Jetstar Complaints

Lost/ Delayed Baggage

I would like to put forward a formal complaint for the mishandling and the worst customer service attitude shown by your staff with regards to our lost baggage and the subsequent trauma that we are going through at the hands of your staff in Delhi Airport.  
My wife who took the connecting flight from Melbourne to Delhi via Jetstar and China Southern on 6/12/17 flight Number JQ 504 and CZ-326, landed in Delhi, we filled the baggage delayed form and requested the staff to process the request to Sydney airport so that our luggage could be returned to us but your staff has...

Check In Under Staffing

ATT Jet Star customer care​​​​​​​

Dear Sirs

​​Re: Complaint Re Flight Booking ZY525L 2.05pm 1st Dec
I’m a regular traveller between Sydney and Melbourne, as is my girlfriend and I’m writing to lodge a complaint in relation to the above flight that I took last Friday when I arrived at least 1.5 hours in advance.
I checked in at one of the auto booth terminals, printed my tags and of course because there’s no automated drop-off bag facility (offered by say virgin in Melbourne) I then had to stand in one of the very long queues.
What shocked me was that out of... - Proudly Australian Rip-off

Airline passengers consumer rights in Australia seem to be not worth the paper they were printed on. We received a AUD 60 refund and their finance department is incompetent enough to declare 3 different, verified European IBANs invalid repeatedly over the last two months. These 3 IBANs are in daily use so it is impossible they're invalid. Blessed be those who believe in these kind of coincidences. It's more probable that their banking software is buggy or their finance department employees failed their computer drivers license tests when it came to the copy & paste part. Totally...

Email to Jetstar Advocacy Manager, Jetstar CEO and Qantas CEO

While you advised that you will not respond to this note, I thought I would nevertheless try one more time to explain our concerns:
1) We agree that customer choice is useful, but informed choice requires full price disclosure.
2) In our case we were provided with 2 documents (ticket, and a check-in reminder) that clearly presented the pre-paid baggage prices (as well as a few somewhat higher pre-airport prices) under the heading “To view baggage fees applicable for your flight, please see below”.
3) In the prices shown below this title, there were exactly zero prices...

Jetstar or should it be rebranded as Scumstar? $585 to change a name, no 'Customer Care'.

Booked a trip for myself and son to Japan. I should have stuck to my vow NEVER to use this foul company again.

FIRST: It staggers me just why a company in a seemingly strong international competitive environment would ACTIVELY seek to alienate it's customers in the most consummate manner?

I have been a long time campaigner to give Australian business a fair-go, but Jetstar needs the blow torch of Asian competition.

My son has a compulsory Professional Education course which cropped up after booking. It cannot be changed.

Tried to contact Scumstar. Only 'chat'...

decline credit card - 3 different ones 3 times each

decline credit card - 3 different ones 3 times each
I can't pay for my 2seats =£7.10 as from England - only want to go from Sydney to Adelaide, in August 9th 2018.
Site keeps freezing, and can never speak to anyone / on computer. Can't even - at great expense phone them up to pay over phone.... Auto answer is useless. may have to cancel and rebook elsewhere

Copy of Email to Jetstar and Qantas CEOs

I believe the differences between us come down to 2 questions: 1) Is the documentation Jetstar provides on baggage fees designed to trap unsuspecting passengers into paying very high last-minute charges, or is customer confusion caused by inconsistently presented baggage fees just a happy accident? 2) Is there any possible underlying economic reality that might justify Jetstar's price escalation of up to 1000% between pre-purchase baggage fees and at-airport baggage fees?

Since Jetstar has chosen not to engage on either of these questions (and instead has merely confirmed "accurate...

Excess baggage

For some reason security knocked back an item I have carried on numerous times before ( maddening officiousness but I guess that's for another page ).
The item weighed 3 ounces and was about the length of my middle finger. Jetstar charged $60 to check this on and were totally unsympathetic and mostly unfriendly in doing so.

Shitty services

My husband and i made it way before time to the airport and got our baggage tag printed and in line for to drop our bag.Despite being 30mins way before time we were stuck in line and by the time we reached the front of the counter we were told baggage counter was closed and have to take next flight to our destination and had to pay extra $50.We both had work to reach but bcz of the shitty service we could not make it on time and are stuck.Got next flight at 5.20pm.Almost 12 hours delyd.P.s the supervisor needs to learn how to talk to customers.She is so unprofessional.Plz jetstar train...

Excessive ($425) Baggage Fees!

My wife and I recently flew from Sydney to Honolulu on Jetstar Airways. They sent us baggage fee documentation under the heading "Baggage fees applicable for your flight". The fees provided suggested the total cost would be ~A$83 for our 2 bags. Jetstar didn't qualify their documentation to say that the fees presented were "Pre-Paid" fees only, or otherwise advise that extreme price increases would apply to baggage paid for at the airport. When we did check in at the airport they wanted to charge us A$550 for our very regular 20 and 24 kg bags. They subsequently reduced this to the...

Jetstar cancelled my ticket without any notification

I booked the ticket on 20 November, everything is gone through, I had a ticket with booking number. On 23 Nov, I again paid for the seat booking. I received an email to confirm my ticket with a seat located.

On the 26th November, I couldn't checked my flight info. I chat with Jetstar customer care, they told me my ticket is cancelled. NO NOTIFICATION, NO CONTACT AT ALL.


A whole plan for Christmas and new year is fuck.

Change of Name

The following complaint letter was sent to on Mon - by Thurs with no response - I re-sent the email. I also contacted the virtual help Jetstar line advising I had a complaint and had sent the email to The virtual response (after waiting for a period of time) asked for more details. I was not able to respond immediately and after about 1 minute the virtual person said they were closing the chat line as I hadnt responded. Jetstar your customer service and...

Jetstar make mistake and REFUSE to engage

I flew from Sydney to Melbourne for a conference last week. I selected a carry-on only fare because I was going to a conference and only needed a change of clothes. Took no computer because the presentation was online. At Sydney they weighed the carry-one and handbag; they (apparently) weighed in at 9.5kg even though I'd weighed it at home and it came in well under the 7kg limit. It was very strange and I thought an error had occurred. I was directed to the desk where they asked for my credit card, I handed it over. NO words were exchanged. They charged $60. I thought it weird but there...

Broken computer and lost items during Jetstar transport. By the term and condition Jetstar doesn't have any liability

Can anyone advise what to do or which lawyer I can get advice from in Auckland?

Story: 2 months ago I went to Christchurch from Auckland to pickup few items. When I purchased the airfare online I did tick insurance option. After pickup, One iMac 27, I wrapped it with foam fully and put in a hard case luggage for shipping, also there was some cloths for stuffing and some camera accessories (charger and filters). When back to home I took out all the items and saw my iMac 27 with crack screen, also there was few hard scratch and dent on the body. Packing was worn off. Note before...

Going through International check-in and out procedures while having domestic flight

I flew from Sydney to Brisbane on Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 and was asked to check-in at T1 International- Sydney Airport and arrived at Brisbane International Terminal. My flight was JQ57.
I need an answer for my question why Jetstar put customers flying domestic through International flight. I was very frustrated and disappointed because of the following reasons:
- We had to come to the airport 2 hours prior instead of on-line check-in
- We had to go through all custom check-ups unnecessarily
- We had to go on a long queue together with people coming from overseas and...

RACISM? Disrespectful Chinese signage at boarding gate 52 in Melbourne airport T4

I flied with Jetstar on 7 Nov from MEL to LST. I found a Chinese (only Chinese, no English and other languages) signage at gate 52 in T4 Melbourne airport. The signal means "do not use mobile phone between gate and aircraft". Jetstar logo is under this signage. I took a photo as evidence. I wonder is there an investigation shows Chinese people are the most people who use mobile phone between gate and aircraft? Jetstar earns Chinese people's money and did this awful, disgusting thing. Conscience of the staff who made this signage was eaten by dog. Shame! Shame! Shame!

Credit Card charged but the webpage gave me error page. No refund because their record show it has gone through.

I had to make a quick emergency flight booking to Gold Coast because one of my relative passed away.
I wanted to book the first morning flight available.
I have filled in all the details and was at the final payment stage.
I have entered my credit card details and submitted but the page gave me an error.
I have entered my credit card detail again and repeated this process about 3 more times.
I closed the browser and started the process again and found that the morning flight i needed was sold out.
We decided to drive instead of taking the flight as other...

handbag cost $90

paid for 25kg of luggage and had allowance of 7kg luggage onboard. Got to the airport and had 24kg in bag and 7kg in onboard. Told 7kg should include ones handbag and that I had to pay $90 and load the 7kg of luggage with the other bag so that would be 2 bags and that would make me 6kg over. Result $90 really to take my handbag. Buyer beware

Worst customer service and left me and my friends stranded

My experience through jetstar has been excruciating. As they understood the situation me and my friends were stuck in, as at the end of our trip my friend was rushed to the emergency room and this affected our ability to fly home on the correct dates. I explained this first of all.

- [ ] The first person I spoke to told me I could fly out Monday night from Bangkok and arrive in Melbourne Tuesday morning , which is what we needed as all of us had already told work we couldn’t make Monday. He even started to give me the seat numbers, moments into giving me the seat allocations he told...