the Dreamliner has an indoor covered gate or if Jetstar are still making us walk the tarmac prior to an international flight ?. Don't know why I am trusting them again.


Dear Simon,

Thank you for responding to our email. I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with our response.

We're very much aware of the impact a disruption can have on our customers. When we alter flight times or delay flights, we try our best to minimize the impact on you as much as possible. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience it caused you.

I do apologise if our previous response failed to answer all your questions. I can confirm that your main concern here is on how we can improve our operations to minimize this kind of disruption.

We use...

Mr Simon M Smith Part 2 and 3

on disembarkation from this flight I asked the head cabin crew person for a specific email address so tht I could voice my complaint. It is

Part 2: Jetstar's response

Dear Si mon,

Thank you for contacting Jetstar. We’re very sorry to hear that you experienced some disruption when travelling with us recently.

We can assure you that punctuality is very important to Jetstar, and we put a lot of effort in getting every one of our flights away on time. We know how upsetting it is when things don...

Flight canceled, here's your refund(?) , goodbye.

I was supposed to fly with Jetstar on a direct (3hr) flight from Bali to Perth at 9.00 in the morning on February 5. Upon arrival at 4 AM (I like to be early) I noticed my flight was not on the board.
After calling Jetstar I was informed that my flight had been canceled. They offered me 2 alternative flights (with a disconnect in between) or a refund. The alternative flights were the next day either 1 AM or 10:50 am and both with a transfer which would make it a 13-15 hrs flight.
I found that unacceptable and all I was left with was a refund, which I haven't received until...

Mr Simon M Smith


To whom it may concern,

My name is Simon Smith and at the present moment I am stuck at Sunshine Coast Airport waiting to catch JQ 797 TO Melbourne. The flight was scheduled to depart at 1645 AEST. As I noticed on your mobile app, the flight said "on time." As a matter of fact at check in, the Jetstar representative even told us that the flight would be arriving early at MCY.

As soon as we checked in an announcement came over the PA advising passengers of this service that the Captain of the inbound flight had made the decision to divert to Brisbane...


My recent flight from Melbourne to Bangkok was delayed 3 hrs immediately after checking through customs at the recommended 3 hours prior to departure, so 6 hours to sit around the airport...not happy...but it got worse because the flight then got cancelled another 3 hours later. WE WERE TOLD AT THE AIRPORT that we would be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses and anyone living more than 1 hour away would be put up in a hotel. I lost a whole day at the airport, missed meeting my UK friends in Bangkok and was out-of-pocket for my hotel and taxi fares again.
They will now NOT HONOUR my...

Worst service ever

Feel free to read this conversation between myself and a Jetstar complaint's rep after cancelling my flight with no offer to put me on the next flight. Absolutely useless service from the worst airline I have ever used..

End Chat
Priscilla: *Please do not share your credit card information, security code or CVV in this chat window.*
Hi, my name is Priscilla. How can I help you today?
Me: Hi Jetstar. I want to make a formal complaint against your business for the way you handled my flight which I have referenced in this conversation.
Priscilla: I can tell...

Jetstar Jet-fail

Ive gone to the media about this. Something needs to be said and done. After coming across this link I see the airline is in quite a state.

Well thank you very much Jetstar. You are a major jet-fail. A cancelled flight and no attempt to make up for the delema you have placed your customers in. The options were to wait 10 hours for the next available flight or get a refund. I'll take the refund however it's cost is to get an earlier flight back home even with your stinking refund. Just pathetic and to top it off your customer service to try and resolve this was patronizing and...

Do not fly with Jetstar if you like to get back home

Jetstar cancelled my flight 2 hours prior to boarding. At the gate, I was with my wife and two children, asked the representative to find next available flight to get back home. The representative only offered me to stay at a hotel for three days.(?) Then they will able to provide us another flight. Of course, I did not accept it because of my children’s classes and it's not fair!
I purchased another tickets from another company to get back home. Then, asked Jetstar to get money back.

Here is the our all conversation that they all offered me and my answers!

Dear Ugur,...

Melb to Bali 9.55am today

At 6.16am this morning just as we were leaving for our flight an SMS arrived to say our flight was cancelled. With a link to departing options, I clicked on the only direct option, although after trying to allocate seats it's apparent the flight is at 6.45pm the following day. I called the airline and after being put on hold for over 37mins I was advised to go to online chat. After 4 online chats and being aware there are seats on a qantas flight leaving at 5.10pm I was told they can not compensate for our time loss or accomodation. Nor can they place us on the other flight. We are...

Staff hide the Name badge and terrible attitude

The incident happened at 0740am at Melbourne airport on 09/02/2017 where staff treated me very badly and loudly saying that this bag needs to be checked in my friend and you need to pay 50$ for a shaving kit in a little shopping bag. I was completely shocked as I did not know why the lady lost her temper for no reason, after experiencing this all, I have asked the staff member to provide me with her name to give a feedback in online portal, however she was still very rude and hiding her name badge saying that I am not going to show you my ID . After 15 minutes of waiting the manager has...


Had to change name on ticket. My $186.00 return ticket from Gold Coast to New Zealand turned into WAIT FOR IT..... $619.79 and no luggage, Customer Service was NOT friendly, helpful, or understanding, biggest RIP OFF... CRAPSTAR DO NOT CARE!! they just want your money!! DONT DO IT! pay a little more and go with any other airline you'll be thankful in the end. first and DEFINITLEY the LAST time our family will ever book with them again. FULLSTOP..

Gross attitude

I rarely make any complain but my experience today was awful. I just got off JQ 981 from perth to melbourne yesterday. It was a midnight flight so i was already exhausted. I have already heard a lot of negative stuff on this airline but didn't really have anything significantly bad till ystd. The plane delayed which I was fine with since it's already part of their custom to delay. By the time i got on the plane i could already sense the female attendant wearing glasses giving me a stinky attitude. Fine. We arrived at around 4 am in the morning perth time and i was pretty much half asleep....

Fiorella Gentile

Jetstar Incident Thursday 19th January 2017
Flight number: JQ776 (Melbourne to Adelaide)
Ms Fiorella Gentile, Miss Hana Von Allworden-Gentile
and Monique Von Allworden-Gentile

Thursday 19th January 2017
Checked in approximately 5.30pm and proceeded to the Jetstar check in counter. Was allocated rows 10C, 10D & 10E. Which is against their policy as passengers are to be seated in rows 1-5 according to the vision / blind policy.
Had some dinner within the airport.
At 6.45 pm we arrived at Gate 43. Upon arrival I made it known to the staff that...

Bad service.

remember the days when jetstar had real people on check in counters who could cope with a mess. Now we have a thing called a 'kiosk' that always falls over at the drop of a hat. That's right........if you have a problem now you get to ring Manilla and talk to a person who can not even understand your name let alone your problem?????

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So cold...

I flew 4 fights with Jetstar this week. Melbourne to Cairns to Bali and return. All cities were over 30 degreesC. The temperature on all flights was freezing. I had a cardigan but I was shivering. Why are they making it so cold? I told the flight attendant but he was unconcerned but did offer me a $15 blanket. My daughter had a huge knee in her back so she couldn't sit back in her seat. The flight attendant said about the man in the seat behind "he can't help it, he has long legs..." I felt they just didn't care.

Brian Goodman

Never Book Jetstar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have T&C's that are outrageous changes / re routing of a ticket will cost you more than the ticket itself
What a Rip Off
No One Should Fly this airline rather fly Virgin
Be Aware of the Small Print