Jetstar Complaints

Treated unfairly and left me feeling demeaned.

I came home today from Darwin after a fishing trip with three friends. We had been drinking and we were all laughing and having fun. None of us were disruptive, aggressive or in any way a threat to anyone else. At the check in the Trainee and his supervisor asked us to not drink anymore prior to the flight. We all complied sat in the lounge and chatted quietly. When it was time to board we were asked to sit to one side in front of all the other passengers and there were armed police also there. We were finally allowed on the plane after being talked to like children which again happened as...

Wrong Flight Details

I booked two flights with Jetstar, I signed up to their club and accidentally put both bookings under the same name.
When calling to change I was met with a $242.00 AUD Charge. I looked up the cost of a new flight it was $151.00.
I called and asked to speak with the complaint team which is conveniently online. It took the service officer about 5 minutes to reply to me each time and when they did they just kept referring me to the terms and conditions.
I advised that they are going to waste a seat and they suggested I take both flights. I am not two people how is this...

Cancelled flight to Newcastle for no real reason

Our mates cancelled my flight tonight conveniently bang on 2 hours prior to scheduled departure, Quoting the risk of a thunderstorm in Brisbane. But hang on, Virgin were able to fly out with no problem and didn't cancel their flight (in fact there was no thunderstorm). I made it to Newcastle after paying an additional $220 with Virgin, and after waiting another half an hour to get my token $113 refund from Jetstar) for a cancelled one way flight. The solution they proposed was to return the next morning for a 7am flight. But I feel better paying the extra as I got here when I was meant...

Flight attendants poor behaviour

Good afternoon, my names Marcus. My partner and our 6month old baby just landed in Newcastle on flight JQ483 from Brisbane. Both myself and my partner are avid Jetstar passengers and have chosen you above anyone else traveling interstate and internationally on multiple occasions. But today we are extremely disappointed in the behaviour of your flight attendants.

Upon landing, our child was asleep in my partners lap, the seatbelt sign went on, and we began fastening my partners seatbelt, as well as the attached seatbelt for our child.

When the last inspection was carried...

Flight cancelled 7.5hrs prior, 10hr wait at airport

Firstly my issue is the flight to our holiday, the air hostesses were rude and nasty, the plane had a horrible odour and the flight was FAR from comfortable.
Finishing our holiday and heading to bed early for a 4.20am hotel to airport transfer, at 10.30pm we received a text saying our flight was cancelled, tried to login and change flights but everyone I chose was already booked, the earliest was 2.40pm.
As it was 10.30 at night we could not change our transfer as they were closed, contacted Jetstar to speak to someone and explain we had a transferred booked and paid for and...

My experience similar to the long sharing of delay tactics used to frustrate baggage damage claims.

Experience similar to the sharing of trying and trying to claim from Jetstar damaged bag. Registered complaint at Phuket Airport on arrival. But nothing happened. So emailed and emailed....
After many many email exchanges eg Jetstar asked me to get quotes for the bags...
Actually believed Jetstar email and went around photographing the bags and their price tags. No... JETSTAR. said must get a few quotes from various companies and must have official letter heads etc......
I actually believed the instructions given by Jetstar email reply and went online to source for...

Cancelled after being told to wait for delay to clear for 6 hours

Arrived at the airport to find that the flight had been dalayed for 5 hours, we had not received any text or email warnings of this. We went back into the city and came back to find it had been further delayed by another hour, we only had to wait an hour and a half for the new boarding time so we decided to wait it out, after about 2 hours of waiting they gave us a new boarding time of 9pm (it was 5pm at this time) we could see passengers leaving and going and booking flights on different airlines like Air NZ and Virgin AU, we waited about an hour (we would have left but it was an...

Beware the long walk in Melbourne - we had no warning from Jetstar and missed our flight and lost our tickets

We booked return tickets from Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Launceston for a week long family holiday (with two primary school kids). We were told that the baggage check in closed 30 minutes prior to departure so we made sure we arrived an hour beforehand.

Unfortunately the first automated check in kiosk we used was faulty (it was unable to print baggage labels) so we had to try another one. This one worked for 3 of us but the fourth baggage label got jammed while printing so we had to get assistance (as you cannot re-print baggage labels at the kiosk). This "assistance" consisted...


Arrived at Sydney airport this am with my young child and told that our flight was cancelled. No email or phone call from jetstar re the cancellation, flight was cancelled yesterday. Told we were not able to get home until later that day, 6 hr wait. We had to book into a hotel for the duration of our wait and pay more money.
Jetstar team leader at service desk very rude and scarcastic re issue. Told because we booked through qantas that they had no contact details to contact us. My question is why can you book a Jetstar flight via qantas then? Team leader offered no apology.

Long Long Day

Planned and paid for Jetstar flights to Perth from Melbourne back in January 2017, all good.
Move onto early September had to change one ticket to fly back at later date, upshot forfeit original ticket had to buy new ticket to come back, okay can understand it was a cheap ticket to begin with. Flight was changed from being direct to Perth it became a stop over for 5 hours in Adelaide, had to alter accomodation, hire car at our cost they did offer to cancel flight orginally. Tried for three days to web check hubby on line could not do, kept telling me internal error, they promised to...

Extra Baggage Rip Off

After booking a "cheap" holiday for the family, I originally only added 1 checked bag (due to it being a short holiday). This cost $20 each way during the booking process (after making the mistake of adding a Jetstar Club membership). I then realized after the booking, that I should have added another checked bag as apparently babies don't even get a 7kg carry on bag. I go to manage my booking to add another bag for my wife only to find that it is double the price now ($40 each way) for the same size bag. There is literally no extra effort on Jetstar's part for me to add a bag and pay for...

Got a booking email from Jetstar saying my flight is booked!

I arrived @ the Sydney domestic airport this morning just after 6am! Tried to check in on the machine and wouldn't work! Then went up to the service desk and then they tell me that the payment was declined which is utter BS! As I got a email saying the flight was booked and gave me the booking number of lGFEXG!!im really pissed off and not happy! I have had to fork out another $223 dollar flight to Melbourne and now have to wait here @ the airport for 5 hours!! If you don't resolve this Jetstar I will be taking further action! And I won't be flying Jetstar EVER again! And have told heaps...

Settlement - Handballing of issues

Just an update to my complaint about Jetstar not getting my husband and I to the footy in Melbourne a few weeks ago.
After lodging a written complaint with Jetstar and then having the outcome reviewed by them again, I then lodged a written complaint with the Australian Airline Customer Advocate.
Today I received an email saying Jetstar will be reimbursing the money I spent on tickets to a football game that they failed to get me to.
Justice has been done!
To those reading this post, don't give up what you feel is right. For me is wasn't always about the money. It...

Refused to take responsibility for luggage they damaged

Flight No.: JQ242
Flight date: 10 Aug 2017, 8.00pm – 9.20pm
Departing Christchurch, arriving Auckland

Flight was delayed for around an hour and it took longer than expected for the checked-in luggages to come out. It was past 10pm when we finally got our bags.
To our surprise, one of our bags has its latch half open at a weird angle. This bag is a hard shell one and to close it properly, we have to make sure the top and bottom shell is fitted and close all the 3 latches of the bag (one at the front, right and left side).
Upon further inspection, we realised...

Hand balling belongs at the footy, not in Customer Service

My husband and I were travelling from Perth to Melbourne to watch the final AFL games before the finals started. We were leaving Perth at 10:10, which meant we didn't have an early morning rush to the airport and were to arrive in Melbourne about 4pm giving us plenty of time to get to our hotel, eat and head to the game.
This is not what happened!
Whilst queuing to check in, people's phone began 'dinging' with a message saying the flight was cancelled.
We never received this email!
Three weeks after our non flight, I was told I wasn't sent notification because I'd...

Last minute flight cancellations

For the fourth time this year a member of my family has had their flight cancelled for "operational reasons" at short notice. The latest fiasco was a 6.55 am flight from Sydney to Adelaide. Cancelled because it was not full enough for them to bother. On the phone told me the next available was 3.00 pm flight. The passenger suffers from MS and had an appointment at noon. They just kept me on hold for an hour and did nothing. It took forty five minutes before I could speak to her supervisor who also did not care but offered me a ten am flight the following day!!!! Useless. He was neither...


Hi we really shocked the way the your team leader was talking to us as family we got kids around and he using f word we asked him to talk to any one in charge he tellingme im the biggest one here

Seriously i need official apologies from him other way ill take it more further and im serious about this

He dont have right to make my wife and three kids crying and standing around for 4 hours

Ill chase my right to
Im asking you as a Jetstar head office to fix this problem

I minute late for check in

I will never fly with shit star again waited in line to check in but we were one minute late had to wait 5 hours for next flight with 2 small children and pay another 50 per head . When spoke to desk person they couldn't care less well never again fly with shit star pack of inconsiderate shit service Shitastar

$60 baggage check fee. Utter rubbish

I was at the gate for my flight, hand luggage only. I had a regular carry on bag, you know the sort that are specifically made to be carried on. They had scales at the gate and a long line of folk with similarly regular carry on luggage that they were forcing to pay $60 each to board. What a complete scam! This is a shameless, disgusting cash grab targeting folk who fly budget because that's what they can afford. It's a significant amount of money and many, many people would not have it in their budget to comply with. It's a disgusting disregard for passengers. Staff are rude and devoid...

No compassion and extremely rude on the phone

We booked 2 flights from Gold Coast airport to Narita airport Tokyo. With tensions in the area with North Korea we have decided not to travel to the region. Our own government has listed the area as travel with extreme caution. Jetstar were adamant and down right rude. They said on your fare you get no refund. Take the flight or lose it. The funny thing was we never asked for a refund. We only asked to have it changed to 2 flights to Sydney instead which would be well and truly much less than we paid. However not the case and won't discuss it with us won't take any further correspondence...


We travelled as a group of 4 from Sydney to Adelaide return! We had 20kg check in baggage for each couple! Plus 7kg carry on each we were 6kg overweight with the carry on baggage even though our book in luggage was 14kg and 16kg! The rude prick at the Adelaide terminal made us book an extra bag in! It was 8kg which still kept the total below the 40kg check in limit! If you want us to self check in you should be more leinient as we would have weighed each bag and put more on the check in baggage! This is just a grab for money on a flight that was not full. I hate self check in and even more...

Overweight carry on baggage fee 60.00

Do not fly jetstar, they charged my partner $60.00 for overweight carry on luggage, they only allow 7 kilos, we were so shocked we didnt check the weigh trolley they used, i find this hard to believe as we were returning to adelaide from cairns and we had all summer clothing in our bags the toiletries were in my bag, yet they said his was overweight, they charge for food, coffee and snacks, fly virgin you get free food, drinks and complimentry checked in baggage . Lesson learnt wont fly jetstar again

complete absence of customer service compassion

Jetstar staff member: You haven't purchased baggage, so that'll be $60.

I'm convinced I did purchase baggage but am unable to defend myself due to extreme grief and messed up head. I explain this, and get no sympathy at all. When I burst into tears, the staff member asks me to move aside so she can serve other customers. Then I hear her radio a supervisor.

Jetstar staff member: There's a customer here who needs something to be explained to her.

The supervisor comes, says she's trying to fix it, then says, "No, when you made the booking, you unchecked the box to...

Refund....what refund

I made the mistake of booking internal flights with Jetstar in Viet Nam..... I was travelling with family and friends which meant I had to coordinate times with them for ongoing travel arrangements....Jetstar radically changed the times of the flights I had booked which made it impossible for. this to occur....the first telephone officer I spoke to said I would get a refund as it was Jetstar fault I couldn't coordinate my travel arrangements....that was the last positive contact I had with this failing tinpot organisation....from that point on I was given the runaround....big time....this...