Jetstar Complaints

Jetstar damage my new luggage and refuse to process claim

It happen on last week 1st May 2019, flight back from Taiwan to Singapore via jetstar, my luggage is new and it is only the second time to use this luggage for travelling, and I spent Taiwan Dollar 200 in Taiwan to wrap my luggage properly before flight, but dont know how jetstar worker can damage my luggage become broken and 1 wheel drop!!
The staff at the airport was perfunctory and only pass me a letter with “Baggage Services Reference (PIR)'' and ask me write in to process the claim that's it.
And now they ask me to a shop just for getting a quote for the repair cost or...

Where oh where are our bags

For all the people on Jetstar flight Tuesday 30/4 morning from Singapore to DARWIN whose baggage are still in Singapore, I hope that you have gotten more information from Jetstar than our group has received, which is zero. I suppose this is what we have come to expect from Jetstar.
Jetstar Asia off loaded all of our bags in Singapore, making the flight half hour late, which we were informed was to avoid a large storm in DARWIN.
We only found out about the bags being off loaded in Darwin, was after going through passport control and waiting at the carrousel for our bags. A...

Jetstar cancelled my flight from Singapore to Melbourne

1. They cancelled my flight from singapore to melbourne and notified me by email while I was in Dublin.

2. They provided a recovery flight leaving 3 days later than I was supposed to leave.

3. The recovery flight is a qantas flight to sydney and I live in Melbourne. So my 7 hour flight will now take 12 hours.

4. In sydney I have to collect my luggage, clear customs and then get on a jetstar flight to melbourne. The qantas flight is going to melbourne but they refused to let me stay on that.

5. They refunded the two meals I had purchased but I have to wait 7...


Just another late CANCELLATION.
I received a notification from google of all places.
Recieved nothing from Jetstar.
I called my agent, they had no notification either, they had to call Jetstar and wait on hold to confirm,
What is their game plan here, wait until everone turns up at the airport just to turn everyone away.
Next available flight not until the 2nd of May.
This is were QANTAS and the parent company should step up and take as many passengers as possible on a first available basis.
Anyway, I need to...


Booked two flights with Jetstar from Sunny Coast to Sydney then Sydney back to Phuket months ago, unaware at the time I would need some extra luggage. I have just today gone online to purchase an extra 3kg carry on only to come to the realisation it costs an extra $50!! Oh, I'm sorry, $49 as the online chat representative advised me; or $61 to check in up to 15kg - a great 2% discount from check-in costs. I remember the days carry on was up to 10kg and you could also check in your bags up to 10kg for no cost. Looks like I'll be wearing 3kg extra clothing to avoid your scam.

Carry on bags

At a loss to know how bags weighed and tagged as ok on one flight suddenly gain over 3kgs on the next flight. Then they want to charge $60 to upgrade your ticket. I packed and weighed very carefully to avoid any issues evan wore heavier clothing on return flight. So bag should have been lighter. Oddly when I went back for a re weigh after doing nothing to lighten the bag but made it quite clear I wasn't paying my bags were within the weight limit. Do they have a quota to meet or do they need to re calibrate their scales. Either way comes across as a scam.

Direct Flight From Sydney to Phuket Cancelled

We had booked flight with JetStar JQ 27 3.10 pm on 30/April/2019 many months before so that we could fly directly to Phuket from Sydney. Guess what, it was cancelled at 2am in the morning on the flight date due to "Engineering Requirements" . Woke up to receive the terrible message. Tours and hotels were booked for the trip. I got sweat dripping down from my face, stomach was boiling with anger.

I will not fly with Jet Star again, its just not worth the saving. In the end I would lose1 day, lose the tour, and the money paid to hotel in Phuket for that date. Also We would arrive...

Cancelled flight after hour on tarmac and refused refund 15/3 auckland New Plymouth

After 45 mins on phone and two online chats three emails to exec unanswered Still out of pocket $408 for flight cancelled. Although terms say flights will be transferred or reimbursed there seems to be no credibility in offer. Had customer services contact me asking if I’d recommend Jetstar and replied no. They sent email asking for patience with fixing delays and ignored responses.
Not worth conisodering as a flight option

They will waive the "change flight" fee if you complain hard enough

I accidentally booked the wrong day on one of our flights. As it was a cheap fare we couldn't change the flight without the $60 fee, and as there was two tickets that was a total of $110 suppository fees, more than half what the fares cost. In the text chat I was also told that canceling my flights would forfeit my entire fare as the fares I chose were apparently not refundable.

I was outraged and complained at length on the text chat. Finally I called the 13 number and was told the same thing.

They offered me a $50 voucher as a gesture of good will, but it it was not for...

Name change debacle

I haven't used Jetstar in a while...too many bad on one of their many promotional emails,i I actually managed to find a good deal (never actually find good deals for the flights you need, surprise surprise), so I booked it! Short flight from Napier to Auckland to see my daughter take part in a competition.
Unfortunately, my mother fell ill and I had to book an international flight to go see her. I called Jetstar to advise that my circumstances had changed and I wanted to transfer the ticket to my other daughter, so she could attend the competition in my absence. BUT...

Hand luggage Jetstar

The ticket to Sydney from Brisbane costs $130 including 7kg hand luggage. My hand luggage was 8.5kg and was charged an additional $60.
I’m sure the next scam will be based on the doctors age for weight per person and they will charge for any individual over this index.
Maybe even charge to use the toilet.
At least Virgin allow hand luggage and even give you a drink and a snack for the same price. No longer flying with this rip-off merchants

Change of Paid seat

Booked and paid for 2 seats with extra leg space on Dec 2018 and also received confirmation. When about to do check in today 9th March, notice that our seats had been changed to those that's without the extra leg space.
Called the customer service and they can't gave an explanation why our seat had been changed and furthermore received no notification.
After much persistence, the agent said she will changed back to the seat number we had paid\booked for and told us to wait for awhile but when we checked again, nothing had been done and we call back, the worst is that anyone...

Engineering issues cancelled Jetstar flight fron Bali to Perth on March 8,2019

Our flight JQ117 was cancelled on March 8,2019 after the Nyepi Hindu New Year. Our internet were down and we have to stayed all day in hotel due to the Nyepi silent period. When we arrived at the BALI airport, we found out the flight was cancelled. There was no Jetstar flight available until Sunday(10/3/19). We have to rebook by paid $600AU for Air asia flight.

What is the engineering problems for Jetstar?

How does Jetstar have so many engineering problems for their flights?

Jetstar even sent us emails to buy more baggages as stated any items will be weight during...

Cancelled flight 2.5 months ago - still unresolved and out of pocket

We spent 12hrs inside Cairns airport Christmas Day to be left over $1000 out of pocket and 40hrs late to our destination. What gift!
Flight out Cairns to Osaka cancelled due to engineering issue. Line to rebook flights and organise accommodation approx. 6hrs long with 3 Jetstar staff working. After in line for approx an hr receive email from Jetstar telling us we can rebook flight via link free of charge. Great! click link - no options available. Announcement over PA "we suggest organising your own rebooked flight or risk spending an 3 additional nights in Cairns waiting to get a...

Change flight Rip Offs

$120 to change to the same flight 1 day earlier!!!!... $85 for the change and $35 for the privilege of waiting on hold for 10 minutes to talk with a real foreign person.....Good on you Allen Joyce,, just keep ripping off the little people...

Who has the last laugh, Qantas! Your Refund Policy sucks

We recently had my daughter's wedding here in Sydney, and our cousins flew in from Christchurch. They booked their flights months in advance for 10 people on FlatStar. Lo and behold on the day they were due to fly at 5:30am, this useless excuse for an airline cancelled the flight, forcing them to spend over $5k on re-booking on another airline.

Sure enough, guess what happened when it came to getting a refund? You guessed it, hours online to some offshore company that barely speak English and have no authority to do anything, but are trained to endlessly take up hours of your time...


My husband and I were charged $120.00 because we he had a laptop, and my handbag was weighed with the carry ons , laptop and my husbands 'man bag " . I have never had this happen before and was so disappointed when I spent 45 minutes online complaining with no result in the end . We had exactly the same luggage as we took on our flight to the Sunshine coast from Sydney with VIRGIN , who also give you complimentary Tea , Coffee , Water Juice and a snack . But Jetstar , bloody crooks , you get nothing unless you pay for it , not even offered a water !!! SO AFETR PAYING FOR FLIGHTS AND AN...

cannot unsubscribe from Jetstar Spam

The Unsubscribe link does not work and I have tried a number of times to contact them to stop spamming me ... I now live in Europe... I won't be taking any flights with them. They ignore my repeated requests and this is highly illegal in Europe.
If people wish to join me in a class action process against their illegal activities, please come back to me.
It's reprehensible and illegal and they should be made to pay for their behaviour...

Cancellation of Bali flight

My daughter has just experienced the cancellation of her Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Bali. According to her, tourist gossip in Bali is that lots of the Bali to and return flights are being cancelled. She is wondering of she should just book a return flight on Qantas and be done with it!

Does anyone know the reason(s) for this?

Compassionate Refunds

Paid $404 return to Tasmania departing 8/11 Fractured tibeau, meniscus and patela damaged specialist says months on crutches maybe surgery lots of pain basically cannot walk. Spent ages with Jetstars on line representatives to obtain some assistance in getting for example a refund... as old aged pensioners typing information was soo hard. Anyway, Jetstar..change flight date/time cost $85 per flight plus fare difference... roughly an additional $462 No thanks! Jetstar...Sorry no refund see our fare rules.What about a compassionate refund Jetstar...assists customers whose travel plans are...

Cancelled jetstar flight due to enineering problem !!!!

JetStar cancelled my Melbourne to Bali flight on Monday 14th Jan 2019 at 10.30 pm via text the flight was due to leave Tues 6.50 pm, the text offered a link to make alternative flights!! when I attempted to book these flights they were all booked out. After 2 hours I found a flight leaving from Melbourne to Adelaide Thursday 17th Jan at 2.50 pm then board a Bali flight from Adelaide at 6.40 pm Thursday. 48 hours and 2 nights lost accommodation and after 5 attempts on chat talk and a phone call to JetStar complaints all I got was an apology from the lady on the phone. absolutely defiantly...


Staff dont speak good english that is why mis interpreted..
Id fell hold up and the counter name is SAE a trying hard english spoken
The supervisor is NANOKO and the manager is worst..

Japan jetstar is the worst rudist i have ever ever encounter...with no heart no consideration even a 1 kilo excess i have prove..

I am not in the hotel because i dont have a choice..

Cancelled flight & delay on rescheduled flight

Jetstar Gold Coast to Osaka was cancelled on us 13/1/19 the day before our flight via a text message, then we were given an alternative route arriving 3 hours later then the original flight - Gold Coast to Narita then to Osaka. This second flight is now 1.5hours running late.

I vow never to fly Jetstar again, we only wanted to fly the Dreamliner Gold Coast via Cairns to Japan. I could have flown from Brisbane where we live admmitingly for more money but money isn’t an issue for us. The level of service is 2nd class and they blatantly lie to you about why the planes are cancelled...

A cancelled re-booking totally stuffed up

What a great Jetstar experience yesterday (9th January). I was in Adelaide to attend a funeral, and booked to return to Sydney on JQ 767 at 6.45 pm. Around noon on that day I got an SMS that the flight had been cancelled, but “don’t need to do anything as you have been rebooked”. No details of what the rebooking was. EIGHT attempts to contact Jetstar over the next hour resulted in finally getting through to someone who said that, no I hadn’t been rebooked; I had to ring “holidays” because I had a hotel booking on the same itinerary. Half an hour later I finally got to someone who rebooked...