Jetstar Complaints

Still waiting for refund after two months for flight cancelled due to bad weather.

At the beginning of December I was due to take a domestic flight in Vietnam with Jetstar. However after checking in at the airport I was told the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.

I went to the Jetstar desk and they gave me a number to call for a refund. I called the number and they said I would receive a refund back to my card in four weeks, except I didn't receive a refund.

So I then emailed them back in the UK, and was told to wait 15 days for a reply. However another month has gone by and I've still received no email about the refund despite emailing again.


Ripped off by Jetstar

Booked a flight for my sister in law to come to Australia and then a change in her circumstances mean that her visa was cancelled. Despite over 6 weeks notice Jetstar is unwilling to give any refund on the purchase (we would have settled for a partial credit or voucher to use off a future flight). Now they will simply resell the seat to another patron and double their money. Good for them, terrible for the customer.

As a comparison Tiger Airways were operating the connecting flights and they had no issue providing a full refund when asked, no hassle or push back whatsoever. You know...

I am Done.

I will never again fly Jetstar.
The flight attendants are the rudest people I have ever come across, and not just one flight but every flight I have been on.
Last time I booked a flight with Jetstar they decided to weigh everyone's carry on.
They were even weighing ladies handbags and blankets. People obviously don't want to pay their ridiculous prices such as $50 for a blanket so try to bring their own, but no if u already have 7kg you can't take a blanket or your purse.
On this my last occasion I walked out of the airport and booked with another company.

Avoid Jetstar at ALL costs

The service (for lack of a better word) of this airline is appaulling!!! We flew from Auckland to Sydney and the flight was delayed by 2 hours meaning we had dramas with our connecting flight. No communication, apology or compensation offered. Our return flight from Bali to Sydney was then delayed by 6 hours meaning we had to sit in the airport overnight. Again no communication and a measly $8 to buy an over priced drink. Upon arriving in Sydney we are advised we had now missed our connecting flight to Auckland so must now wait around in Sydney airport for another 6 hours and then they...

Unexpected Travel Marathon

I was flying Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Honolulu on Friday 29th Jan. 2016
Got to Sydney airport early and they said that my flight to Melbourne was delayed and I would miss my flight to Honolulu, however they could get me on an earlier flight... fine, good I'm on my way!!

Get to Melbourne, collect luggage transfer to International and look on the board to see that the flight is CANCELLED!!!!
NOOOO. I was on my way back to Canada with an 18 hour stop in Honolulu. Had booked a hotel room and transportation to and from the airport.
Very long story, 3 agents...

Jetstar lived up to it's name Jetstarsucks

Flew from DC to Honolulu to have a few days enjoying Hawaii enroute to final destination Australia. Had a 8:45 flight out tomorrow called Jetstar today at 3 to confirm my seat no problem. At 5:30 I receive an email which I didn't see until 7:30 informing me flight was cancelled. I was told next flight out is on Monday 3 days out and they would only give me $150 a night for new hotel well guess what is happening in Honolulu this weekend Pro Bowl!!!! Good luck finding a room this late let alone for under $150. Plus I have a room waiting for me in Australia guess what they are. 15 hours...

Lying Thieves

Before I get side tract I would like to say Jetstar you are nothing but u bunch of cheating lying thieves!! You advertise cheep $55 fares and then charge $17 per ticket for single bank card transaction??? So your cheap fare is really $72. So if a person buys 4 tickets for example, you charge 4×$17 b/c transaction fee. As I said "YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH LYING CHEATING THIEVES!!!
PS I'll drive next time!

Jetstar I hope you go broke!

I booked a flight well before Mt Rinjani became active. The evening before my morning departure I was emailed and it was green light all Thunderbirds are go for Denpasar!Arrive the next morning and the flight was cancelled. I was than told I could rebook a flight for the next day! Not good enough Jane as I have a flight that morning to catch enroute from Denpasar to Flores Island,so I asked could I get a refund and they said, "Yes!" Ready for the catch......a $100 voucher which could only be redeemed within 6 months to purchase another ticket with the one and only Jetstar! My next lot of...

Never again

My grandma has just passed away and I am heading to her funeral. Our plane was delayed for two hours before they finally told us it had now been moved to 9.30am the next day. There would be no accommodation provided, and the staff had no sympathy or willingness to help - even though the while city of queenstown was fully booked. There were no beds in the city, and the airport is not 24 hours, this was communicated to jetstar staff but all they did was tell people to go and walk around the city centre to try and find themselves accommodation. So many people were stuck without anywhere to...

phone staff hung up on us

Yet another cancelled flight by jetstar! Our flight was scheduled for 7am on Saturday 23/01, luckily we checked our email the night before only to find our not so uncommon email to say our flight was cancelled. We immediately called the help line only to find the rudest, most unhelpful assistant who actually could not find our flight or our details. Despite reading the reference number, flight number and email exactly as printed on our boarding pass, she insisted we must be flying with a different airline and repeated...."what do you want me to do about it"...nice! We finally asked for...


We arrived st 8:30 and our two bikes didn't. Down for three days for TDU so had planned to ride and catch up with mates today. Paid for the excess baggage, they said they'd be in the next flight arrives at 2:30pm. So we just called to make sure, but they didn't exactly know where they were. Still don't know if they will show up! Not happy

The normal complaint : when jetstar cancel/ reschedule it goes badly

Subject: A Jetstar horror story

Planned to leave Auckland for Sydney Saturday 16th January.

Booked for 1420 hrs
Jetstar Message received at 1240 flight was delayed until 1530 then further Continually delayed Boarded 1645 Disembarked 1715 Misdirected to wrong baggage carousel Then to jetstar service desk
2-3 staff seeing each passenger in turn
Waited 4 hours in line with no info offered until desk. No water/ food supplied, no check on infants/ elderly, no general broadcast made. At 2200 reached the desk and was Advised ft next day 0600, return at 0400. Given...

Confused call center staff

So, this recent Auckland to Wellington return flight has probably been the nail in the coffin. Previously, the experience with Jetstar wasn't entirely terrible, it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. Until today.

First, the flight from Auckland to Wellington - cancelled due to "engineering". We get a free rebooking, ok that's fine. We even get rebooked until earlier. Instead of 4:45, we get to fly at 4. Great! Until we arrive at Auckland and our flight is delayed from 4pm to 5:15pm. No surprises there, but at least we get to Wellington.

Coming back from Wellington , well, that...

Cancelled flight

Jetstar cancelled my Perth to Tullamarine flight 3 days before I was due to fly and contrary to their own charter made no attempt to offer me an alternative. They quoted 'unscheduled maintenance' - yeah right!

I managed to get an earlier flight but am out of pocket by about $140 for motel and car parking fees. I was lucky to get the flight as this was the start of a long holiday in NZ which was jeopardised by the cancellation.

Customer Services offered me a derisory $50 voucher which had to be used within 6 months. I am about to escalate this to the ACA, Consumer...

Ms Teresa

I'm sorry to hear so many negative comments. I had a disappointing experience this week with Jetstar but I have been pleasantly surprised, I send an email detailing my experience and received a prompt reply with an a apology and assuring me that the team will be in touch soon, I sent my email to I hope this contact is helpful.

Never flies on time

I routinely fly to Hobart to visit an elderly relative and equally routinely I have had my Jetstar flight cancelled because of 'Engineering issues' - usually the last flight out in the evening on a Sunday. I am fortunate because I stay with family but for all those who don't - a 'budget style' airline soon becomes very expensive. I have often missed early morning meetings. I've found this lack of reliability worst in Hobart but almost equally bad in Newcastle and Sydney. The last straw for me was when my daughter and I booked a flight to Sydney to see a Kate Blanchett play. I got a...


I left my ipad on the front seat having a hard pocket I forgot to get it out.
I have tried to find out if they have found it. I was sitting in the window seat and was nearly last to leave.
The cleaners would have found it. I have spoken to so many staff and they just keep giving me someone else to ring. All there contact are not helpful because they are based in the philipens. Philipens I realised why I could not get any assistence. I will go in personally as no one has been able to help me check if they have found it. I was also told to go to there web site and ask Jess...

Lost bag

I arrived Auckland from Christchurch 10am 11 February. Reported bag lost immediately. 32 hours later no bag. I have no change of clothes. No toiletries. I have called jetstar 6 times. Filled in Internet form. No progress. No promise to reimburse me for replacement clothes or toiletries.


I flew Jetstar Adelaide Sydney, Sydney Honolulu.upon leaving home for flight to Sydney was advised that flight was delayed (making it to international flight was not going to happen) . Thank goodness was able to get flight on quantas. Flight to Sydney, Honolulu good.
Return flight to Sydney good.
Got to Sydney through customs etc. ok lined up at domestic for flight to Adelaide and told could not check in for another hour and half. No seats available, I am 66 and after long flight tired and no able to check in!!! Go to check in and having flown business class international I...

Carry on bag taken then lost because 2kg over weight

So going from Hobart to Sydney on the 29th Dec. Checked in the good old fashioned style at the check in desk and spoke to a check in girl. All went smooth and no questions. Even got an exit isle at no extra charge which surprised me for a budget airline.

So started to board and got asked to check my carry on baggage. I had 1 9kg wheelie bag and a small back pack with my laptop. I have done 100's of flights this way and never been questioned. So they weighed my wheelie bag and said it was 2kg over weight and I would have to put in the hold. I Explained they should have told me this...

Broken seats

Just got bumped off my flight to Launceston . Broken seats- not sure what this is code for. Rebooked onto qantas - thrown my appointments into chaos. I will stick with Virgin in future

Broken seats

Just got bumped off my flight to Launceston . Broken seats- not sure what this is code for. Rebooked onto qantas - thrown my appointments into chaos. I will stick with Virgin in future

Broken seats

Just got bumped off my flight to Launceston . Broken seats- not sure what this is code for. Rebooked onto qantas - thrown my appointments into chaos. I will stick with Virgin in future

Broken seats

Just got bumped off my flight to Launceston . Broken seats- not sure what this is code for. Rebooked onto qantas - thrown my appointments into chaos. I will stick with Virgin in future