Jetstar Complaints


LEFT PERTH 11/ 6 /2019 JQ116o on a 3 Hour Delayed JETSTAR flight on disembarking on Damaged Wet Metal Stairs had a Bad fall, Ground staff carried me to a bus that took me the Main Entrance of the Airport where they carried me to a Wheelchair then one them took me through all the Checkouts to a car that took me to Hospital she said take your Hospital bills to Jetstar at the airport and the will get a full refund what joke . The Bali Supervisor the accident never happened was his attitude make report in PERTH frightened of litigation covering his Backside but still changed my flight back...

Terrible, pathetic service of Jetstar!

I went to wait at the gate and heard the announcements that everything on you will be weighed to ensure they are within 7kg limit or they will throw luggage away unless you pay the fine $, I have my luggage weighed well below 7kg, then they asked to weigh my handbag together which is 8kg in total. Then they didn’t want to give me the sticker to go, instead asking me to pay $60.. well I can wear extra clothing but does that need to be that impersonal? I asked that I am only 50kg, does that 1kg you really want me to put on me to let me go? Can you think that I am weighing 51kg instead? They...

Online booking crashed, now want $100 more to book same seats.

We researched flights and found the ones that suited us and tried to book online. After about 15 minutes going through every question, the system comes back with UNKNOWN ERROR.

We contacted support by phone and they are more than happy to help and after spending another 15 minutes going through the questions with them, they come back with a price $100 dearer. They advise they cannot do it for the online price, even though their system had generated an error.

We went back online and tried again, and surprise, surprise, the price had gone up and we were now able to book the...

Refund request for goods not received


Dear Jetstar Team,

Both my wife and I booked a flight from Honolulu to Sydney on the 15th of April 2019, JQ957, Booking Reference XC6JUL.
A few days prior to our departure we were informed that this particular flight was canceled and were being transferred to a Qantas flight leaving the same day.
As we had booked and paid for the...

Another Sadistic Jetstar Staff

Last night, I had the misfortune to encounter some ugly old hag at Jetstar called Jane. With a old woman bun and Nanna glasses that she looks over her witchty poo nose. Firstly, I encountered this creature on the counter where they ever so friendly take your bag. Jane was sitting staring into space, not paying attention to anyone and letting her workmates do all the work, then unfortunately see the same old sad sadistic creature at the coffee shop area where the gate is, wheeling some small bag. Jetstar Management, you need to rethink your employment standards. And to top, if off my...

Stranded in Sydney.

Got a text from Jetstar a couple of hours before our flight to Maroochydore, flight cancelled due to weather....wot the....clear sunshine at both ends and all other airlines flying. It seems this is Jetstars way of not having to refund and stealing your money. Had to buy tickets on a qantas flight 2 hours later, that managed to fly through that terrible weather. Backwards and forwards with Jetstar only willing to offer a voucher for 2/3rds of price. They just, will not refund the money paid for a service not delivered.
It would seem the ACCC has had no effect on this shit airline,...

LONG Immigrations & PILOT did NOT wait 2 minutes more for LOYAL Passenger

Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Immigration was so long and tedious it caused me to be late for checking into the Boarding gate. I reached there on time & but the ground handlers have already locked the gate in the front, preventing me from going into the aircraft.

they claimed that I was late but I tried to explain that I ran from the Immigrations to the C1 boarding Gate, they didn't have the heart to let me in & said that I was too late but the aircraft was still parked there.

I complained to the immigrations and told them too long queues & X-ray checks were too long.... I...

left behind

I booked and paid for a week-end in melbourne from adelaide, and, I got over there with some trouble, I got searched, and chatted, but I got there, but 5am monday morning I got as text saying my flight was cancelled, and to ring the number they sent me, well It did take a while to get through, but when i did, the person on the other end was quite rude, and said the flight was cancelled because of the weather, and there was nothing he could do, no other flights available for me, and i needed to get back that morning, as i work in the afternoons, but I ended up catching the bus back to...

Disability - Issues

I was horrified to read about the recent issue for a lady in Perth boarding a flight to go to Adelaide. Jetstar needs to get its act together to treat people fairly. They knew before the lady boarded that she was blind and deaf. To humiliate her at the airport and say she couldn’t board because she couldn’t read or hear safety card instructions.

Jetstar has to be the worst airline in the world . Get your act together and do the right thing . Improve your police to accommodate all people with disabilities.

Another reason why I won’t fly jet star.

Refund on fraudulent baggage charges.

Today I complained about my life and I being charged $120 for 7 kg overweight and received a receipt for $60. The staff member M****a was a rude woman with a hitler complex.

I used the chat link to submit my complaint and the response was we don't refund baggage charges. Here is a number for your complaint. We might do something in 10 days.

Goodbye Jetstar Hello Virgin.

Worst airline EVER

I have been planning this holiday for a few months
It was a well deserved and earned break to Bali Indonesia.
I booked it months in advance for a good price to leave today 19/05/2019 and includes my birthday.
I woke up today to the news that my flight was cancelled due to engineering problems.
I have used their web chat with 2 people and the customer service response from them was appalling. Both of them thought it was appropriate to say they were sorry for the inconvenience and that I could either reboot it refund.
I went the reboot route as it was the...

Both ways - put out

Was supposed to fly Direct to Honolulu from Melbourne on 5/05/19. On the Wednesday was SMS flight cancelled but you have been upgraded to another direct flight flying out from Sydney.....But I live in Melbourne. Get to Sydney and our entire plane of passengers become a void to Jetstar-we were ignored and even walked away from. Waited together like cattle to the slaughter for three hours before some one from Jetstar made a move but even then the desk person for us was just rude. Stating that the flight was all booked up, we had to accept what they had given us and if we were unhappy with...

Sydney to Melbourne via Darwin

Yesterday (10/5/2019) 8.40pm Flight (JQ527) was cancelled. Received a notification very early (2.06pm). I immediately called them and got to speak to a human around 2.15pm and was offered a flight at 4.00pm. My response was that I was unable to get to the airport in time to catch the flight. I was offered a flight the next morning, I declined again saying that I had to get home that night and that last time I experienced a cancelled flight ( 3 in a 12 month period) I was given a Qantas flight home. I asked if this could be arranged, Jetstar response was that they could not do this because...

20 hours to come from Honalulu to Melbourne

Booked direct flight home to Melbourne ,was then notified we had bee transferred to Qantas which was to go via Sydney
1 Late leaving Hawaii - Waited 1.5 hrs for transfer bus to domestic terminal {airport staff appeared after an hour saying they were unaware of unscheduled flight ,so buses were limited] outside in the wind with no explanation . Left Sydney late again !! Never again will I Fly Jetstar . Elderly ,disabled and families with small children included in this mess with no care or consideration

Jetstar damage my new luggage and refuse to process claim

It happen on last week 1st May 2019, flight back from Taiwan to Singapore via jetstar, my luggage is new and it is only the second time to use this luggage for travelling, and I spent Taiwan Dollar 200 in Taiwan to wrap my luggage properly before flight, but dont know how jetstar worker can damage my luggage become broken and 1 wheel drop!!
The staff at the airport was perfunctory and only pass me a letter with “Baggage Services Reference (PIR)'' and ask me write in to process the claim that's it.
And now they ask me to a shop just for getting a quote for the repair cost or...

Where oh where are our bags

For all the people on Jetstar flight Tuesday 30/4 morning from Singapore to DARWIN whose baggage are still in Singapore, I hope that you have gotten more information from Jetstar than our group has received, which is zero. I suppose this is what we have come to expect from Jetstar.
Jetstar Asia off loaded all of our bags in Singapore, making the flight half hour late, which we were informed was to avoid a large storm in DARWIN.
We only found out about the bags being off loaded in Darwin, was after going through passport control and waiting at the carrousel for our bags. A...

Jetstar cancelled my flight from Singapore to Melbourne

1. They cancelled my flight from singapore to melbourne and notified me by email while I was in Dublin.

2. They provided a recovery flight leaving 3 days later than I was supposed to leave.

3. The recovery flight is a qantas flight to sydney and I live in Melbourne. So my 7 hour flight will now take 12 hours.

4. In sydney I have to collect my luggage, clear customs and then get on a jetstar flight to melbourne. The qantas flight is going to melbourne but they refused to let me stay on that.

5. They refunded the two meals I had purchased but I have to wait 7...


Just another late CANCELLATION.
I received a notification from google of all places.
Recieved nothing from Jetstar.
I called my agent, they had no notification either, they had to call Jetstar and wait on hold to confirm,
What is their game plan here, wait until everone turns up at the airport just to turn everyone away.
Next available flight not until the 2nd of May.
This is were QANTAS and the parent company should step up and take as many passengers as possible on a first available basis.
Anyway, I need to...


Booked two flights with Jetstar from Sunny Coast to Sydney then Sydney back to Phuket months ago, unaware at the time I would need some extra luggage. I have just today gone online to purchase an extra 3kg carry on only to come to the realisation it costs an extra $50!! Oh, I'm sorry, $49 as the online chat representative advised me; or $61 to check in up to 15kg - a great 2% discount from check-in costs. I remember the days carry on was up to 10kg and you could also check in your bags up to 10kg for no cost. Looks like I'll be wearing 3kg extra clothing to avoid your scam.

Carry on bags

At a loss to know how bags weighed and tagged as ok on one flight suddenly gain over 3kgs on the next flight. Then they want to charge $60 to upgrade your ticket. I packed and weighed very carefully to avoid any issues evan wore heavier clothing on return flight. So bag should have been lighter. Oddly when I went back for a re weigh after doing nothing to lighten the bag but made it quite clear I wasn't paying my bags were within the weight limit. Do they have a quota to meet or do they need to re calibrate their scales. Either way comes across as a scam.

Direct Flight From Sydney to Phuket Cancelled

We had booked flight with JetStar JQ 27 3.10 pm on 30/April/2019 many months before so that we could fly directly to Phuket from Sydney. Guess what, it was cancelled at 2am in the morning on the flight date due to "Engineering Requirements" . Woke up to receive the terrible message. Tours and hotels were booked for the trip. I got sweat dripping down from my face, stomach was boiling with anger.

I will not fly with Jet Star again, its just not worth the saving. In the end I would lose1 day, lose the tour, and the money paid to hotel in Phuket for that date. Also We would arrive...

Cancelled flight after hour on tarmac and refused refund 15/3 auckland New Plymouth

After 45 mins on phone and two online chats three emails to exec unanswered Still out of pocket $408 for flight cancelled. Although terms say flights will be transferred or reimbursed there seems to be no credibility in offer. Had customer services contact me asking if I’d recommend Jetstar and replied no. They sent email asking for patience with fixing delays and ignored responses.
Not worth conisodering as a flight option

They will waive the "change flight" fee if you complain hard enough

I accidentally booked the wrong day on one of our flights. As it was a cheap fare we couldn't change the flight without the $60 fee, and as there was two tickets that was a total of $110 suppository fees, more than half what the fares cost. In the text chat I was also told that canceling my flights would forfeit my entire fare as the fares I chose were apparently not refundable.

I was outraged and complained at length on the text chat. Finally I called the 13 number and was told the same thing.

They offered me a $50 voucher as a gesture of good will, but it it was not for...