Jetstar Complaints

Flight canceled, here's your refund(?) , goodbye.

I was supposed to fly with Jetstar on a direct (3hr) flight from Bali to Perth at 9.00 in the morning on February 5. Upon arrival at 4 AM (I like to be early) I noticed my flight was not on the board.
After calling Jetstar I was informed that my flight had been canceled. They offered me 2 alternative flights (with a disconnect in between) or a refund. The alternative flights were the next day either 1 AM or 10:50 am and both with a transfer which would make it a 13-15 hrs flight.
I found that unacceptable and all I was left with was a refund, which I haven't received until...

Mr Simon M Smith


To whom it may concern,

My name is Simon Smith and at the present moment I am stuck at Sunshine Coast Airport waiting to catch JQ 797 TO Melbourne. The flight was scheduled to depart at 1645 AEST. As I noticed on your mobile app, the flight said "on time." As a matter of fact at check in, the Jetstar representative even told us that the flight would be arriving early at MCY.

As soon as we checked in an announcement came over the PA advising passengers of this service that the Captain of the inbound flight had made the decision to divert to Brisbane...


My recent flight from Melbourne to Bangkok was delayed 3 hrs immediately after checking through customs at the recommended 3 hours prior to departure, so 6 hours to sit around the airport...not happy...but it got worse because the flight then got cancelled another 3 hours later. WE WERE TOLD AT THE AIRPORT that we would be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses and anyone living more than 1 hour away would be put up in a hotel. I lost a whole day at the airport, missed meeting my UK friends in Bangkok and was out-of-pocket for my hotel and taxi fares again.
They will now NOT HONOUR my...

Worst service ever

Feel free to read this conversation between myself and a Jetstar complaint's rep after cancelling my flight with no offer to put me on the next flight. Absolutely useless service from the worst airline I have ever used..

End Chat
Priscilla: *Please do not share your credit card information, security code or CVV in this chat window.*
Hi, my name is Priscilla. How can I help you today?
Me: Hi Jetstar. I want to make a formal complaint against your business for the way you handled my flight which I have referenced in this conversation.
Priscilla: I can tell...

Jetstar Jet-fail

Ive gone to the media about this. Something needs to be said and done. After coming across this link I see the airline is in quite a state.

Well thank you very much Jetstar. You are a major jet-fail. A cancelled flight and no attempt to make up for the delema you have placed your customers in. The options were to wait 10 hours for the next available flight or get a refund. I'll take the refund however it's cost is to get an earlier flight back home even with your stinking refund. Just pathetic and to top it off your customer service to try and resolve this was patronizing and...

Do not fly with Jetstar if you like to get back home

Jetstar cancelled my flight 2 hours prior to boarding. At the gate, I was with my wife and two children, asked the representative to find next available flight to get back home. The representative only offered me to stay at a hotel for three days.(?) Then they will able to provide us another flight. Of course, I did not accept it because of my children’s classes and it's not fair!
I purchased another tickets from another company to get back home. Then, asked Jetstar to get money back.

Here is the our all conversation that they all offered me and my answers!

Dear Ugur,...

Melb to Bali 9.55am today

At 6.16am this morning just as we were leaving for our flight an SMS arrived to say our flight was cancelled. With a link to departing options, I clicked on the only direct option, although after trying to allocate seats it's apparent the flight is at 6.45pm the following day. I called the airline and after being put on hold for over 37mins I was advised to go to online chat. After 4 online chats and being aware there are seats on a qantas flight leaving at 5.10pm I was told they can not compensate for our time loss or accomodation. Nor can they place us on the other flight. We are...

Staff hide the Name badge and terrible attitude

The incident happened at 0740am at Melbourne airport on 09/02/2017 where staff treated me very badly and loudly saying that this bag needs to be checked in my friend and you need to pay 50$ for a shaving kit in a little shopping bag. I was completely shocked as I did not know why the lady lost her temper for no reason, after experiencing this all, I have asked the staff member to provide me with her name to give a feedback in online portal, however she was still very rude and hiding her name badge saying that I am not going to show you my ID . After 15 minutes of waiting the manager has...


Had to change name on ticket. My $186.00 return ticket from Gold Coast to New Zealand turned into WAIT FOR IT..... $619.79 and no luggage, Customer Service was NOT friendly, helpful, or understanding, biggest RIP OFF... CRAPSTAR DO NOT CARE!! they just want your money!! DONT DO IT! pay a little more and go with any other airline you'll be thankful in the end. first and DEFINITLEY the LAST time our family will ever book with them again. FULLSTOP..

Gross attitude

I rarely make any complain but my experience today was awful. I just got off JQ 981 from perth to melbourne yesterday. It was a midnight flight so i was already exhausted. I have already heard a lot of negative stuff on this airline but didn't really have anything significantly bad till ystd. The plane delayed which I was fine with since it's already part of their custom to delay. By the time i got on the plane i could already sense the female attendant wearing glasses giving me a stinky attitude. Fine. We arrived at around 4 am in the morning perth time and i was pretty much half asleep....

Fiorella Gentile

Jetstar Incident Thursday 19th January 2017
Flight number: JQ776 (Melbourne to Adelaide)
Ms Fiorella Gentile, Miss Hana Von Allworden-Gentile
and Monique Von Allworden-Gentile

Thursday 19th January 2017
Checked in approximately 5.30pm and proceeded to the Jetstar check in counter. Was allocated rows 10C, 10D & 10E. Which is against their policy as passengers are to be seated in rows 1-5 according to the vision / blind policy.
Had some dinner within the airport.
At 6.45 pm we arrived at Gate 43. Upon arrival I made it known to the staff that...

Bad service.

remember the days when jetstar had real people on check in counters who could cope with a mess. Now we have a thing called a 'kiosk' that always falls over at the drop of a hat. That's right........if you have a problem now you get to ring Manilla and talk to a person who can not even understand your name let alone your problem?????

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So cold...

I flew 4 fights with Jetstar this week. Melbourne to Cairns to Bali and return. All cities were over 30 degreesC. The temperature on all flights was freezing. I had a cardigan but I was shivering. Why are they making it so cold? I told the flight attendant but he was unconcerned but did offer me a $15 blanket. My daughter had a huge knee in her back so she couldn't sit back in her seat. The flight attendant said about the man in the seat behind "he can't help it, he has long legs..." I felt they just didn't care.

Brian Goodman

Never Book Jetstar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have T&C's that are outrageous changes / re routing of a ticket will cost you more than the ticket itself
What a Rip Off
No One Should Fly this airline rather fly Virgin
Be Aware of the Small Print

Mr Michael Passe

I booked Auckland to Bangkok via Melbourne on 9th January 2017. The Melbourne to Bangkok flight was cancelled. Promised refund which never materialised. It cost me more than AS $1500+ to book new seats with Thai airlines. They keep sending me we don't have bank details to process your refund please contact customer services emails. Even after I contacted them and gave them the details for the 3rd time I still get the emails. No address to contact to even issue court proceedings. DON'T BOOK JETSTAR!!!!

Flight cancelled, staff morons

Safe to say I'm never flying with Jetstar again!

After a three hour delay on my flight from Tokyo (Narita) to Melbourne today, the flight was eventually cancelled due to issues with the aircraft itself - to be honest I wasn't comfortable getting on a plane that was experiencing faults anyway. We were not informed until after the flight was cancelled what the problem was, and I had to periodically investigate online how long the delay would be, as we were not informed at all. None of the staff knew what was happening, and just told us to sit tight until further notice.


Baggage debacle

We paid for our flight 3 months before and arrived for our return flight 3 hours before departure. We checked in our bags and waited to board plane. Plane was full because of problems Tiger had with Indonesian government. When we arrive in Adelaide we are told casualy that 75 bags didn't make it. They didn't tell anyone who's bags it was so we waited at carousel until it stopped to realise we are one of the ones affected. Then queue up for another 30 minutes to fill in the forms. Not one word of an apology.
I ring them next day to check on progress to be told they are here and will...

Never again Jetstar, never again.

Direct flight (Tokyo - Melb) cancelled.
Rebooked on later flight with connection at Cairns.
Show up at Narita airport (Tokyo) - find out connecting flight (cairns to Melbourne) is cancelled + we were automatically booked on flights: Cairns - Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne. Again - nil compensation offered for lack of direct flight or the major delay.
This turns out to be a moot point - Tokyo - cairns flight Cancelled at last minute (again - Jetstar didn't tell us it was cancelled, we all kind of found out when they started unloading our baggage when we were watching the...


yesterday I was charged $50 excess baggage fee because my wife didn't make the trip (was ill) and the 15kg baggage was allocated to my wife and 7kg hand luggage to my name (ONLY because you cant share luggage)
On the trip from Melb to Syd , I told Jetstar and they allowed me to take the 15kg no charge AND I assume they changed the luggage to my name . On the way , was running a bit late and lady tells me I dont have any allowance for 15kg luggage and I have to pay $50, explained situation, still had to run to service desk , pay $50 , run...

Never fly with Crapstar

I thought I would just list a few things I hate about Jetstar. They get worse as they go on.

1. Cancelled flight
2. Did not rebook seats for us
3. 4 phone calls as reception kept dropping out trying to get seats on the next flight
5. staff member unable to call us back if we lost reception therefore having to go through the same process many times
6. Arriving to be told we couldn't load our luggage for another hour so lugged it around for that time
7. Coming home was a nightmare
bags were weighed at check in and we were told all hand luggage...

Pay more, with a reliable service.

Lucky i read the complaints while sitting and waiting endlessly for anyone at Jetstar to answer the phone. I had made up my mind to book a direct flight to Sulawesi, and was checking too see how much a kilo the baggage cost was, as the flight was cheap. By the time i had read through the complaints, and still had no answer on the phone, my instinct was to give Jetstar a big miss, and pay more with another provider.

Jetstar ripping people off on their Credit card chargers vs debit card.

Jetstar charged me credit cards rates at 1.06 % when I’m using a debit card which should have been at 0.48%. They say they system is automatic and looks at the first 6 digits of the card. .they took me they can’t do anything about it.. if you want the flight you have to pay the higher rate..
So how many thousands are they making by ripping the pubic off

Lasting Memorys

Reading other complaints mine pails into insignificance. The only thing that annoys me is this is a repeatable issue. JQ982, Gold Coast to Perth, depart 19:20/20:00. During summer on the far north coast of NSW and the Gold Coast humid days are followed by intense thunder storms, it borders on tropical downpours. The tarmac quickly becomes a lake and there are limited covered stairs for entry from the ground into the plane. As the modern traveler carries most of their luggage on their back, getting from the ground into the plane can take some time as passengers inside the plane search for...


I booked my nephew to fly Brisbane to Melbourne, which I called an booked directly with the airline. It was more expensive however, I was happy to pay the extra for him to be escorted from door to door, as this is his first time flying alone.

At checkin today, we were advised he had been booked on an international flight, even though the itinerary said BNE to MEL on JQ58 at terminal T2. He was rebooked (at no additional cost) on a later flight JQ536 pick up at terminal T4, but did not send an updated text or email considering I'd been receiving numerous emails and texts to ensure we...