Jetstar Complaints

Mr White

Just over a year ago Jetstar flew 4 times a week from Avalon airport to Hobart. Wonderful. A little later they trimmed it to 3 times a week. Understandable. Then by March 2018 they are stopping ALL flights from Avalon to Hobart. It seems someone or more likely the management group does not know what they are doing. I suppose they are still we paid though.

excess baggage fee. $$$$.

What a rort this is - my carry on baggage was already weighed & tagged from a connecting flight, then when waiting at the cairns airport for our connecting flight, just prior to boarding I was told my carry on needs to be weighed, even though it already was tagged as been weighed. I explained to the male Jetstar employee it has already been done, as you could clearly seen it's been done & tagged. I feel I was targeted as I was a young girl travelling with another friend. I had just put my jumper & ski boots in my carry on, which has now taken it over, I said I will put them...

Possible malfunction with radio communications on Jetstar aircraft causing stabbing headaches on the ground

In regards to Jetstar Australia, I would like to know why every time one of your Airbus aircraft fly over Wollongong, we get stabbing headaches. I have traced every other possible source, spoken with doctors, specialists, professionals, managers of local airports, telecommunications experts, and have been able to narrow it down to your Airbus A320 aircraft in particular. The two that flew over today, JQ723 and JQ517 gave us severe stabbing headaches. Why would that be? Do you have powerful (more than the regulation 40 or 50 watts) weather radar in the nose cone? Do you have overpowered 4G...

Don't Fly!

I think it's time to expand the concerns documented in this website to include the Jetstar corporate master: Qantas. When Jetstar cancels their flights for sometimes questionable reasons, Jetstar's parent company is often the beneficiary via the sale of high priced last minute tickets. Similarly, when the Jetstar check-in line moves very slowly (due to extreme baggage fee gouging) and the passengers at the end are cut off and miss their flight, Qantas can gain last-minute sales. This doesn't appear to be an innocent outcome. I think it's time for Don't Fly! Qantas controls...

An absolutely criminal company

I have never had a single jetstar flight where I didn’t feel robbed.
Today’s latest robbery including weighing my purse with my laptop and my actual bag, which was 1kg over in total and therefore required an additional fee of $60 to check in at the gate.
Thanks Jetstar, I guess today’s delayed flight was the least of my troubles (when are your flights on time?).

Flight from Sydney to Adelaide


I would love someone form Australia to call me so I could receive some old fashion service and compassion I had been told my stepfather had 24 hours to live this morning so I booked to early flight on the 19/2 so I could see him in time
when I received my itinerary the date said the 19/3 a mistake was made with the date. I am sure I had in FEBRUARY not MARCH, I rang and got a Pilipino operator (Langdon)who said he could change it for 3 times the amount of the previous fare,
While he was talking to his supervisor about this I got a phone call from my stepfathers...

vihanga senadeera

A shitty company literally robbed me. I wanted to change my flight to the next day which was scheduled 3 weeks ahead. The original flight ticket was $39 and the difference to be paid is $20. On top of that, I have to pay $100 per person as changing fee. this is ridiculous. I will never fly with them. We booked flight tickets for 4 people. so just to change the flight they asked me to pay $400.I can buy new flight tickets just for $300. Tired to call the contact centre, after wasting about 30 minutes of my time, they didn't even transfer me to a supervisor. everytime I asked, they told the...

Cancellation and no refund

My two daughters were booked on return flights Perth to Melbourne. Outgoing flight was cancelled. They were given a few options and then after initially deciding to cancel and refund they were told there was another later flight to Melbourne. So they were booked in to that. However the really smart assistant still cancelled their return flight. They had to pay for another flight back plus extra for baggage. Two Uni students out of pocket by about $270 each. Poor show Jetstar.

Auckland to Napier after 24 hours plus from Spain.

My in-laws have been travelling from Spain over the last few days to arrive in Auckland. They were due to fly jetstar to Napier after this arduous ordeal. I joked when going to pick them up that they might cancel as they did with me the last time I flew with them. (I NEVER FLY JETSTAR). I got to the airport and they had cancelled. They offered a bus from auckland to Napier. Awesome journey. They said tower issues. What they mean is that they were late and couldn't get out in time.

Mr Alan Ackroyd

I have just returned from Bangkok on JQ30 on the 10th febuary a 9.25 pm flight. As I had extra baggage for this trip a charge came with it . Thinking I was being charged 1400 bht $56 au. Only to find out when checking my bank account I had been charged $570 au. I have spoken to JET STAR and was told no refund and they basically have no cap on what they charge at the counter. It's a joke and a disgrace that they can get away with this. $28.50 PER KILO COST MORE THAN MY FLIGHT TICKET

A company of liars and thieves by omission

My friend and I tried to book a return flight to Honolulu on line with Jetstar. We made the booking toge.. ther at the same time with identical extras. When we got the costings hers were $180.00 less than mine. When I questioned this I was told tough luck put up with it. Also we were not given our combined costs until 24 hours after my friend had given Jetstar her credit card number. Isn't that illegal as they can take whatever they like from her credit card account? Just beware.... never ever use Jetstar and we have not even got to the airport yet


iIn October last year I booked and paid for 2 tickets to the Gold Coast that were advertised thru email. Circumstances have since changed and we wished to postpone the trip. Tickets cost $386, but when I contacted Jetstar and asked about changing dates they wanted $428 extra to make the changes which is the difference between the Starter fares I paid for on special and the normal fares that apply. I realise that this clause is buried somewhere in the Terms and Conditions but I believe that this is just gouging on the airlines part and truth be known it is probably common practice and...

Complaint in Verse

Rosie: Your insightful verse has inspired me to suggest a poem contest to document Jetstar's many and varied shortcomings. I'm not much of a poet, but offer the following:

There once was an offshoot of Qantas,
With fees hidden well do they haunt us.
Jetstar baggage police,
Have a mandate to fleece.
Then respond to complaints just to taunt us.

Have some fun with this. I'm planning to submit this, along with a concise explanation of Jetstar's deliberately misleading documentation and usurious baggage fees, to a major Sydney newspaper. Wish me luck!...



Don’t book a ticket on Jetstar I warn
Avoid their poor service and awful scorn
I’m not alone, there are thousands more who
Suffered the same and can vouch that it’s true

Don’t be misguided, it’s not a good deal
You pay for each seat, checked bag, and meal
They might lure you in with their flights so cheap
Costs unexpected will set you back steep

Arrive at the counter, join the long queue
Sometimes there is only staff one or two
Line up at check in with staff working slow
Passengers tired and...

claiming compassionate cancellation

Just been advised by doctor not to fly for a few weeks ,have certificate stating the reasons applied for compassionate cancellation and got told no.this went on for 30 mins with no compassion shown at all, Jetstar are unhelpful and do not show any compassion ,I am 66 yr old pensioner and do not get ill to dodge paying for anything .This is a disgrace from Jetstar as am not looking for refund just to change booking without all the fees

Thrown Off a Flight from Singapore to Manila for expressing my disability needs!!!!

On January 1, I was traveling from Singapore to Manila,
Philippines. This was, in fact, the worst travel experience in my life having traveled
for all my life to more than 75 countries and hundreds of major and budget airlines.
I have never seen such horrible behavior of airline staff towards disability.

At check in that day, I confirmed that my wheelchair would be at the gate in Manila. I
had also filled out the form for wheelchair assistance and informed the airline
about my needs a month prior. After getting to the gate, I told two of the ground...

Computers don't work.I hope the aircraft are better

I have tried eight times to "manage my flight" and cannot connect to Jetstar> There is nothing wrong with my computer just the crap Jetstar service that we are all too familiar with. I have NEVER come across a business that is so poorly managed and to supply the service(if you can call it a service) little Alan Joyce got paid $25 million last year.Daylight robbery

Never fly with Jet Star as they are the worst service provider as compared to other airlines

Dear Team,

I had booked the tickets from Bali to Singapore for 1st December 2017, but as everyone is aware that there was a volcanic eruption in Bali and Bali Airport was closed so all the flights to Bali was cancelled. As i could not reach Bali so had given the request to cancel all my bookings to my travel agent. Its been a month i am following with Akbar travels as had done the booking through Akbar travels but now they are stating that Jet star has rejected the refund claim. I don't understand when all other airlines have refunded the amount then WHY Jet star has a problem? Due...

Irresponsible at customer's satisfaction. Worst service.

I had a flight previously from Sydney - Goldcoast at 9 Jan 2018, 6 PM and a return flight from Goldcoast - Melbourne at 11 Jan 2018 in 11 AM.

At first, SYD-OOL flight was delayed for an hour and that was totally fine. But suddenly it was cancelled due to the weather even no longer after that the rain was stopped. I was totally understand about it, but this is the 2nd times I chose Jetstar and both was cancelled their flight with several reasons.

I expected something that Jetstar gonna be offer to their customer for their satisfaction.

They offer the next day flight to...

Company of thieves

Completely incompetent idiots of jetstar don't give a single care about throwing people's personal belongings away. Instead of giving me a rechargeable battery that i forgot in my checked bag, they wasted a ridiculous amount of time making me sign papers saying they will throw away my stuff and then delaying my flight

Are they serious ?

We live in Bali, so have used Jetstar regularly.
Currently we are travelling through Australia and that includes 4 Jetstar flights (Perth to Adelaide, Melbourne to Hobart, Hobart to Melbourne and Melbourne to Ayers Rock)
These 4 flights for myself, my wife and our 8 year old daughter has now costed us approx.. 3,661 AUD which is madness.

Today we missed our flight from Hobart to Melbourne. Now most airlines would offer us seats on a next flight, especially one where there are many empty spaces as was the case today.
Jetstar did not do that, not even at a penalty,...

Domestic flight

it says 1/2 hr check in before boarding. got to the machine 35mins before hand, and they said its closed. what is this trying to rip off people. i think somethings going on here, jetstar is playing dirty here scamming peoples money. the flight is 12noon got to the machine at 25mins past 11 and said it closed. pls somebody explain before i go further

Suggestion: Potentially Useful Email Addresses

Here are a few additional email addresses that may be useful for contacting staff at Jetstar, Qantas and U.S. DOT (for complaints relating to flights to/from Honolulu):
1) Top Jetstar Customer Care Staff:
2) Jetstar CEO:
3) Qantas Chief Customer Officer: Note the absence of a period (.) between first and last name.
4) Qantas CEO:...

Honolulu horror start thanks to Shitstar

We had our flight cancelled ( engineering problems) hours before take off after already clearing customs and sevetal security checks to be left to collect luggage and make our own way back up to service desk and had to line up behind those who arrived well after us to be told no flights for 4 or more days and no certainty even than after initial excuse saying delayed 24hrs . Only option was to take a refund and rebook and be an extra $3000.00( with guess who Qantas!) out of pocket to get us there in time for connecting flights for rest of 1month US TRIP . Fortunate credit card could cover...