It looks like you think Jetstar Starclass is a ripoff

Jetstar Complaints

  • JETSTAR LIE ! Lost bag delayed flight obnoxious ground staff

    Lorraine Brown

    I have made 107 flights THIS YEAR never a problem or issue - this my first (and last) Jestar fight of the year.

    Checked in Adelaide hand luggage only. It was overweight, but with laptop out it was fine.
    I had paid for luggage etc being a maxi ticket
    Told the ground staff Adelaide that i don't trust jetstar to look after my belongings, as i also had valuable equipment in my hand luggage (approx $3000)

  • Still waiting!!!

    Belinda O'neill

    We were suppose to fly out sat 9/5 we were advised by email that our flight scheduled for 8;30 was delayed to 12;45 we were going down there for wedding taking place at 1pm clearly we could not make this we immediately called Jetstar to see if we could get an alternative flight from euchre Sunshine Coast or Brusbsne we were advised there were no other flights as we could not make it to the event we cancelled our flight we later checked Brisbane and Sunshine Coast flights too see that there were several other flights still going and available despite earlier being told there were no flights so

  • Japanese Disabled Man Denied Boarding of Jetstar Flight, Spends Night in Airport

    Josh Grisdale

    Not on English news yet so sharing here:

    May 21, 2015 – Born with cerebral palsy and unable to walk, Kenichi Okubo of Hyogo, Japan, was denied boarding his flight by Jetstar and forced to spend the night in the airport. He and his lawyer say he is the victim of discrimination based on his disability and his human rights were violated.

    Last summer, Okubo took Jetstar from Fukuoka to Bangkok on a business trip. Two weeks later, he went to the airport, passed through baggage check and security, but was denied boarding the plane at the gate.


    Annabele Tan

    Please beware of Jetstar's card fees. A few days ago I booked a flight from kuala lumpur to singapore
    which was around $65 usd. Towards the end, while making the payments, their credit card charge
    of $12 suddenly appeared. This is way too much for a service fee....

    An absolute ripoff, please don't be fooled by their offers. That's almost 20% of my flight total...

  • The "nothing i can do, out of our control" company

    Gérald Audet

    On march 30th 2015, i was at AyersRock, Australia (close to Uluru mountain, in the center). I was waiting at the hôtel for the shuttle to bring me to the airport. It was noon. 30 minutes passed the shuttle time, we were told that the flight was canceled... No advice from JetStar... The reason was bad weather in Sydney. The flight was scheduled to be at 13:20 that day... On my side, i had to be in Sydney on march 31st to take my prepaid home trip in Canada... JetStar customer service is very poor.

  • A new low.

    Magda Cawthorne

    Our 92 year old friend flew by herself on Jetstar for the first time. She travels happily alone, but at 92 years of age this was her first domestic airlines flight within Australia. Her hand luggage was 2 kilos over the limit and they hit her with a $50 on the spot surcharge. No discretion, no explanation, no options for her to leave stuff behind. 92 years of age and even then Jetstar staff couldn't see she needed a little extra help. She only weighs about 40 kilos herself, so what was an extra 2 kg compared with the weight of most other passengers!

  • It's a trap!!!

    Mahendar Joshua Selvakumar

    This airline is one of the worst airlines flying at the moment. They canceled my flight from Brisbane to Sydney on May 4th for some engineering issue 2 days earlier. I had to make some time to ring their help desk. As usual the solution was to fly from Gold Coast. When I asked them how do I get to Gold Coast at 615am from Brisbane, they were clueless and stated that it is my problem. The next option is to fly 1 hour later from Brisbane. Once again it was not as issue for Jetstar. It is only 1 hour of your time. I told them both option does not work for me.

  • Baggage problem

    Christina Brady

    Posting this for my daughter...
    As useless as a lamppost on the side of the street & nowhere near as bright! Just like insurance companies.. They are only as good as your claim. Well jetstar might be cheap, but they are not

  • lost baggage!

    Sara Ballarin

    Jetstar is disgusting me!
    They lost my baggage in Singapore the 27th of April on a flight direct to Bangkok. Bangkok airport is being so nice and i'm really appreciating the way they're working but I can't say the same about Jetstar. I'm still waiting for an answer from them. They still don't know where my baggage is!!!
    The hostel where I was in Bangkok called the airport everyday. I couldn't because I've got an Australian number and an Italian but I was in Thailand.. now I'm back to Italy so it's quite complicated to contact them!

  • Delayed bags for every passenger

    Lisa Strachan

    I flew Jetstar JQ 419 on Tuesday 21st april 2015, in the middle of that severe storm. Due to high winds they were unable to open the cargo doors and retrieve our bags that day. This I understand, and everyone was willing to accommodate this inconvenience. However it has now been 72 hours and my bags have not yet been delivered, and Jetstar cannot tell me where they are or when they will arrive. As it is now Friday 5pm, I guess it will now be next week sometime. I am missing my glasses, my car keys, my computer, important medication and my daughters pram.

  • Magical disappearing price trick

    John Hayward

    Buyer beware when buying tickets on Jetstar Airlines website. Imagine filling your car with fuel and when you went to pay for it the price had over doubled in time you were at the pump. You would not stand for it. But that's exactly what Jester Airlines does.

    Yesterday I selected a flight to Brisbane from Melbourne for $69. A good deal so I started the process to buy went through all the options that adds 5 minutes to the process. All the time the side panel showed the price at $69 despite all the airline's attempts to increase the price of tickets with extras.

  • Family Christmas/NY nightmare

    Sashia Bethlehem

    I was due for a family Christmas/new year’s trip to Lombok December 2014. I will take credit for some of the miscommunication, but all in all I was extremely displeased with the feedback and “service” provided to me.

  • Absolute disgust and disgrace

    Patrick McInnes

    RE: Complaint of Jetstar’s Service, Operations and sheer obvious disrespect for the customer and a lack of respect for Passenger Privacy

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to complain to Jetstar about Jetstar as a whole. This is not going to pretty or gentle, but it will be direct and honest.

  • Extortionate excess baggage fee!

    Sally Blyth

    Angry doesn't even cut how I feel about Jetstar.

    I purposely bought a small cabin carry on case (Size: 52cm x 32cm x 26.5cm) to fit in with airlines guidelines and so that I don't take a bag oversized bags onto a plane! So tell me why other customers don't comply to your sizing requirements and take two large bags into the cabin BUT I had to pay an extortionate rate of $50 to put this case in the hull of the plane??

    I can ill afford this amount!

  • 3 mins late

    Mitchell Scovell

    I have travelled with Jetstar several times over last year and I am always punctual and usually check in online. Over this time they have been over 30 minutes late more than half of the time but I have never complained as I understand they are a budget airline and sometimes it is out of their control. Although, there is only so many times you be delayed before you start to question whether the company will ever have an on time fight so why should I waste my time at the airport?

  • JetStar - A Great Service???

    Ez Ranch

    If you like hiking out to the plane on the hot tarmac, even if disabled - By all means fly JetStar.
    If you like gate agents who could care less if you drop dead in front of them - By all means fly JetStar.
    If you like having to retrieve your luggage from baggage claim just to recheck it in for a continuing flight - By all means fly JetStar.
    If you like paying exorbitant excess baggage fees - By all means fly JetStar.


    Eugenie Easton

    My baggage has been delayed for 6 days now, I flew from Melbourne to Sydney on the 8th of April. The baggage was originally lost, they called me and claimed it had been found on the 10th of April and was in Sydney airport, but couldn't give me any further information about the bag retrieval for some reason.

    They called me each day from the 11th till the 13th of April telling me the same thing, that it was in Sydney airport but waiting on confirmation on when it would be delivered.

  • Another carry-on excess story

    Geoff Mastus

    The carry-on luggage allowance is clearly stated, but the $50 fine (which it is) is nothing more than ripping off their customers to raise revenue.
    Today I was fined $50 for being 2.5kg over the 7kg limit.
    My fault for misunderstanding the "combined" weight rule.
    My carry-on bag was under 7kg but my hand bag added 2.8kg.
    The smugness of the staff member advising me of my error and the overcharging for the minimal weight was enough to infuriate me to the point the beginning of my vacation has been marred.

  • Trash my Bag

    George Mollison

    Mel - Newcastle, we arrive an I see my almost new samsonite hardshell is now held closed with JETdisaSTAR tape. Looks like they smashed the closing latches off in Melbourne (two latches, including the combination lock - gone, missing, only little pieces left ). Before they are are even willing to help, they want me to jump through the hoops, I must get two repair quotes, I'm in Newcastle for goodness sake, how the hell would I know where to go. I did try, no luck. I asked JETdisaSTAR and their call center in Manila ( yes, it's out sourced as well) tells me to call a shop in Brisbane.

  • Bali To Perth Night Flight Screw Around Takes The Cake!

    Hamish Wickens

    My partner and I were booked and waiting for the 2:30am flight to Perth from Denpasar, Bali. 2:30 came and went. With no notices, announcements,nothing.
    Then we were notified it was delayed until 4am something. Then we were told around 3:30 it was cancelled.
    We then had to wait in queues until 5:15am to get rebooked on alternate flights.
    Some would go Bali-Brisbane-Perth. At 10:30pm. With a 2hr stop over in a Brissie. Arriving in Perth at 11:45am Saturday morning. Over 30hrs after our original arrival time.

  • Customer Service and Good Faith is Non-Existent !!

    Peter Beaton

    Last week I booked two seats for my wife and I on Jetstar to Bali and, after all the add ons and extras paid $880 for the flights. Less than 12 hours later they announced a sale and the same seats on the same plane were almost $200 cheaper ! I wrote and complained and received a stock standard reply saying basically "tough luck" you agreed to the price.

  • Online booking kept crashing us out

    Brendan Mandario

    We kept trying to book online and got crashed out then the price went up x 2 while trying to book.. paying all the "hidden" extras: eg food and checked very annoying ends up a lot higher than initial price. I just feel lucky that air is not an extra... oh you are a heavy breather sir ? the surcharge for that is 23.57USD.. me and jetstar: its over man ! over !

  • Entire flight - No Bags delivered!!

    Michael P Moore

    Jetstar flies back to Christchurch with Wellington passengers' bags

    A plane-load of Jetstar passengers were left with only the clothes on their backs after a plane flew back to Christchurch with their bags still on board.

    While the bags were finally flown to Wellington on Thursday, Jetstar's communication about the issue was criticised, with a passenger saying no one seemed to know where the bags were or why they weren't offloaded in Wellington.

  • Flight delayed twice

    Matthew Horgan

    So my flights were per-sing 12.05am arriving singapore at 5am where i was too meet my girl friend who works as a flight attendant for a different company. I only had that single day with her in Singapore then she was flying back to Dubai (we are long distance) so was super excited to meet her there as its a cheap air ticket for me to go and see her in singapore from perth.

  • No Bag for four days!

    April Houghton

    My Mum and I recently flew to Bali from Brisbane. When we went to get our baggage in Bali my Mum's bag was there but mine was no where to be seen. We asked the baggage desk if they knew what might have happened.
    It turned out that my bag wasn't even loaded on the plane in Brisbane. They then said that my bag would arrive the next day on the next flight from Brisbane and that someone would call us with an update.