Jetstar Complaints

Jetstar owes me $40 . One day I'll get it back from them. In the mean time I'll never fly Jetstar!

A couple of years ago I registered on the jetstar website. Then I tried to book a flight for my daughter. Then when I submitted the flight, i.e. select the flight write in all my daughters details, pay for it on credit card, the Jetstar webpage over typed the booking with my personal details. Crazy! So now I had a booking in my name not my daughters. The only thing left from the original booking was the "Miss" title for my daughter. The rest of the booking was now in my name! What! I phoned Jetstar to explain. Got some call center in the Philippines or somewhere. And I asked they amend...

Sydney Domestic Airport Service Desk were rude and anti-social

I had a booking form Sydney to Brisbane this morning at 9.50am. I got there 20 mins before the flight but the gate was closed. They refused to let me on. Other airlines help you and will bend over backwards to do this. The girl on the front desk was rude and abrupt and liked upsetting me. When I got really upset she laughed and laughed , she got more enjoyment the more I got upset. She had told me the next plane was one hour and it would cost me $50 then she changed her mond and said no it is 7pm tonight. She did this without even checking the computer. I threw the ticket at the desk and...

Staffs are racist and customer service is unbelievable sucks

I tried to pay check-in luggage before I did on-line check in. Don't know why that the system seems failed to charge me. And when I did check-in at desk, a blonde hair lady at 34 desk at Sydney domestic Terminal was sooooo rude. I guess she was being racist as I am an Asian. She asked me pay $50 for check-in luggage, and the way she spoke to me is very rude and with aggressive attitude. I only had a suit case and actually it is quite empty inside. So I said I would not pay for it, I prefer to fly with no luggage. And she laughed at me and told me that people couldn't leave things at...

Lose Luggage and won't compensate - don't fly Jetstar!

On July 3rd my family (2 adults and 4 children) took Jetstar (or should that be half star) flight from Sydney to Perth. Note a direct flight nothing too complicated. At the other end, at midnight, only 4 of our 5 bags came off the carousel. My bag was missing. We reported it straight away and were told it was probably just delayed. So here I am in Perth on holidays with only the clothes on my back being told that I can spend $40 on emergency expenses – it is 4 degrees! Over several days and countless hours on hold and on the phone to the poor sods in Manilla who clearly don’t give a...

Jetstar's 787 Nightmare-Liner

Just had the displeasure of taking a trip on the 787 to Bali last week and have to say it will definitely be the last mid/long haul flight I ever consider on these.

Economy cabin is effectively the same domestic slimline A320 seat crammed into 3-3-3 high density configuration.

Was seated in row 10 which as a bulkhead has decent knee and leg room but this did little to offset the discomfort of the reduced width and elbow room - being seated effectively IN the window.

Little or no padding to the seat means you should consider taking pillows for your...


AVOID at all costs for long intnatl flights! No cancellations 2mn after purchase, no free h20 (on a 7hr flight?!), forced to pay to chk carry on (seriously 7kg total?!) And the flight itself was expensive. First and last time if I can help it

Online checkin not working

We started to try checking in at 7.30 PM but encountered and error message once we got to the boarding pass stage. I wasted over an hour on the phone to finally be told 'there was a problem'. Is it really so hard to know when a system is not working properly. I can't comprehend why you are told to 'contact the airline' if the call centre can't do anything anyway. It is now the morning of the flight, the error is still there as it is showing checked in but it is not possible to print a boarding pass.

Comments on Facebook are just ignored. 1/10 for service, and I guess it is an...

Mr Huang

We flew from Sydney of Australia to Honolulu yesterday 8/1/2016 , airliner is Jetstar, Flight number JQ3.

we (3 people) were treated unfairly by airline luggage checkin.
We had 3 luggages checked in at the counter. weight is average 10kg/ bag
We were charged AU$160, total $480 ( equal to US$364 ). We were told the gate was closed soon and did not have time to reject. We were not advised to carry-on by hand to avoid this charge( we should carry on by hand). We were not told to charge $160/per bag when we purchased airline ticket.

How can we complain ? we bought...


Yesterday i flew from brisbane to cairns. As we were landing, a live cockroach started roaming around my aisle. Diagusting. I called the aviation department and they told me they dont take this what the hell do they do? I must clarify, they told me complaints like this one had been filed before but since its not easy to prove, nothing can be done. I do have pictures, but they didnt care. I have also tried no avail. One cockroach probably* means that plane has a nest somewhere. Disgusting and unsanitary practices protected by a governemnt aviation department....

Ash cloud recovery gone wrong

Here is a recent expeirience how how they work. Although this latest ash cloud incident is not Jetstar's fault their recovery plan is bullshit.
I was on a JQ flight out of Darwin that was scheduled to leave just before midnight on Monday getting into Bali at 1.30am. Tuesday. (Note Jetstar do not have a service Tuesday or Wednesday with the next "scheduled flight 11.30 Thursday arriving Friday.
We were in the Check in line at 9.30 when the flight was cancelled. I promptly advised our accom in Bali of the situation so as to cancel the transfer and found a room in Darwin for...

I want my money back.

Flight 1: 17/7 JQ1 scheduled to fly Melbourne to Honolulu. The Day before I get a text saying my flight is delayed 16hrs, so no departure until 18/7. No offer of any compensation. Onboard the cabin manager makes a PA saying they would give us free meals BUT only because they have excess and 'we all need to keep in mind it's not company policy to give us anything free' despite the excessive delay.

Flight 2: flight home to Melbourne JQ2 scheduled to depart Hawaii 24/7 delayed 32hrs and counting. Yes I am still in Hawaii waiting to go home.

Looking at Flight Aware the last 8...

Stood my ground and fought with them for 4 hours!

About 9 months ago Jetstar Hawaii was on sale so I booked tickets for our family for a holiday departing Sydney at 4:15pm on Sunday 24/7 arriving in Honolulu the same Sunday 24/7 at 6am.

A few months later I recieved a notice via email saying that there have been changes with our's now a connecting flight departing Sydney at 12:45pm on 24/7 to Melbourne, and departing Melbourne at 4:20pm on the same day therefore arriving in Honolulu at 6:15am Sunday 24/7. I didn't mind it because it was arriving in Honolulu the same time.

I went ahead and book our...


Flew to Phuket on 26/3/16. Boarded the plane at the right time. Then the captain advises that there is a problem with the wing and engineers have to investigate. ( maybe if the planes spent more than a couple of hours on the ground and had sufficient maintenance, this would not happen) After sitting in a plane that was going nowhere for over two hours we finally took off. We got moving and I thought I would watch a movie and have a drink. Tried to get my screen working and it said I hadn't paid for this service which I definitely had. Called the flight attendant over who presumed I was...

Guess what?.....Don't fly Jetstar :-(

Dear Jetstar,


Yesterday (9th July 2016) I was due to travel on JQ196 from Auckland to Sydney, and then had a connecting flight JQ725 from Sydney to Hobart. Upon arriving at Auckland JQ196 (due to depart 1250) was listed as delayed until 15:45. I eventually got through to your customer services in NZ (no customer service desk in terminal) and spoke to a gentleman called Chester who guaranteed that the 15:45 flight would leave Auckland on time, I would be met by Jetstar ground staff in Sydney, and I would make my connecting flight to Hobart.

The flight was...

LIES LIES LIES FLight was on time but Jetstar's response to my complaint was "read the fine print about flight delays"

THe common theme in a lot of complaints is "you should have read the fine print", which is their corporate right, regardless of how it sits with customers. JEtstar's true corporate attitude to customers is reflected by the lies and deceit they demonstrated with my complaint.
IT was a Monday and for some reason I checked my flight details for a Jetstar Pacific flight on the Thursday from Danang to Saigon. It had mysteriously moved from 1055am to 2000pm. THere hadn't been any communication from Jetstar. JEstar vietnam was a dead loss as far as getting any sense. CAlled Jetstar...

Leg room scam

I have for the second time fallen for the leg room scam.It appears that jetstar let a number of people to book the same extra legroom seat and then re- allocate the seat just before the flight. So in effect many many people enter a lottery for the seat and Jetstar have use of your money for a considerable time with no intention of delivering the purchased seat.I believe this is dishonest , how many service providers can take your money fro something they KNOW they cannot deliver.I could make a living selling something that doesn't exist if I only had to refund the money after investing...

Flight Delays

Flew to Cairns on 7th June 2016 on Flight JQ948 which departed at 8.10pm (scheduled to leave at 6.20pm) Having arrived too late to collect our hire car we were forced to hire a car overnight. The flight home JQ949 was due to leave at 6.45pm on 14th June and eventually took off at 8.30pm. My request for Jetstar to reimburse me for additional cost of overnight car hire was refused. After reading some of the horror stories on this website I realise that we got off relatively lightly. The only reason I flew with Jetstar was that they flew direct to Cairns whereas the other airlines stopped...

Mongrel Airline

I vowed several years ago never to fly this lot again however to attend a funeral in Canberra today i purchased two business class tickets on the international flight from Osaka to Sydney that stops into Cairns on its way. So travelling Cairns to Sydney

We got up at 3:45 this morning to travel to Cairns and arrived at 5:20 at the checkin counter where the signs all said

JETSTAR Flight JQ16 is Cancelled -

What ???

I checked my mobile, surely as this flight departed ( or should have ) departed 7 hours ago at a minimum I would have been notified, definitely...

Another case of terrible service

I was trying to fly with Jetstar from Melbourne to Cairns last week What a mistake. I caught an early airport shuttle and was 1.5 hours early for my flight. I checked in, took note of my flight time and gate and relaxed with a drink and a magazine. A while later I notice the flight has been delayed 10 minutes. No problem, I went to the restroom then proceeded to the designated gate. Nothing doing, only a long line of people waiting for a Sydney flight.

I waited a few minutes then went to the Jetstar counter which was attended by two female staff. I asked what was going on with my...

geraldine Guitan

My baggage did not fall open as you suggest.I was left stranded with no money or ID at Manila airport all night waiting for my bag to arrive next morning on another flight . it had (along with the belongings of 6 other passengers)...Been mistakenly (by yourselves left behind in Singapore).The bag had all the padlocks forcibly removed and my losses were Chocolate..A mobile phone..An Ipad..My wallet with 500aud.All my bankcards..All my student IDs.Various dresses and pants..It was broken open while under your watch..And I was not alone..And this was not an isolated case! Now you say you are...

Lack of maintenance

Good Morning,

We were advised 29th May 2016 that flight JQ352 would be departing 10.05am as agreed with booking. We were then notified at 8.22am 31st May 2016 that out flight would now be arriving 11.30am

This delay was due to an internal issue with no capable engineers being located in the vicinity of Palmerston North. It is not acceptable that the customers of Jetstar should be punished for the lack of maintenance to their fleet.

We are sure you are well aware of the Consumer Guarantees act and the provisioins within. I conclude that lack of care and maintenance is...

Very Bad Customer Service

Jetstar Staff treat customers like cattle, no kindness, very bossy, no listening to customers, no chance to explain anything, very rude, will not fly Jet Star again, they make customers feel bad, guilty, in the wrong, even when you haven't done anything, very disappointing that an Australian business can be so poor in customer relations. The worst airline, you couldn't pay me to fly with Jetstar.

Never again

I turn up at the airport for my 11am flight . Told it had been cancelled ( at 10.30 am ) . Earliest available flight 5 hours later . Hand on heart . Nothing available earlier . Groan ! Over coffee in airport lounge I decide to look at the Jetstar site and low and behold there are seats available on ealier flights albeit at several hundred dollars more . I ring and have a dummy spit and get rescheduled to an earlier flight but really is this neccessary ? Can we not just tell the truth . Obviously I should have had a dummy spit at the check in counter . They must have figured I was a...

Total ripp off merchants

Booked 2 tickets from Brisbane to Sydney made a mistake and booked 8.45 pm instead of 8.45 am called jestar to get it changed expected a small charge for this however the price to change was $268 a total ripoff. the flight I wanted to change to had plenty of seats available but Jetstar wanted $80 a ticket to change and $54 dollars a ticket for difference in fare I would like to know how they arrive at this figure. Will never use them again their customer care is zero they are only interested in ripping people off. How much is the admin cost to change the time on a ticket for the same day...


I came back from on the 20th August 2015, flight 3K210 from Jakarta on seat 30C. I always book 30C whenever I travel to Jakarta on Jetstar I had my wallet in my back pocket and I always feel the uncomfortable bulge and as usual I put in in the back nettings of the my front seat. This is where you put your brochures and stuff. It is in seat 30B.

Upon arrival, I disembarked and forgot to retrieve until when I am out of the plane and when i try to go back, I couldn't find the plane. I asked for help from the security people and they are not of any help and asked me to go to the...