Denpassar airport is deserted tonight - except for the planeload of passengers booked on JQ38

Thanks Jetstar - 4 flights with you and everytime we have been delayed or cancelled. As a Qantas Platinum FF I wanted to use some of the points accrued for work travel to take the family on a holiday. Cashed them in for 4 tickets to Bali - somewhat cautious that it was on Jetstar but I must have forgotten the other flights and the hassles. But oh no, they came through again - super performance!
It is 3.23am and a planeload of weary wanna be passengers are sprawled anywhere they can find a space waiting for the fight that was originally meant to leave at 10.10pm, rescheduled for 3.30am and going nowhere. There has been no information, no one is around to tell us what is happening. Cmon Jetstar get your act together there are little kids, old people and everyone has had enough. If you are going to cancel the flight just do it and get us all out of here!

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)