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Jetstar Complaints

  • Peeky Intruder Jetstar

    Evelyn Hutami

    I just reached home and decided to post same complaint regarding broken luggage. I think for everyone who took Value air or Jetstar flight from Singapore to anywhere should be aware about this issue.

  • In-courteous & rude staff @ Bali

    Nipsy Jhamb

    I was flying from Bali to Singapore and the staff was really rude and in-courteous while we were checking in for our flight to Singapore. On top of it, he was talking to his colleagues making fun of us in his local language thinking we are foreigners and would not understand that but thanks to a local passenger behind us who told us about the same.

    We really had a terrible time and I will never travel with Jetstar again.

  • Not allowed to board the plane

    Signis Aliks

    I was supposed to go from Bangkok to Singapore to Darwin on March 17 and then after five hours in transit board a connecting flight to Dili in Timor Leste to attend a business meeting.
    Before buying the tickets we made sure with the Australian embassy that I do not need a visa for Australia since my transit time in Darwin airport is less than eight hours.

  • My Son & Grandchildren.

    Dot Stevens


  • Switched flights

    Mathew Dunn

    I fly regularly , and book my flights online without a problem .
    Recently I booked a Friday frenzy fare for myself and girlfriend from Mackay to brisbane from my iPhone , first of all it took 3 attempts because there site kept timing out.
    4th attempt booked flights , we received a change of flight notice a week later on checking this I noticed the flights had reversed brisbane to Mackay rather then other way around , not sure if I was going crazy I asked around this had happened to another person we know .

  • Flights cancelled - TWICE

    Greg Burrowes

    We booked two seats on JQ759, a 2:45 direct flight from Brisbane to Hobart for 30th April, 2014 on 10th February.
    On 16th March, we get an email changing our flight to two sectors via Melbourne for a travel time of nearly 8 hours. We booked the original flight because it was a direct service and because it met our need to be in Hobart by 12pm.

    Jetstar had nothing else to offer except fly the next day or fly the previous day on another long one stop flight and we pay for an extra night in Hobart. They refused to refund.

  • What a stinking rotten service.

    Rob Mortimer

    On the train from Katoomba to be at "Shitstar" at least one hour before departure.
    No phone service in the tunnels.
    Got halfway down, got a voice message from some ineligible bloody Asian which I had to listen to 4 times as I could not comprehend any of the gobbledegook ...except the end!
    "Have a nice day" I reckon it stated !!!!!
    With only 2 hours left to get to the airport from the train.....THEY HAD CANCELLED MY FLIGHT!!!!!!!
    As I live in Tasmania, and my partner had booked the flights online, I urgently phoned her to help.

  • Use the website to change flights NOT the call centre

    Matt Kemp

    I booked a flight and had to change it which was my own fault - annoying but fair enough, they do warn you the cheap fares aren't changeable. I did a direct bank transfer to avoid credit card fees then my wife told me about ten minutes later that the dates didn't work.

    Tip #1, Jetstar in NZ banks with ASB, I'm with ASB too unfortunately which meant the transfer went through immediately. I rang the bank to see if they could cancel the transfer - they couldn't, but you might have better luck with other banks.

  • 1 min late

    Kathryn Quinn Meates

    Flew with Jetstar on Tues 25th Feb. We did arrive 1 minute late my husband had a boarding pass already so he was ok. We tried the self check in but were told it had closed 1 minute ago. Waited to be seen at the counter, everyone in the line kindly let us go ahead of them. When we got to the check in lady she told us to go see her collegue who just flatly turned me down. My husband had to get on the flight, the next flight was not for 7 hours which we had to pay $100 for. My complaint is that this woman did nothing to try and help even though we are talking 1 minute!

  • No seat allocated

    Avril Wojniusz

    I booked a return flight to Bali in Aug 2013, I paid the $7 each way to pick my preferred seat. My girlfriend decided she would come with me and would book a seat on the same flight as close to me as possible. I sent her my itinerary she said those seats don't exist. I called jetstar which took me a whole day to get through to be told that my plane had been upgraded, I said great what are my new seat numbers? We haven't allocated you a seat miss jetstar said, but I can do it now . I chose my seat 6 months ago and the flight is nearly booked out now.

  • Serious risk of booking errors on Jetstar's web site...for which YOU have to pay

    Michael Strauss

    BEWARE OF ERRORS ON JETSTAR'S ONLINE BOOKINGS. I have just had one of the most outrageous customer service experiences I can remember. I booked a flight with Jetstar and have the screen showing the confirmation...but when the email confirmation came they had put me on a different flight. I called their customer service and they told me there was a "web error" -- fine, mistakes happen. But even though the original flight is still available and at the same price, they refused to make the change without charging a $50 fee!! FOR THEIR INCORRECT BOOKING!

  • The lost bag nightmare

    Zeneide Silveira

    On February, 10, 2014 I flew from Denpasar to Sydney with Jetstar, flight JQ38. When I arrived at Sydney airport at the Luggage Carousel I found out that my bag was lost. I filled a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with a staff member of Aero Care. This is the company that looks after lost luggage for some airlines, including Jetstar. The staff member advised me that Jetstar would contact me and deliver my bag at my residential address. He also provided the number 1800 687 374 for me to track down information about my bag.

  • Not even sure anymore...

    Lewis Choy

    Took a JQ Shitstar flight from Sydney - Fiji and arrived at the terminal 1 hour before flight departure time got on the flight. On the way back from Fiji - Sydney, we arrived a bit more than 2 hours before the flight departure time. We had checked in online before hand the day before. Got to the gate and it was closed.

  • Not even sure anymore...

    Lewis Choy

    Took a JQ Shitstar flight from Sydney - Fiji and arrived at the terminal 1 hour before flight departure time got on the flight. On the way back from Fiji - Sydney, we arrived a bit more than 2 hours before the flight departure time. We had checked in online before hand the day before. Got to the gate and it was closed.

  • Lack of Care for Elderly & Special Needs Passengers

    Kerri Dennis

    Don't trust Jetstar with special needs passengers

    Jetstar’s lack of care for their special needs and elderly passengers is nothing short of appalling.

    My father needs to fly Melbourne to cairns on a regular basis and due to needing a direct flight and extensive road travel to reach Tullamarine we often have no choice but to fly with Jetstar.

  • Jetstar told me lies and won't give my money back until it's ready.

    Sue Maynes

    I have posted the following on Jetstar Australia facebook, JETSTAR SUCKS, Jetstar Complaints and here! And I am going to the media as well. I do not like being lied too or stolen from.

    I have a complaint about Jetstar Australia and your company won't deal with it - so I am making my complaint public.

  • Follow up to our April post FINAL

    Ash Phillips

    Hi everyone
    remember this

    I did say I would let people know what happened but... Well I have to be careful what I say but we were due to go for a hearing on 5th Feb

    Now 5th February is a clear day in my diary :-)

    We was out of pocket because of what they did to us... WAS being the key word

    Read our story and then realise that by NEVER GIVING UP you CAN get what you want.

  • Change of flight schedule

    Mike Nolan

    This is the third time they have done this to me, plus I know of others it has been done to. A month after making my booking I get an email stating "Since you made your booking, we have changed our flight schedule. Please be advised that your flight details have changed. While we try to avoid any changes to our timetable, in this instance it was unavoidable."

  • compliment

    Oscar Dogmatic

    I was going to complain about the 2 hr delay , however after reading the postings on this site and that the Melbourne 11 am flight which was delayed 3 hrs (they got our 2pm plane) ,I can only compliment them for reducing the delay to 1 and 3/4 hrs. Sorry to the sydney flight which was then delayed for half an hour. So in effect three plane loads of passengers were pissed off.

  • Simple problem - huge cost

    Shaun Coates

    Customer feedback regarding change of flight details via Jetstar NZ Customer Service phone line.

    To Whom it may concern,

    At ~2130 -21/01/14 my partner called Jetstar in an attempt to amend a miss-booking made by her via your website.
    Unfortunately your staff refused to assist her as she was not the passenger. This was despite her being the one who placed and paid for the booking.


    Matt Roebuck


    I would like to make an official complaint regarding the mentioned flight particulars entered with this submission.

    My Mother was due to arrive into Perth as stated on her itinerary on Saturday 30th November 2013 at 9.10am. The purpose of her travel was to attend the first wedding of her children. The wedding was scheduled for the 30th November 2013 at 3pm.

  • Most Terrifying Experience Ever!

    Awatea Ashby

    My four children, partner and i flew into Auckland from Christhurch on Sunday 5th January. During our descent, we hit a bit of turbulance...which for someone who has flown often was rather normal.

  • Jetstar stops trip to see dad

    Michael P Moore

    Jetstar stops trip to see dad


    A Christmas present turned to crushing disappointment after Jetstar refused to let a 12-year-old girl fly to see her father.

    Ashleigh Harvey had been due to fly from Christchurch to Wellington yesterday morning but, despite getting a boarding pass without a hitch, she was told as she went to board that she was too young to fly alone.

    Jetstar rules state that only "secondary school" students are allowed to fly as unaccompanied minors. Ashleigh starts secondary school in Christchurch later this month.

  • Removed option for direct debit online, you must now pay a booking fee

    Mark Vidler

    So after deciding to fly JS whilst we would be in Vietnam in just under a month's time we used our air miles to buy those $50 vouchers. However, we fell around $160 short of completely paying for the flights so we assumed we would have to pay the remainder out of pocket (which is fine). However, when you take this option the website disables the ability to use direct debit for payment, instead requiring you to pay with credit card and thus also incurring the credit card surcharge.


    Michael Sombrado

    Hi everones,

    Never gonna fly Jetstar again, why?

    I booked a last minutes flight on New Year eve for my daughter to fly from Manila to SG. I knew about this credit card sighting issue by all these cheap & budget airlines but it's okay to us. I email my photocopy of IDs & Credit Card to my daughter but she was stop at Manila airport for boarding, she called me and I sent my son with my ID & credit card to Changi airport Jetstar counter for verification but again told by Changi Jetstar staff that I have to come personally to verify it.