Jetstar Complaints

Flight Cancellation & Awful Employees

Emailed 4 hours before takeoff informing us that our flight had been cancelled due to 'crew issues'. So we were forced to take a flight hours later, missing pre booked arrangements. At the airport check in we were told that 'jetstar makes a commitment to get it's customers to their chosen destination irrespective of scheduling and flight cancellations were to be expected with any flights.' When further questioned on the reason for the delay we were told to go away, and that we were 'strange individuals'. Every aspect of the flight was a mess and poorly organised. Every Jetstar employee we...

Oh Boy, Jetstar staff are so Unfriendly and Mean.

I encountered two separate Jetstar staff at Sydney over the weekend, first some female called Mel (short for Melanie or Melissa?) No idea as she has zilch personality and like an ice queen robot. With her fake blonde hair and fake blonde hair piece which is a cross between a dead rat or something from 'the Sound of Music. this Mel. person is very horrible not only in her looks and dress code but her manner and approach, she needs some serious training in people skills, then I go to the baggage area where Mel's mean and ugly twin is. Some creature called Bec. So fat and ugly she's glued to...

Disgusting, unprofessional and scandalous-NEVER again!

I took my 82 year old Mum up to Sydney last Weds to see her grandchildren and we flew back on Sunday 29/8/18.
Our experience with Jetstar was a nightmare- the flight to Sydney was cancelled and rescheduled once, the return flight was cancelled and rescheduled another FOUR times! Luckily I saw the message, as there were no calls or explanations, and it took hours to sort with very poor service.
Our flight was pushed back from 6.15 to I didn't get home until 2 AM.
The staff were gobsmackingly rude,unprofessional, thug like , careless and indifferent- It was noted...

Rude and Stupid Jetstar staff at SYDNEY

had the misfortune to encounter two of the worst ever customer service staff at Jetstar Sydney yesterday night. One horrible, horrible old man called Richard on the counter where you get robbed blind on your baggage sitting on the very last counter, couldnt produce a smile nor even eye contact. Richard, you need to retire or move on... then I go to the departure area where again, I ask some other stupid jetstar person, not sure if a male or female or maybe Jetstar employs people with special needs, anyhow, has this very ugly comb over, fat and stinks like urine. Where do these people come...

Flight Delay by 6 hours with no compassion

I flew with Jetstar from Adelaide to Melbourne then from Melbourne to Phuket. The international flight was one of the worst flight experiences I have had. The service was appalling. Staff did not once move around the cabin offering water to passengers on a 9 hour flight. Even when I asked for water, I had to ask 3 staff members over the space of 2 hours before I got just a small cup. I did not receive my comfort pack I ordered until 2 hours into the flight. The flight back to Melbourne from Phuket was even worse. Firstly, it was delayed 6 and a half hours meaning many passengers had to buy...

No communication

Hour and half late leaving Melbourne Wednesday 18th July 10 minutes form landing we were told that there was no fuel truck at Ballina we would be diverting to Gold Coast to refuel the we would be on our way back to Ballina. When we landed the announcement was undo your seat belts use your phones if you wish. 10 minutes later we were told we must leave the plane make our way to the far corner of the terminal where we would be bussed back to Ballina. No reason no explanation, another45 minutes for the bus, we later found out from people waiting at Ballina that the fuel truck was there,...

At last, communications problems resolved

Have you had communication problems with Jetstar or Jetstar Asia? Communicating with them just via their WebChat service only to find ill-informed call centre staff unable to answer simple questions pertinent to the company’s operations? Have they maybe failed to live up to their Customer Guarantee?

So I have found a solution. Jetstar’s CEO is Gareth Evans and whilst he may not be able to personally respond to every enquiry, he is fastidious and wants things to be right. If he doesn’t respond to you personally he will definitely pass your enquiry to the correct person.


Hanging on the hel(p) line

Searched on the app for the flight I wanted (an app whose interface seems to change weekly) double checked my times and dates... just before I go to payment I received a phone call... ok back to the app: times out.. but offers a helpful link to repeat my search
Great, booked, paid for then get the email: it's not for the Friday I wanted, it's for the very next friday.
Now, I happen to have a degree in Computer science, so I can speculate with some certainty that the coders who put this 'repeat your search' link in perhaps, did not complete a rigorous test regime, especially...

Staff damaged my item (Singapore)

An attendant and I got into a disagreement because I wanted to sit while the plane was boarding because there was a line and I have an injured knee. I sucked it up and stood in line. He began pacing back and forth and literally steps before entering the doors of the plane, the same attendant, who was also the one who stamped my boarding pass after security, approached us and said our carry-on item wasn’t allowed on due to lack of space. When I replied stating that he should have told us this forty minutes prior or as we were sitting in the waiting area, he backtracked and said “boxes aren’...

2 year old gets sick day of flight and no consideratiom or compassion from Jetstar

My 2 year old and I were booked in for a flight to Gold Coast from Sydney at 6.10am. We made our way from western suburbs about 3am, as we had to be there 2 hours before. As we were driving, my daughter, out of nowhere, starts vomitting in the car, I had to stop and change her clothes wipe the seat down etc. Then we commenced driving again, bout 10 mins into the drive she begins vomitting again for the second time, so in my head I'm like there is noway we are flying today, this kid will definitely be vomitting on the flight. I stopped again changed her for the second time etc. I decided...

Cancelled flight, no compensation!

I am flying to Rarotonga from Scotland for my best friend’s wedding. I booked a flight from Wellington to Raro on the 14th, the day before the hen party. I then was notified via email that my flight DAY had changed to the 18th - the day of the wedding! I rang the help service who gave me a refund (minus the booking fee) but no compensation for needing to pay $150 more for a new flight with Air NZ! Appalling.

Charged for over baggage twice.... Check your bank statement - they are on commission for this extra revenue.

I flew from Melbourne to Hobart last month, and as it was only a 3 day trip with different events I worked hard to get my cabin baggage under 7 kilos. That done... I was still singled out by the weigh in girls and was the only person asked to not only weigh my little case, but my handbag as well. Well have you ever seen whats in a woman's handbag!!! That meant I was over baggage with both weighed. I asked why the others had not been asked to weigh their handbags... and only me? Countless passengers did not get asked that day. One guy had a backpack on and it did not get weighed, just his...

No duty of care from Jerstar

My American aunties (x4) and uncles(x2) came to Australia to visit me, they are all senior citizens with the youngest being 65 years old. Within Australia, they flew domestic from Sydney to New Zealand (Jetstar.. Delayed) then from New Zealand to Melbourne (Jetstar... Delayed). On the way home at the end of their holiday, they had prebooked Jetstar from Melbourne to Sydney leaving from Avalon Airport as it had the first flight out to Sydney at 6am. Taxi fare to Avalon $130. They arrived at Avalon at 4am only to he later told that their flight had been cancelled. Their English is not too...

Refused service

Dear Nick
This morning while I was lining for another fly because the cancellation of JQ 507 . A lady at the front service refused to service me . Complain that I was blocking another customer and should stand aside . I probably did answer back . She said I refused to service you . Now can Someone be refuse to service while try to change another fly with no fault of themselves .
I am sad and anger .
This lady name is call Charmaine . I have also noticed after she service a few students , one left passport behind she was making face to her colleagues instead of rush out...


So I put in the times I want to go.

Website goes down

Try to book again....

Website goes down and "too many redirects" again. Lose the flight

Try a third time.

Book this time.

Try to go to "My Trips"

Too many redirects

Logs Me Out

Can't log in

Finally get Itinerary as an emal

Itinerary is wrong....

In a MASSIVE queue to get in contact if you guys tell me I can't change my flight (OR CHARGE ME!!!) to the original times that I TRIED TO BOOK 2 TIMES PREVIOUSLY I am going to be ridiculously pissed.

App issued us delayed Boarding Pass = Missed Flight!

Checked in early for Sydney-Perth flight via the Jetstar App. Notified of a 45 minute delay and received Boarding Passes with a boarding time that reflected the delay. We presented at the bag drop 1 hour prior to 'our scheduled departure time' to be told that the service was closed and consequently we missed our flight - We later found out that there was in fact no flight delay despite our Jetstar issued boarding passes indicating otherwise. Very poor customer service from Jetstar duty manager on the night who refused to accept the error despite all my screenshots and evidence. With two...

Jetstar’s ridiculous carry on baggage rules

Recently I flew with Jetstar, for checking carry on baggage, they required put your carry on baggage and you handbag including your laptop!!!

Normally a laptop around 2 kg, a carry-on 2 kg and a handbag or a laptop bag 0.5-1 kg, a magazine or book 0.5 kg, if you bring a bottle water 1 kg. A passenger need put all your change clothes on your body. Otherwise, you need pay $60 for a on site check in even you already have a check in bag much less than 15kg.

I suggest don’t fly with Jetstar. They trapped Custmoers first and then just rob them.

Jetstar is terrible

I booked a Jetstar ticket to fly from Melbourne to Ayers Rock when they had a sale. And then I got 9 times changes. I felt every 1-2 week, they send me emails and txt messages to notice there is some change on my booking. It’s frustrating for me. How could someone has effort to deal with 9 times change and reschedule other thing around.

I felt I was trapped because when I bought they didn’t tell me they may change unlimited times.
Otherwise, I won’t buy it.

Left high and dry

Having booked almost a month in advance and paid for our fares (three people) traveling from Sydney to Adelaide on flight JQ768 11/05/18 departing at 3.55pm, received a text from Jetstar at 6:20am advising our flight was cancelled due to weather some 9 hours in advance!!! Funny, the weather in Sydney was fine...
Called Jetstar to ask if a later flight was available, and low and behold there just happened to be a flight a mere 65 minutes later at 5.00pm, same destination but sorry that is fully booked.... Strange, why wasn't this 5.00pm flight cancelled too at 6.20am, yet it took off...

I think that this is a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that a Jetstar staff at Melbourne International Airport bought an extra

flight ticket of the same flight with my name .

In the middle of April, I booked a Jetstar flight flying from Melbourne to

On 30th, April, I checked in with my passport and New Zealand visa. But the

flight got delayed. We were sent to a hotel to stay another night at mid-night.

When we arrive at the hotel, it already pasted 2 am. in the morning.
On 1st, May, we were picked up from the hotel at 9.30 am. and arrived at


Elderly passenger received no assistance - injured and ignored

My mother flew to Honolulu with Jetstar on 25 April. Because she is 86, we tried to make it a comfortable journey for her by booking Business Class. She was unaccompanied, but at check in a family member requested that she be give assistance. A young woman from Jetstar was assigned to help her. That person helped her with security but did not ask if she needed a wheelchair nor offer one. She was supposed to take her around to the lounge but headed off at a brisk pace with my mother trying to keep up. My mother was unable to keep up and fell in the airport shopping area, bruising her elbow...

Horrible overall flight experience

I wrote this letter for Jetstar but could not find their “contact us” on their website in regards to customer complaints so I’m posting it here.

Dear Jetstar,
In all my years of flying, you have given me the worst flight experience ever. First off, leaving Goldcoast to Tokyo, I have been charged 100 dollars for excess baggage because I could not access your website prior to my flight time. I don’t even understand why my handbag was included in the weigh in because they usually do not include that in weigh ins with other airlines. Flight left on time, points for that and...

Ridiculous Name Change Policy for an innocent mistake

This pathetic excuse for an airline is just a money hungry organization with zero empathy for customers. I made a booking via online late last night and accidentally entered my name instead of my partner’s (whom will be travelling). I called the contact centre straight away - spoke to one person who then transferred me to a “flight specialist” after 20mins of waiting. She then took all of the correct details and advised me that there would be a $60 name change fee!

I explained that it was an innocent mistake made only moments ago and she replied “it doesn’t matter if it was 5...

Beware of Gate shakedown

Just had the worst shakedown I’ve ever had across four continents. First Jetstar made me over prepay for checked baggage - which WAS thankfully flagged by Expedia or this would have been worse. Then at the last minute someone weighs my backpack and tells me I have to pay SIXTY DOLLARS to check it at the gate. AND they were counting my medical device - which must be carried on - in the total! I told the manager I would never fly with Jetstar again. She told me that was ok and the first guy made sure to tell me “I told you so” then didn’t give me back my boarding pass and threatened to pull...