Late to Maroochydore

Had a meeting in Nambour yesterday at 10. Got the first flight to the Sunshine Coast. Leaves at 7, supposed to arrive at 915. Got on board the plane at 645. At 7 captain announce "Uhm, sorry but 2 people have failed to board so we have to unload their luggage. " ok, shit happens. At 720 captain advised "luggage unloaded but now we have to wait for paperwork". At 740 captainadvises "sorry but the ground crew have noticed a fastener is not done up properly and they ar investigating." At 750 "the engineers are fixing the problem". At 8 o'clock the problems fixed and we are going to leave. The short of it we land one hour late, I miss my meeting and wasted $200 for nothing.
Thanks Jetstar!

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