Jetstar Complaints


Haven't flown with my children for awhile so we went for a quick trip up to Gold Coast from Melbourne I was happy to have my family with me in flying and I approach the Jetstar check-in and I asked the lady for help I wasn't familiar with the procedure in scanning the barcode that I had on my phone the lady was standing at a booth doing absolutely nothing she looked at me I had a smile on my face and I was happy to begin my holiday with my kids she looked add me I was very politely asking her for some help she just pointed to the screens and said scan your barcode and your tickets will...

Bad customer service by ground staff phuket

Really had bad experience with ground staff lady "so called manager in charge" twice (at check-in counter and again by the same lady when passing through the boarding gate) yesterday 16 April 2018 evening at Phuket airport. Don't even feel like spending any more time to write what the bad experience was about. No more Jetstar in future is the only word. That's it.

Website dedicated to cheating clients

The Jet star website is disgusting. It is clearly designed to charge you as much money as possible , and create confusion. The lowest price is advertised, but all the "options" are automatically selected. All options have to be deselected. When a process does not work, the page reloads with all your "options" reselected.

When you realise your mistake- you call Jetstar and their delightful Filipinos tell you to get lost.

When you want to write a written complaint, you realise you are only chatting to yet another third country national, and your conversation is not being...

Flight changed due to airline error

I booked to fly Perth to Christchurch. At the last minute the flight was moved forward 2 days. I rang to find out why and was told there was insufficient time to transit to a second flight in Melbourne. I pointed out that this was Jetstar's error as these were the flights which were automatically selected when I booked. I advised that I was due back at work and unable to remain in Perth, so the flight was refunded, A last minute booking with another airline then cost me an additional $700 odd dollars. Even with the new flight I also needed an extra nights accommodation in Perth. The...

Charge excess baggage even if you have not used your allowance

Be careful when traveling Jetstar. They seem very happy to slug you excess baggage at the gate, even if you have not used your allowance. I was slugged excess baggage because I had carry on, including a laptop, which together exceeded the carry on limit. I saw others on the same line allowed to take out their laptop so as to not go over their limits. When I asked the attendant I was given a customer care card and told they can help me.

Even more frustrating is that I had 20 kg for checked in luggage which I had not used.

Anyhow.... lesson learned from me. The...



As most people that fly with mountain bikes know they typically come in around 23kg if packed in a commercial bike bag.

Most airlines have at least a 23kg weight allowance and typically don't apply any oversize changes to sporting goods. I have flown overseas and intestate with Qantas, Virgin, Air New Zealand and Air Canada with a bike bag weighing between 23 and 24kg when packed and never once had an issue having it checked as my included bag. It has always without exception been carried under the flight's standard included luggage...

wheel chair service

Booking Ref PF8SVM, flight JQ36
Due to two major back operations my wife requires a wheel chair as she can only walk short distances.
On Thur 5/4 on arrival her wheel chair was awaiting, as usual , in the past I have wheeled my wife but was told
by the Jetstar employee that due to thefts the policy was she had to accompany the chair and push.
We requested to stop at the duty free but was told if we stop she would leave us at the duty free and go back to the plane,
we proceeded disappointed.
Then at the baggage pick up, she then stated this is as far...

I will never fly Jetstar again

My wife & I originally booked a flight to Bali for May 2017 we had to change that date because my wife's father was diagnosed with cancer from asbestos (terminal) so I changed the dates to October and Jetstar felt the need to charge me another $170 ! then I had to change flight dates again due to my father in law passing away (funeral etc..) to May 2018 and was charged extra again. There was no EMPATHY from Jetstar at all !!
Yesterday I received an email from Jestar stating they have changed my flights to different dates in May ! which means now I have a sleep over in Melbourne...

Flying to Caines

I’m really need to put my air line ticket on hold that I have on Monday 2nd April The 24inches of rain is preventing me to travel to my area in Far North Queensland. I don’t have a date atm to change my ticket. I can get any proper answers from s Jetstar rep
My email my phone number is 0411850096. Will some one in Australia contact me please. Travel is Sydney to Caines

Jetstar is unreliable and "bullshitting" customers

My mum an elderly person was booked on a flight to return to Singapore on wed 25 March and was notified 2 days earlier that flight cancelled due to "engineering" issuesvand the options were via Sydney on a 19 hour journey...imagine a person of her age having to do this. We however booked her oN another flight JQ7 flying out at mid day wed 28th and received a text at 7.40am saying it's delayed till next day 2.30am!!!!!! This is absolutely terrible and unacceptable. I want a full refund for both flights!!! Pls share this and the way this arline treates customers is unacceptable esp older...

Jetstar Customer Care - Anything But!!

I had no idea this page existed. My flight was cancelled 24/03/2018. I was put on another flight. I left Brisbane Airport 5 hours after I arrived. As a result, I completely missed my 50th Birthday Lunch with visiting family and friends at The Star at Darling Harbour. I had to Live Chat Jetstar Customer Care upon my return. This lady, Mary Joy, was so unhelpful. She kept sending me Terms and Conditions Links in the Live chat but was not really listening to my complaint. Using phrases like "I understand" and "I'm sorry" but not resolving the complaint satisfactorily at all. Jetstar Customer...

Flight Cancelled Last Flight of Day - Not reimburse Hotel Costs to stay night in Sydney as result of Cancellation

I was on a flight from Syd to Melb - last flight of the day. 1hr before flight due to leave Jetstar cancelled the flight and put me on a flight to Melb the next morning. I had to quickly try and book a hotel for the night in Syd which cost $200. Before I made the booking Jetstar told me they would reimburse Hotel costs up to $150 but that they would not reimburse until after I had taken the flight home to Melb.
3 days later I went on line to lodge my claim for $200 hotel costs only to be told via a online assistant that Jetstar would not be reimbursing any $ for my nights stay in Syd...

Kansai Airport - Jetstar check-in team

This was definitely the WORST airport experience, or commercial for that matter, I have ever received in my entire life. At 7.40-45pm I enquired at the check-in desk (i.e. JETSTAR by the way) specifically what the check-in procedure was, how to do it and then proceeded to notify the receptionist that I would be back shortly to check-in my baggage. I accept my mistake for misinterpreting the check-in times but at NO TIME during my firm and almost repetitive conversation with the receptionist did she let me know that it was last check-in time. She only stared at me blankly and allowed me to...


Today, I contacted Jetstar 131538 to inform them of a scam re text message offer of $1 dollar return flights and basically they couldn’t careless they weren’t interested in referring the matter to their IT branch no kind of follow up yet the offer from Vidsource looked real, they admitted they knew of it poor response

$75 fee for 5kg

What an evil, stupid, mendacious company. I thought Ryan Air was bad but Jetstar was worse. I guess they're counting on naive overseas travelers not reading the fine print and having nowhere to leave luggage when they transfer from overseas flights to domestic flights. This has been our only bad experience in Australia. The overhead compartments were almost empty because of their ridiculous limits. I'm surprised the government has not stepped in as they must be hurting tourism. I'm surprised their poor employees have not all quit.

Purchased Seats Given Away

I purchased upfront seats on a flight from Singapore to Shantou. My seats were given away by Jetstar on both the outward leg and the return journey. It seems to me that since these seats have to be paid for, Jetstar could have collected the upfront fees twice. Has anyone else had this experience? It was bad experience, as the seats were for my elder parents and caregiver. The seats I purchased were together and aisle seats. The ones they allocated were separated from each other, further back, and non-aisle. Buyer beware.

What a total rip off

So.. Melbourne has 2 airports, as I now know.
Realising I had booked Avalon after studying the map I realised it was no good for the car hire and accomodation I had selected and paid for.
No worries, they have a within 24 hours of booking cancellation policy if your trip is over a week away.
Except they don't.
It's only for the US website,
Interestingly none of the pages relating to cancellation for the au site work, they have 404 errors page not found.
Apparently not only was it not the right website but my ticket is a starter ticket so is...

Delayed again

Normally I fly Air Asia. Always on time. Great service and pleasant staff
Second time I have flown Jetstar and yes second time my flight has been delayed for 3 hrs.
Seems to be too often, in fact every time I fly with Jetstar. Seems to be that they cancel flights to have a full plane load.
Get your act tightened before your competition overtakes you

Birthday ruined twice cancel hawaii

I booked over $2000 for my birthday flight to hawaii. A portion of initial flight was a voucher upgrade to buisiness calss. After a 5hr delay on first leg...which involved AFP..the second main flight to hawaii was cancelled by jetstar. They promised to refund entire i went home with ruined birthday...thinking i would at least get refund. A year later after much arguing i realised that i was going to have to settle for the voucher they gave me for $911. After they told me they refunded me musleadingly (they only refunded a small portion.) So i panickex and ised voucher to try and...

What happened in perth, stayed in Perth. This is Adelaide.

I went to Adelaide from Perth . Perth airport Jetstar customer service measured my baggage and got positive sign for carry on 3 baggages. We have family of 3 person including my 4 years one. We always need to take her little bag with full of necessary things like water and wipes and an extra dress. That’s it. My wife has a Vanity bag. So the Perth airport Jetstar allowed us to go. Nice. Now at Adelaide during returning, they asked me you need to weight all the bags including my daughter’s small bag and my wife’s vanity bag and they said it should be total 21 kg for all the carry on...


Have just watched every passenger be charged for hand luggage something wrong with their system if everyone thinks the same my ligand luggage was 7 kg yet charged a 60fee

Will never travel jet star again not good late departure and terrible airline and website was impossible to add luggage even if I wanted to
Very poor service is

Have been lied to about changed fare prices

I had to change my flight and add my husband as extra passenger I called jetstar and was told the $55 flight was now $90 for my husband (my son later told me that on line the fare was still $55) When I asked the Jetstar staff he said no it was now $90! A lie!!! Then my changed flight which was $139 was going to cost me $110 to change

The week before I had to change my flight for compassionate reasons I had paid insurance and was told I would have to pay $500 extra. The phone call was cut off and when I finally got through they told me the fare had gone up to $560 I said my niece...

NZer of the Year Kristine Bartlett charged $464 to change fare

A celebrated equal pay crusader has been stung by Jetstar with a costly flight change fee that left her "gobsmacked".

Reigning Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Kristine Bartlett was trying to fly home with a friend after accepting her award in Auckland when it became apparent they had booked the two return flights for the wrong month.

It cost about $464 to change the two tickets to the right month. Bartlett said she simply "couldn't believe" the costly price tag of making the change.

"I just about hit the floor," she told the Herald. "It's shocking. I could have...

Adelaide ground staff --

Flew from Sydney to Adelaide with Jetstar despite reservations about the airline (unable to book another flight at short notice). Pleasantly surprised as ground staff polite and efficient.
Return a few days later another story - service levels akin to the depths I have experienced in USA, Luton/London or eastern Europe. Bullying ground staff who take your bag from you and put it through the bag drop system even though it was under 7kg, flight delayed for over an hour without any announcements of information to waiting passengers. A bag weighing and tagging process which many...


Sitting at the airport in Christchurch, on time, checked in and ready to board flight to Wellington when the almost standard announcement is made that the plane is 20 mins late....I’m not surprised because it’s normal for Jetstar to be delayed. It does make me wonder if These guys know how to not be late? Seriously what’s wrong here? Do you realise the stress you cause when appointments have been made, people have been lined up to collect you from the other end and people have been up since 4am this make sure they dont arrive late.... we all know how punishing Jetstar staff can be when you...