It looks like you will never fly Jetstar again

Jetstar Complaints

  • P.O.L.I tooki my money, no record of a booking

    Mike James

    Paid for flight by P.O.L.I, did not receive an email confirmation of flight. 1 hr 6 min on phone. Asked repetitive stupid questions. Told to seek refund. No, you find my money. Repetitively asked for booking number (did not receive) bla bla bla. I sent Jetstar a copy of the payment from my account, this is the reply
    Case ID CAS-1214874-V2Q5X1 
    Dear Mr Payne,
    Thank you for contacting Jetstar. I appreciate your effort in sending the documentation we requested.
    However, I’m afraid that we haven’t yet received it as we can’t find any attachments in the email you sent us.

  • JQ522

    Mobby Singh

    I took this flight from melb to sydney on 25 January at 7:40 pm. One of the staff came yo me and asked to show my borading pass. There were another person who was given same seat number. When i checked my boarding pass, there waswrong name on it. The crew started verifying with ground staff which in turn confirmed that i never bought any ticket frim them at first place. Luckily i had my receipt of payment which i showed to them. They finally came back and changedmy seat to 16 c, without checking that there was already a person sitting.

  • Cancelled flight in April 2015

    Paul Laneaux

    I booked a flight back in Decmeber on the morning flight, departing 29thApril. This is the best flight time as you arrive in Bali around lunchtime. In January, Jetstar cancelled this flight and sent me an email, my option was to go on a later flight. I found out that there is an early flight two days earlier, so I called Jetstar and got put through to an call centre outside Australia. I explained that I was originally on an early flight and the flight was cancelled by Jetstar, according to the call centre staff it was cancelled due to safety issues.


    Genevieve Bartlett

    Fri, 16/1/15

    We arrived at the airport in Bali at 3:30pm to catch the 6:10pm flight to Darwin. At 5:45pm there were mumblings from the passengers that the flight had been cancelled. At 6.15pm an announcement was made that the flight had been cancelled and that all passengers were to make their way back to the check-in counter. This meant:


    Genevieve Bartlett

    Travel date: 10/1/15 - Brisbane to Bali

  • Smoke and mirrors from Jetstar

    Chris Mcutchen

    Jstar crew,

    Wish I had a better message for you on this fine day in Bali but unfortunately not.

    As a QF Plat member I fly Qantas for work internationally on a regular basis. Booking a trip with my girlfriend with Jetstar to Bali I was relaxed and confident knowing that you guys have your act together... Or so I thought.

    JQ44 Bali to Melbourne 2.45pm 18th Jan - cancelled at 230pm. Reasoning: not enough staff to crew the plane. Rescheduled for 6am 19th Jan.

    1st problem - canceling a flight 15mins before departure is appalling and disrespectful to paying and loyal customers

  • Never fly jetstar

    Tammie White

    Being a single mum of two teenage girls 18 and 16 it took me a long time to save
    For our holiday. Travelled from Sydney to Brisbane and then Brisbane to Bali. . For some reason they could only
    Check in my daughters at Sydney all the way to Bali. But myself and my daughters bf were
    Told we had to check in at Brisbane . Well that was weird to start with. So of course our plane

  • Delayed Bags - Now I want them to Pay up the $40 delayed bag fee

    Jordan Wood

    I flew United from the States. I contacted Jetstar before I left, and they said they are partners with United and I could check my bags all the way through from SFO- San Francisco.

    United released my bags to JetStar in Singapore but they were never picked up. They sat in limbo for 4 days, until a colleague of mine - who knows the airline industry told them to look in a particular bag holding area.

  • no Luggage, no feedback

    Ludovica Tomarchio

    After 2.5h delay, near missed flight, lost luggage in Kuala Lumpur a letter to Jetstar - waiting for response and waiting and waiting….

    Dear Jetstar team,

  • lost baggage

    Urunii Rungatsakul

    On my way back Singapore to Bangkok on 29 November. My flight is 10.30 am. I arrived airport at 8.30 am. flight delay to 1.30 pm. no one told me about the delay when check-in or email notice. I almost the last person boarding, a guy stop me a few steps before entrance to the air plane. He told me that there are no space for my hand carry baggage it better load in the plane. I just gave him without asking tag. Until now I didn't get back my baggage and no contact back.

    If I had read don't fly before I will not fly this airline. What a shame.

  • Disappointing

    Mia Chaberman

    Extremely Disappointed in Jetstar. We travelled to the Gold Coast from Melbourne on flight JQ440, and couldn't have been more appalled. Before we even got on the flight, we had to stand in a cue for 55 minutes to check our bags in even after we had done a web check in... What a waste of time! Jetstar should really take a leaf out of virgins book when it comes to streamlining their checkin process(Virgin self checkin less than 30m away had almost no cue whatsoever) additionally, as soon as we got on the plane, we couldn't have been less impressed.

  • Ripped off by the website


    The payment screen was followed by the homepage after I clicked to submit the payment. So I try to go back and book the flight again and of course the flights I want are no longer on sale. I called the call centre and after an insulting $50 voucher offer (the difference between sale and non-sale flights was of course much more than this), they said all they can do is lodge a feedback form. Pathetic. And it's not the first time I've been ripped off by their website. If you have an option to pay with POLi and it doesn't work, then why provide it?

  • JETSTAR just... charged me TWICE !

    Laffin Thierry

    I bought tickets from Melbourne to Auckland for me and my family. -total :about 400 $)

    First try : The Jetstar payment window first said the credit card I used was not valid and urgend me to use another credit card.
    Second try : I use another credit card. It works

    But eventually, I discover that the account has been charged TWICE for the very same bookigng reference. on for each credit card.
    Despite the fact that I can prove my bank account has been charged twice, Jetstar refuses to refund one of the charges

    The most expensive air travel I experienced !

  • Don't fly Jetstar

    Tam Lindrum

    Mr Joyce has a lot to answer for and if he was running any other company he would be sacked.
    How can they say they have customer service? I have flown Jetstar both domestic and International as Qantas flights are removed from the routes I travel. Flights are cancelled or always delayed.
    You are treated very poorly when they cancel a flight you can expect a night at a back packers if your lucky!

  • Haven't even flown, and customer service is already appalling

    Angela Walsh

    Jetstar's customer service is beyond a joke. I just had a friend spend over an hour in regards to her flight to visit her terminally ill father. Absolutely disgusted with Jetstar's management. She received a text confirmation only to find out 2 days prior that they never received payment. In a "recorded message" to customer service their representative admitted that this was a Jetstar system error and she was never given the opportunity to rectify the mistake Jetstar had made.


    Jackie Duong

    So basically two friends and I decided to go on a trip to Queensland. Circumstances changed, and two weren't able to go, so I found another person willing to go with me on the trip, thinking it would be a simple $50 name change fee. But noooooo.

  • Hopeless

    Brenton Hales

    I flew from Melbourne to Adelaide. Pretty straightforward. Arrived in Adelaide NO luggage. Spoke to the Jetstar ground crew and he couldnt have been more non caring if thats possible. Anyway after several phone calls and emails Jetstar responded with "your bag has arrived and we'll deliver it tomorrow" Didnt arrive. Next day " your bag will be delivered today" and it did. Completely wrecked. My $600 Leather bag was ruined with a broken strap scratched all over and the tag holder broken.


    Gary May

    Following on from my first post (if you haven't read, I was due to spend Xmas & NYE visiting my Mum for my first trip to Oz, but had to cancel my plans due to starting a new job) so part of my trip was to visit the peacful island of Bali and get in touch with my spiritual side......but thanks to Jetscar I now need to book a buddhist retreat after pulling my hair out!


    Gary May

    I was booked on a trip to Oz for the first time to visit my Mum and we were due to spend Xmas in Perth and then fly to Cairns for New Year. Unfortunately due to me starting a new job I had to cancel my plans and miss my trip. Luckily my flights from England to Australia were booked through Emirates - who are a reliable reputable company and they have given me full refunds for these.


    Andrew Hill

    Fly Jetstar with the cheapest price and no customer service . My reaction to that is DON'T UNDER ANY CONDITIONS FLY JETSTAR. This is our horror story so you can make up your mind for yourself.

  • Cancelled flight

    Joe Rodriguez

    Jet Star, what a nightmare. I thought I would share my experience with you all in case you’re thinking of booking a flight with them. I received an email informing me my flight had been cancelled, no big deal I thought, if you fly a lot it’s bound to happen, what happened next though I was not prepared for.

  • Increase Fares While on 2h Hold

    Jason Tabrett

    I read a story on here during the week about a man querying his flight fares and after a long hold they changed the fares online so he would have to book over the phone where the price had been fixed in with a large booking fee. I've never had problems with Jetstar itself just the call centre and experienced it myself just now.

  • The Great Card Fee RIP OFF, choose an honest option instead (any other option)

    David Lee_2

    How can Jetstar justify charging $8.50 per person per sector on a booking for a debit/credit card processing fee..
    from their site:
    "A Booking and Service Fee of $8.50 per passenger, per domestic flight applies"

    I know that POLI and Direct Deposit and god forbid a Jetstar Mastercard has no fees but :
    Banks do not charge retailers for using a Debit Card and typically charge 1% of the amount for a Credit Card transaction.

    $39 flight x 2 legs = $78 Credit Card fee $17, total $95 to pay. Disgusting when the bank will charge them less than a $1 or nothing at all for this transaction.

  • It has been a nightmare, I am surprise they still in business!

    Morne Grundlingh

    It has been a nightmare, I am surprise they still in business!

  • Lied about upgrading.

    Rosie Sparkles

    We travelled with Jetstar over the weekend . After a good flight from phuket we needed to catch a connecting flight from Singapore (Changi airport) to Melbourne with a 6 hour stop over.
    At Changi airport after 5 hours we found out we were delayed another 6 hours. So our flight would leave at 0130. Having been up since 5AM we were a bit upset, however the delay was due to the weather so nothing to be done about it.The staff gave us a refreshment voucher worth $8 and sent us on our way to wait.