Jetstar Complaints

Unable to use travel voucher

If Jetstar's incompetence recently with my international flight being cancelled three days in a row wasn't bad enough, the measly $40 travel voucher to be used within 6 months on a future flight was ineligible when I came to use it for payment on upgrading an existing flight. Not surprisingly, the voucher can’t be used for a refund on already paid money either.

Unauthorised Transaction on credit card

We had made a booking online, when I was at the payment page I had a travel voucher to use, so I entered the voucher number which gave no error to say it would not acceptable, then because the flight total was $16.00 over the voucher value I entered by credit card details to pay for the balance. 2 days later I checked my credit card to find that JS had charged my credit card for the full amount of the flights, and didn't take up the voucher. Once again JS ERROR is not fixed. and I still have not received a refund. for their UNAUTHORISED TRANSACTION. OVERCHARGED. Still not refunded...

Daniel Poll

Took a flight from Melb to Hobart return on the same day as I was attending a football match on Sat. August 15, 2015. Flight back to Melb was supposed to be at 9.10pm. Boarded, told there is a mechanical issue. 9.39pm, told it was fixed and it would be 10-15 mins for the paperwork to be completed then we take off. No problem, we thought as these things can happen and safety paramount.

10.05pm, paperwork done but crew have worked too may hours so everyone had to get off, stand in line at check in and get boarding passes for the re-scheduled flight at 10am the next day. They also...

worst customer service not humane

I was notified 8pm the night before 6.20am flight from adelaide to melbourne on aug 9th 2015 via sms that my flight was cancelled , which was linked to my international flight same day to phuket. After 1hr wait on hold with jetstar i was told they could not get me on any flight that day even with other carrier and i had to make alternative arrangement to get to melbourne to board my 2.45pm flight from melbourne to phuket. In frustration and panic that my first carefully planned overseas holiday off 6 month wait was looking at not happening, massive expense, time off work, i desperately...

$1700.00 to change flight

My daughter booked a flight through Jetstar and as I cannot fly on those dates due to work commitments I asked to change flights and yes Jetstar can do this at a cost of $1700.00 which I simply cannot afford my daughter who booked is only fifteen and she got excited about the cheap 109.00 fares to bali is there someone at Jetstar who I can contact . i thought you had twenty four hours to change flights?

Keep you in the dark

Finally I could watch the sunrise from my window seat and then the window blacked out for 4 hours. I was unable to to lighten it as the controller beside me was disabled until 10am. Is this some new form of crowd control akin to battery hens where day and night is totally controlled? Think I have a right to look out of my window seat if I so choose.

Worst flight / service on a flight to date...

Allow me to share what I've just emailed Jetstar: This was the worst international flight and service I and many others no doubt have experienced. Many on board said they would never fly with Jetstar again. Not only was it unexpectedly cancelled (not once, but twice) resulting in flying some three (3) days after my original flight should have, no real explanation or apology was given. This entire situation was made worse by 1) having to walk from the terminal to the plane at Narita in a storm resulting in being drenched by the time everyone had actually boarded - no umbrellas available...

Jetstar Credit Card

There is nowhere online to change your address. So I sent them a letter to update my address.
The letter had my name, date of birth, email address, phone number, old address and new address. It was signed. I sent that over 3 weeks ago - and today I get 2 missed calls from them. Turns out that they still had to call me (from Manila) and I then had to identify myself with Full name, date of birth, email address, mothers maiden name - and then I said - ENOUGH! They wanted to know my phone number or credit limit on the card as well. All I wanted to do was get my address changed -...

Assist cabin crew TRAP

After agreeing to 'assist cabin crew if required' by ticking the box on the screen at the boarding pass kiosk, I was again asked the same question just before boarding.
I replied 'No worries, Cobber' and began to walk down the loading ramp, however, I was shortly ORDERED to 'Come back here' by some officious little creep named 'BANKS'.
Banks then snappily repeated ' Do you agree to assist cabin crew if required to do so?'
I told him I'd already agreed to do this and had also ticked the box at the kiosk.
Well this seemingly wasn't good enough and so he barked;...

Run for your baggage

Dear Jetstar,
Your pilots have always got me to my destination quickly and safely. Your cabin crew have always treated me professionally and courteously. Your Sydney staff have always given me great service with a smile – even helped me above and beyond. Your Adelaide ground staff on the other hand …
What is with your Adelaide ground staff?
Minutes before I was due to board my flight from Adelaide to Sydney, a cabin baggage nazi singled me out for my cabin baggage (a small wheeled bag and a laptop bag) to be weighed. My baggage was found to be overweight. I was told...

Volcanic Ash is just an excuss to profit

how come all other airlines are still landing and departing Denpsar except Australian AIrlines? why if the wind blows the opposite way from Australia do they use the excuse the winds are blowing in the wrong way, its all hog wash,

the south east monsoon is blowing south east, away from Australia towards Asia yet all other airlines are stil Landing and taking of why?

i just asked for a refund but was told i can only get a coupon to the value of the flight that must be used in six months and must be on the same type of fair, whatever that means?

now if i was a greedy...

Jetstar horrible rude at Singapore.

13 july we have a flight to Singapore with Lufthansa.
From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Lufthansa booked us wit Jetstar Asia.
The gate from jetstar was in a different terminal and a long walk .
We just made it on time but not get a ticket from this flight and online checkin was not possible.
But at the gate 35 min before the flight the transfer desk refused a check in.
Claiming it was 30 min before departure and the systeem did not allow a check in.
She send us back to Lufthansa a20 min walk again.
No problem for Lufthansa we did get a flight 1,5...

Really rude and disrespectful ground staff, she yelled and shouted at me in public for a mistake that's later found to be hers!!

On Sunday, 12 July 2015, my parents, my brother and I transited at Changi Airport, Singapore on our way to Surabaya, Indonesia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The boarding pass for our second flight (to Surabaya, Indonesia) was already given in Kuala Lumpur to us. Our flight to Surabaya was supposed to leave Singapore at 11:10am.

After getting off the plane from Kuala Lumpur, we rushed to our next flight’s gate, which was quite a bit far off. On the way there my mum felt really sick. She felt the needed to throw up so we had to find a restroom. She was holding both of my dad’s...

the worst counter service which I have ever experienced

I should check this site first before I screw my wife and my son's trip. the below is my case.

my wife and my son had booked flight from Osaka to Narita 11:55am-1:25pm on July 24th, in order to catch the Air Canada flight to Toronto at 5:00pm.
I Thought JetStar air was more convenience than Shingasen train, but I was wrong,
They arrived Kansai airport at 9:00 and after checked in luggage around 9:20am, they were waiting at the Gate,
about 10:20am they realized there was nobody else waiting for the gate,
then they figured out the flight has been canceled by...

Jetstar & Those Ridiculous "Hidden Fees"

I'll admit it.

Like many others before me, I have flown Jetstar, had a bad experience in more ways than one – and then go back to fly with them again.

Why do we do it!

The answer lies within the art of deceit, thus being deceived.

Remember when Jetstar got into a sh*tload of trouble for its "hidden fees" catastrophe in the past few years .... more than once? Well I'm here to tell you that they actually haven't changed anything.

Being a Kiwi living in Aus, I got sucked in by a great deal to Auckland from Melbourne during the travel period of a wedding I...

Lies, lies and more lies!!

I booked a business class return flight from Sydney to Honolulu. At the last minute our flight from Honolulu to Sydney was cancelled. We were advised by email (no phone call so only pure luck I checked my emails!) the reason for the cancellation 'operational issues'
I called the call centre immediately and was told we would be transferred to a Qantas flight on the following day which would be business class as we wouldn't be downgraded and the flight was leaving at 1.45pm. I was also told a new itinerary would be emailed within 24hrs. I was offered no help with accommodation and...

Left my phone in the seat pocket. I'm sure it's still there but I can't get anyone to check it.

I was on the JQ712 flight from Hobart-Melbourne a few days ago and accidentally left my phone in the seat pocket of the flight. I realised this as soon as I can got home and raced back to the airport but was told nothing had been handed in. I asked if someone could check first thing in the morning and gave my seat number etc and was told they would.
When I tried contacting Jetstar in the morning (6am after I left the airport at 1:30 am) I was told that I had to go to the airport and check with the baggage claims counter there.
I did that the following evening as I was flying...


It can't be that hard to supply a telephone number to speak to a real person.
I have my itinerary and Booking Reference in hand, But Jess can't find my booking or does not know what I am enquiring about. So much for JESS. They keep saying I have no upcoming flights on the website. WHAT NOW

The savings aren't worth it

Caught flight from Koh Samui to Singapore with a different airline. Samui flight was delayed by 20 minutes making transit transfer in Singapore to flight to Perth @ 17.55 tight but possible. I rebooked the flight to the 2 am flight because I was worried that we would not make it - the website stopped working 3 times - I didn't even know if it worked or not. Arrived Singapore airport and asked at Transit C if we could make the earlier flight as we have an 11 month old baby who was very tired and upset. They said, 'No, not possible' - no effort was made at all to assist or enquire. Arrived...


Paid via direct deposit to avoid $17 fee for paying via credit card per person each way! Now we find the booking THAT WAS ON HOLD has been cancelled WITHOUT any notification! No contact was made but they have $580. It's not been returned to our bank and we were on the phone for over an hour yesterday to someone NOT in this country - alll just to be told to FILL OUT A FEEDBACK FORM.! Our flights were booked for the 20th of July - just 10 days away and the feedback AUTO REPLY says we will be contacted in 15 days regarding our contact! Excuse us? What sort of company is this! NEVER giving...

We were Warned, now you have been too!

Singapore to perth delayed 11 hours due to weather, however qantas flight leaving at the same time still went.

We were told that they fly a different route, which is kind of hard to believe being direct singapore to perth!

No accommodation provided just a meal voucher to the worst food outlet at changi.

Staff rude and had no answers so we went and updated customers In the line because their staff were happy to hide behind the counter and let everyone come to them for answers.

Budget airline we understand. No food, no entertainment and poor quality seats but...


I travel regularly from Auckland to Australia but I've never had this experience before.
I booked return economy flights from Auckland to Melbourne. Jetstar contacted me 2 weeks later to advise both my flights had been re-scheduled. There were only 2 options for the flights to Melbourne. Option 1 - I had to take a day off work (at my expense) or Option 2 - I would arrive after the event that I was travelling for. Both options are ridiculous but Jetstar confirmed that was the best they could do. I requested 100% refund due to their re-scheduling. I now realise they have refunded...