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Jetstar Complaints

  • Their System Cock-Up but no Service

    James Evans

    I was flying back from Christchurch to Wellington, used express check-in, it printed out my boarding pass fine with the correct date and time on it, which was Saturday. I got through security fine, and upon entering the gate to board the plan my boarding pass would not scan. The hostess took me aside and said the system was showing I was booked on tomorrows flight, not today's. I asked how could that be and showed her my boarding pass that clearly said Saturday. She told me to go down to their help desk and I would be able to get on the next flight to Wellington.

  • Because of weather not because of us, why can we change a flight?

    Blury Wiwattana

    My flight from Bangkok to Fukuoka(Japan) was cancelled due to the weather. My friend and I tried to contact the Jetstar company in Thailand but they claim that they don't know anything. So I contacted customer service call center who didn't even know the flight was cancelled. She said if I want to go I have to go with another flight(2 days later) but it's too late, so we had to with another flight and another airline without any help from Jetstar. I tried to refund the ticket fees back but Call center just said I have to send enquiry and wait, so I believed her and wait for almost 2 weeks.

  • A new petition! Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd: Drop the $150+ fee per flight to change the person flying.

    D.J. Paine

    Head over to and sign and share today!!

    Drop the $75 fee per flight to change the person flying.

    I fly on Jetstar. A LOT. And for most travellers in Australia, we fly Jetstar because of the great bang for the buck. But there is something so utterly backwards in their system that it just boggles my mind! Let me set the scene for you with these two facts:

  • Rumour-mill

    Shaan Lewis

    While my complaint is quite minor (my morning flight from Sydney to Melbourne was cancelled on Monday 1st Sept 2014 but I rescheduled relatively easily and the new time worked in my favour, purely by chance), the taxi driver who took me to the airport told me that he'd heard a rumour that if Jetstar has a poorly booked flight, they'll cancel that one to make another flight full. Meaning that it costs them less to cancel a flight than it does to fly a half-full plane.

    Anyone else heard this sort of thing?

  • Sold a flight that did not exist!

    Mark Naumann

    In May I purchased 'sale' airfares to take my wife on a long weekend to Adelaide. Booked the accommodation and car - all good. Until I received an email from Jetstar advising that the return flight had to change. Now - I fly a bit and I am use to minor changes, 30 minutes - even an hour - except the flight home was booked for 9:45pm on Sunday night so that we maximised our 3 day stay in Adelaide. Jetstar wanted me to take their 1:00pm flight instead - which basically meant I lost a day.

  • profile

    Catherine Myers

    Jet star is the only airline i have seemed to have trouble with. I made my booking through a travel agent as there was a package deal at the time. However when i went to the jetstar website and tried to look at my booking through the manage by booking tab it would not allow me. When i contacted them a spokes person said rudely that they cannot and will not link it to my profile. I simply explained that we had booked it through an agent and qantas had no problem linking our other flight after it was booked.

  • Florence angel Bezzene

    Angel Almazan

    I basically have had an extremely unpleasant experience dealing with JETSTAR in the last month...I had heard horror stories before though never thought there was much truth to wrong was I...anyhow I bought some airline tickets with my husband on April 19th 2014 for travel this December 2014....unfortunately JETSTAR contacted us on July 31st and said they had a schedule change and offered a flight change or a full refund....since our flight change was unsuitable to our travel plans we called them on August 3rd and accepted there refund option....on August 15th my husband recieved his

  • john simpson

    John Simpson

    we were due to fly to perth on 22/08/14 for a birthday however we received information my brother had died so we had to change our flight to 17/08/14.i spoke to a person in asia whom i had some problems understanding and managed to change our flight so as to attend the funeral,my understanding was i would be refunded my initial flight $530 and i was charged a further $698 for the second flight i had to provide proof that my brother had passed away which i did i received a phone call from asia again telling me i would only receive $150 refund which i refused to accept i contacted the aviation a

  • We'll get back to you within 72 hours...wait 15 about when we feel like it

    Richard Nguyen

    We booked with Jetstar to fly out on 2 Nov 2014 from Gold Coast to Tokyo, this was one of those specials so we had to book, this was back in March 2014.

    All was looking good, the four of us (2 adults to young children) were to sit together in the middle row on an Airbus A330, this is our usual arrangement as I would help my wife look after our 6 year old daughter so she can look after our 3 year old.

    Until May, we received an email to notify us that our flight schedule has changed, and then another email in July to say it changed again.

  • Delayed, hard luck

    Mark Hagerty

    We just turned up at Wellington for our flight to Auckland to learn it will be delayed at least an hour, which doesn't give us enough time to get our onwards flight to Kerikeri. Change flight, no, refund, don't make me laugh, I bought insurance from JetStar but none of the staff could tell me what it covers and the help line isn't open at weekends, which doesn't bode well. We had to buy air NZ tickets, which I should have done in the first place but I wanted to save $200 but the new tickets cost nearly $700......
    You get what you pay for.

  • Never again

    Samantha Hammersley

    With much excitement and happiness, my partner and I booked our first overseas trip together to Bali for the end of November for 11 days. Jetstar were having a sale and as we both study, it was the perfect opportunity to finally commit to the holiday we had so been craving.

  • Dead Star

    Graham McMahon

    Officious staff, power trips, and over the top handling of a simple carry on bag issue.

    Then cost me $75 to Taxi the bag from airport after the bag was put on a later flight.

    This is the same bag that I have carried on more than 50 times, including Death Star
    When the complaint was addressed, it was settled to THEIR satisfaction and I got a $50 voucher.

    I will be more likely to stick a chop stick in my eye than use the voucher or Death Star again

  • Cheap Fair Scam

    Saul Steed

    After much convincing from my wife we booked cheap return tickets back on 2nd July to go to and from Darwin at the very end of October. The return date was to be about a week after arrival.
    We both booked our holidays in with our respective employers as did my daughter in Katherine so she could spend time with us.

  • Not one but two cancelled flights!

    Amy Crow

    Trip to bali recently ruined by Jetstar who cancelled our flight to Bali when we were at the departure gate, rescheduled us on to a new flight the next day which was delayed by 4 hours and we weren't informed until arriving at the airport and finally to top it off, cancelled our flight home. When the flight home was cancelled we were given appalling assistance. I can deal with one cancelled flight but two? Surely not this many planes can have "engineering" problems. We suspect they are simply cancelling non profitable flights. Shame on you Jetstar.

  • Jetstar attempt to ruin our Happy Memories of Bali

    Tom Collins

    We Love Bali..
    Sadly JetStar Airlines attempted to spoil our memories of Bali.

  • JQ37 Cancellation

    Richard Olsen

    I was supposed to fly out to Bali for a week yesterday afternoon. I'd booked and paid in advance for a business class ticket, return from Sydney to Bali. I did my web checkin at around 11am, no notification that the flight would be cancelled. I got to the airport, just over two hours before my flight, took my place in the business class queue, and was then asked to come forward. On the way to the counter, the staff member asked me where I was going. I said Bali, and she said, oh, the flight has been cancelled due to "engineering issues". I was told to stand and wait at the service counter.


    Narelle David

    My family (husband and two teenagers) and I recently went to Honolulu. We booked Economy but were able to upgrade to business for $300.00 each person each way - an extra $2400.00. Everything was lovely until the dinner service and the alcohol started flowing - especially to the passenger seated across the aisle from me. Her and her friend explained that they were Qantas Staff travelling on a $150.00 ticket - good for them I thought. That was until she was served so much alcohol from the Cabin Crew that she became out of control.

  • 11 hour delay

    Benjamin Thompson Ovieghara

    Arrived at Melbourne only to be advised are flight would be delayed by 2 hours due to technical issues with the plane, 10 mins before are new departure time another announcement our flight is now delayed by 6 hours and to top it off 5 mins after that announcement we are informed our flight will be delayed by 12 hours yes 12 hours the staff are unless and rude and the company is by far the worst carrier I know please people don't fly with Jetstar

  • Won't ever fly them again!

    Linda Vogels

    Picked Jetstar because the times were the most suitable for our trip. Perth to Singapore flight delayed 3 hours. Annoying but bearable but the return flight on 29th July was unbelievable! We checked before leaving our hotel and everything was as scheduled but when we got to the airport we were told there was a delay of almost 11 hours and would not now be leaving until 4.50am. No offer of a hotel or anything! The excuse was 'weather' in Perth. The weather in Perth was fine and other airlines flights from Singapore to Perth left on time, it was just unfortunate for us they were full!

  • Cancelled flight with elderly parents

    Janene Anne Grinham

    I am still waiting to pick up my parents who were supposed to arrive in Sydney at 5PM, their flight was cancelled, they were then put on a bus from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and they are now on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, they arrived at Sunshine Coast airport at 2pm, the flight was supposed to leave at 3.20pm.

  • Incorrect return date due to idiot not knowing English!!!!!!!!!!

    Leonie Phillips

    I spent over an hour trying to make an online booking on the night of Wednesday, 27th July, for a simple return flight from Melbourne (Tulla) to Perth, leaving Saturday, 16 August and coming back last flight Sunday, 07 September. I viewed the email booking today, Thursday 31 July only to find that the goose I spoke to has made the return flight for Sunday, 14 September. Bloody hell, I have a very important medical appointment on Thursday, 11 September, so why the heck would I ask for a return flight after this date???

  • Jetstar valuair medan-singapore delayed

    Yo Man

    Flight delay due to crewing requirement ? are not jetstar knowing that now is holiday season and should have done enough preparation? It called valuair instead of jetstar when you reached the airport, felt like being cheated by the brand where the actual operator might not be jetstar but still valuair,


    Marcel Hilmer

    Unfortunately many, if not most of the stories start by referring to the "cheaper" cost in booking with Jetstar. The reality is different and in our case, unfair treatment with bags and then a 6 weather delay (light rain only in Perth!). Long story but really not necessary to explain as my epiphany came from reading through similar harrowing experiences. Avoid using them at all cost and enjoy life regardless of the tempting price, its just not worth it.

  • Bad experience

    Happy Oil

    I bought take a friend for free ticket for myself and family which is total of 4 from Mel to BKK direct flight. It cost s me $1700 includes 20 kg luggage and seat selection. Then I got mail that I have been re schedule so I need to stopover in Singapore on the who to BKK for 7 hours. I called call centre they said can change to earlier flight but I have to pay $1700 for 4 passenger because 2 of us is free ticket so need to purchase new ticket. Then she recommend that if I leave this ticket And buy another one from SIN to BKK. It will cost me $95 SG dollar per passenger.

  • My very bad experience with Jetstar.

    Fifi A. Hussien

    I will never fly with Jetstar ever again. I was travelling from Sydney to Auckland and I was surprised to find that when I arrived Auckland that Jetstar hadn't loaded my bag onto the flight for some unknow reason. It took up to six long days for my bag to finally arrived but during those six days I had a very bad experience with the Jetstar staff. I called up the Skycare (who manage Jetstar Baggage Service) service manager in Auckland and he was so unhelpful and rude.