Jetstar Complaints

It's official - Jetstar is the worst airline in the world !!

Well, all these posts have certainly reflected what we always knew but today's press is full of reports of a huge survey of airline travellers who rated Jetstar the worst in the world !!

If Jetstar Managemment don't listen to these reports then there's probably ho hope for them. Let's truly hope that they wake up and really start to try and make a difference. They surely must act now after the...

Thrown off a flight for criticising Jetstar

I arrived at the airport on that day for my flight from Sydney to Noosa and checked in and went through security and went to the departure gate. I was amazed that I got to the gate uneventful as that had never happened for me with Jetstar before, but I think it was because at that point Id had no human interaction with Jetstar staff. About 10 minutes before the flight was about to board Jetstar made an announcement at the gate that all hand luggage would be weighed for every customer and everyone had to queue up and get their carry on luggage weighed (about 100 passengers). As my hand...

Jetstar refused to provide me a receipt after I paid to JetStar on using a Jetstar flight booking number for purchased seats on Jetstar.

Here is the ACCC rule first, Mr and Mrs Jetstar:

Quote "Businesses must always give you a receipt or proof of purchase for anything over $75. If they don't, ask for one. You also have the right to request a receipt for anything under $75 and the receipt must be given within seven days of asking. A receipt or proof of purchase must include the: supplier’s name and ABN or ACN, date of supply, product or service, price".

But Jetstar refused to provide me a receipt I paid to JetStar on via PayPal using a Jetstar flight booking number xxxxx for my purchases of...

Jetstar Ruined our Easter holidays by cancelling JQ11 OOL to NRT

We meticulously planned a holiday with our extended family to Tokyo over the Easter break. As we don't live at the Gold Coast we had booked an over night stay at a B & B. We were all on cloud 9 excitedly chatting about all the things we had planned and booked in Tokyo as we sat down to dinner the night before. Then came the message... your flight has been cancelled. What a joke, the plane didn't have any problems - I call bullshit. They do this all the time and can't even be honest about it. We were so emotional and left 0 decent options so had to cancel the whole trip and then...

MAJOR FAIL Jetstar wants to ruin Easter holidays by cancelling JQ11 OOL to NRT

I got a text message last nght from Jestar saying that our flight from Gold Coast to Tokyo the next day (today) on April 14 was cancelled - I thought this was a joke. We had booked this flight about September last year and pre-paid accommodation and a 5-day hiking tour that starts on April 16. I got onto the live chat and was told to phone Jetstar - they didnt proivde a phone number and i couldn't find the number anywhere on their website. i had to google it. Eventually i got put through to someone who told me that the flight was indeed cancelled . what a blow to this holiday we had...

Late to Maroochydore

Had a meeting in Nambour yesterday at 10. Got the first flight to the Sunshine Coast. Leaves at 7, supposed to arrive at 915. Got on board the plane at 645. At 7 captain announce "Uhm, sorry but 2 people have failed to board so we have to unload their luggage. " ok, shit happens. At 720 captain advised "luggage unloaded but now we have to wait for paperwork". At 740 captainadvises "sorry but the ground crew have noticed a fastener is not done up properly and they ar investigating." At 750 "the engineers are fixing the problem". At 8 o'clock the problems fixed and we are going to leave....

Over sold

Arrived at Queenstown airport an hour and 20 minutes before my flight. Spent an hour of that in their check in queue, which was attempting to process 2 flights with 3 desks open. Got to the front and the supervisor was shouting anyone on my flight, I said 'me' and she grabbed 3 people behind me. I said 'excuse me, I'm ahead of those people', she abruptly told me to 'wait my turn!'.
They processed them, called me up to the desk only to tell me that 'the flight had been oversold and they would try to "squeeze" me on another flight'.
Another 40 minutes in their 'service' desk...

Cancelled Flight - Told to wait a week for the next available flight!

My partner and I were set to fly JetStar from Auckland - Melbourne - Darwin. After arriving at Auckland airport 3 hours before our flight, we see that our flight has been canceled on the screen (they sent us an email an hour later). After calling the JetStar number, the JetStar associate happily informed me that he would put us on the next flight to Melbourne IN A WEEK! I explained to him that it is insane to think you can strand someone for a week because of the company canceling the flight (canceled for maintenance, which is in their control). The next suggestion he gave me (after...

Jetstar Incorrect charge for changing flights and resulting in Overstay Costs in Bali

We are happy to advise that the incorrect and unnecessary change of flight charge of $492 plus the overstay fine of $60 we were levied thanks to incompetent staff at Cairns Airport, have now been fully refunded both to our credit card and our bank account.

We thank Jetstar Head Office - Aisha - Jetstar Customer Care Analyst 

Allan and Liene Prince
Palm Cove

Jetstar took money for seat confirmation but did not supply the seats paid for.

Booked jeststar flights to Bali in Feb.
3rd March confirmed seats on both flights and $32.24 taken out of credit card.
Arrived at the airport on 31/3 to be told that flight was oversold and no record of seat confirmation. Showed desk person copy of credit card payment
After some discussion with supervisor was allocated seats in separate parts of the plane.
Was told by desk lady that would have to go on website to get a refund.

Ritzee Anne: *Please do not share your credit card information, security code or CVV in this chat window.*
Hi, my name is Ritzee...

disaster trip with Jetstar

Never make a holiday booking with Jetsar, they are a disaster, in October 2016 I booked a holiday for my brother and my self to fly to Honolulu with accommodation for two room from 15/03/2017 until 24/3/2017 , we left on the 15th march and on the flight we ordered a ham & Cheese toastie plus coffee this cost $12.00 each and you must pay by credit card and they do not give you a receipt. I was sick for three days with stomach problems from the ham I believe was off, our friends who were on the same flight had coffee and when they put the milk in it curdled so the milk was off as well....


Don't fly Jetstar!

I booked Jetstar return tickets several months ago Melbourne to Byron bay over Easter 2017.

In recent weeks, I have received no less than 8 reschedule requests. Each reschedule request for a less convenient flight arrangement (eg instead of original booking flight on Thursday before Easter Jetstar proposed reschedule was Easter Saturday!)

This is in spite of THE ORIGINAL flight times as still been advertised by Jetstar as available ?? Albeit at greatly inflated prices.

To date, I have accepted 4 changes, made a complaint and resolved after...

jetstar wont allow my sons life saving medication to travel as carry on outside the 7kg allowance.

i would like jetstar to change their medication policy to allow my sons medication to be taken as carry on without it be classed as baggage. Both my son's requires life saving medication that is administered twice a week via intervenious injection. We have a trip booked to Thailand in July and require 6 weeks of medication and supplies to be taken at a cost of over sixtey thousand dollars for both medication and supplies that was funded by the state and federal govermnet. This medication is unavaliable in Thailand and is required to treat Haemophilia a bleeding disorder where both my...

Bali Overstayers thanks to Jetstar - NOW REMEDIED BY MOST HELPFUL JETSTAR STAFF

Further to our complaint re Jetstar causing us to become "Overstayers" in Bali, I can happily report that Aisha - Jetstar Customer Care Analyst  has been very efficient and helpful in refunding us the $492 we were charged to change our flight unnecessarily, and in addition has refunded us the $60 "Overstayers Fine".


Allan and Liene Prince
Palm Cove

Bali Overstayers thanks to Jetstar

My wife and I recently booked a return flight from Cairns to Bali departing 27th Jan and returning 28th Feb. We were aware that 30 days is the "Free Visa " period, but also aware that we could instead obtain and pay for, a VOA ( Visa on arrival ). A VOA enables us to extend our stay beyond the 30 day Free VIsa period. We have lived and worked in Bali as Resort Managers, so we are fully aware of this availability.
Our dates of travel were accepted by Jetstar and bookings were confirmed and paid for. However upon arrival at Cairns Airport check in, we were told that we could not board...

Newcastle airport delayed flight

Well sitting here at Newcastle airport still fucking waiting for our delayed flight by 3 hours which is now 3and a half hours waited for ever to see Adele but guess what no way are we going to see the beginning of her show let alone the first song!! Fuck!! every time this airline let's us down I say never again!!! but I won't forget this Time I'll pay more for the reputable airlines that's for sure!! Thanks for another memory fucked up!!!

humiliating experience

I was at gate in Melb and the most humiliating and upsetting experience with a woman on power trip

The woman said my bag was over (on original flight I had worn heavier clothes and also weighed bag to ensure in weight limit). I said I'd take heavy gear out and wear it I was told I couldn't do that. I also said I don't weight much compared to others can that help and she went off - saying I was discriminating - in front of everyone threw my bag off the scales on the ground and kept going on how could I say something against other people's weight - I actually wasn't saying that....


Hi all I wanted was change my flight dates 17-march/ 20-march,go Queensland ,
I want to flight on 5.jan to. 8.jan 2018, they are making a big deal, all I want is to change dates why are you's making such big deal cancellation fee all that rubbish.

Forced to sign luggage waiver before flight

I was forced to sign a waiver when travelling with skis in January. After making the booking, reading all the Ts & Cs, arranging connections, accomodation, etc. etc., I get to Tullamarine and I'm told "If you don't sign this waiver, you cannot fly today." The waiver basically says "Jetstar can completely destroy your luggage and you agree to do nothing about it."

This is illegal. Consumers should not be coerced into signing a legal document at the last minute, after having already purchased and agreed to all conditions. I had my ticket, the deal was done. But then I get...

Brisbane to Bali

It has taken me some time to get over the fact that when I flew to Bali out of Brisbane with Jetstar we were made to board the plane from the tarmac. This was Jetstars standard operation. Sadly for my entire family it was pouring with rain & we got soaked to the bone. No umbrellas or ponchos were offered. I was wondering if anyone knows whether the Dreamliner has an indoor covered gate or if Jetstar are still making us walk the tarmac prior to an international flight ?. Don't know why I am trusting them again.


Dear Simon,

Thank you for responding to our email. I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed with our response.

We're very much aware of the impact a disruption can have on our customers. When we alter flight times or delay flights, we try our best to minimize the impact on you as much as possible. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience it caused you.

I do apologise if our previous response failed to answer all your questions. I can confirm that your main concern here is on how we can improve our operations to minimize this kind of disruption.

We use...

Mr Simon M Smith Part 2 and 3

on disembarkation from this flight I asked the head cabin crew person for a specific email address so tht I could voice my complaint. It is

Part 2: Jetstar's response

Dear Si mon,

Thank you for contacting Jetstar. We’re very sorry to hear that you experienced some disruption when travelling with us recently.

We can assure you that punctuality is very important to Jetstar, and we put a lot of effort in getting every one of our flights away on time. We know how upsetting it is when things don...