Jetstar Complaints

Voice Recognition System is unbelievable

The voice recognition system when I call from Sydney is incredibly inept.

It disturbs me that they care so little about their customers that a customer can be stuck in a voice recognition loop for 5 minutes. There is no option to type in some answers. This is unacceptable. One of the worst investments I've come across. Most companies who invested in VR systems have discontinued their use (Optus being a good example) as they are so inaccurate and such a frustration to customers.

Stranded in Vietnam

Travelling with my wife & 3 young children is hard enough but when jetstar change your flights without consultation, then cancel your return flights after you have checked out of your hotel & have no accommodation- your dream holiday soon turns to the holiday from hell. To add insult to injury- jetstars response was " find someone else to fly with", which luckily we did- Vietjet, who unlike Jetstar actually do provide customer service.
I have reluctantly attempted to fly with Jetstar since ,stupidly thinking the isue may have been a 1 off- gues what Flight was cancelled 2 hrs...

$105 flight, $320 baggage fee

I am writing this complaint as I stand at the counter, facing a shady Jetstar agent who, after several refusals to pay the ridiculous fee, has lowered the charge to $160...more than the cost of the flight. They are making more money flying the cargo underneath the plane than the passengers inside. Not to mention there is a graduated fee per weight (more expensive for heavier bags). Which I guess is supposed to entice you to pack light. Needless to say, never flying with this company again. As I'm walking away, I'm watching every single person in line have the exact same argument. He also...

$105 flight, $320 baggage fee

I am writing this complaint as I stand at the counter, facing a shady Jetstar agent who, after several refusals to pay the ridiculous fee, has lowered the charge to $160...more than the cost of the flight. They are making more money flying the cargo underneath the plane than the passengers inside. Not to mention there is a graduated fee per weight (more expensive for heavier bags). Which I guess is supposed to entice you to pack light. Needless to say, never flying with this company again. As I'm walking away, I'm watching every single person in line have the exact same argument. He also...

Threatening behaviour by Jetstar ground and on-board staff

This was my first and LAST travel by Jetstar. Being taller, and more broad-shouldered than average person, (genetics, not obesity). Not to inconvenience other passengers, I paid for an aisle seat from Perth to Sydney (Qantas), Sydney to the Sunshine Coast and return from the Sunshine Coast via Melbourne, to Perth (Jetstar) . The outward journey was no problem.
On the return flight from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne (Jetstar), even though I kept my legs within the seat area, a staff member slammed, yes slammed, the service trolley into my right knee. She apologised profusely and...


Last time I will ever fly jetstar.

Been a Qantas frequent flyer for 20 years and have always tried to support our national airline and its "RUBBISH" affiliate in JetStar.

I Was in Melbourne returning to Gold Coast on Thursday afternoon - plenty of time to spare, to get up to Brisbane for a ACDC concert. Flight due to depart 3.55pm and land at 5pm. Flight departed at 5.50 for a supposed "technical glitch" and we landed at 6.50pm.
To add salt to the wound, we had to sit on the runway for 25 minutes because the bay that was allocated at Gold Coast was full. There were...

International Free Call

We're having phone issues and are currently stuck in Bali, unable to access jetstar emails as they have an email account linked to my phone that was stolen in Bali. Does anyone know of a Jetstar International Free Call number so we can change the email address they have and receive updated volcano flight changes?


My wife(on wheelchair)&I flew 3 Jetstar flights within one week,October 21-27,2015:
1.JQ735,October21,2015. 8.30-9.35am,Melbourne-Launceston.
Arriving at the check in desk an hour earlier,we were told that it was too late to take our own wheelchair to plane entrance door.So we used the airport wheelchair,which was alright and on the arrival there was a few confusion about the wheelchair delivery, but it ended up OK.
2.JQ744,October21,2015. 6.15-7.20pm,Launceston-Melbourne.
At the check-in desk we emphasized about our wheelchair at Melbourne airport.But when...

Jetstar's website problem became mine!

Below is the post I made to Jetstar's Facebook page- says it all!

Hi Jetstar, as per your rules I'm only stating facts here. Your website today 'encouraged' (your word) me to use Poli to pay for my booking for my flight tomorrow (Sunday). I did. When I hadn't received my itinerary I rang your call centre only to be told that my booking had been cancelled due to non-payment. My bank statement clearly shows you took the money out. According to my bank (thank you Kiwi bank for being awesome!) Poli doesn't process over the weekend and I shouldn't have been given the option to pay using...

Child and mother stayed cold night on street as Laptop and tablet carry on luggage

Jetstar staff at Gold Cast did not allow me and my eight year old to board our flight at 6:55pm as I did not accept to pay excess for my small laptop and my daughters tablet which were both in a small back pack. I told them this was not considered carry on luggage on my inward flight! They told me that auckland airport had made a mistake!
Jetstar delayed our flight for 5 days which we were informed after waiting overnight in cold outside gold coast airport on street! As the airport doors closed from 11pm-3:50am! A fact that I was not aware but Jetstar staff were!

At about 4am...

Harrassment and not following own rules by Jetstar Ground Staff

Complaint Filed: CAS-1400856-H0B8Q1

I have filed a complaint with Jetstar Pacific Hong Kong for flight BL679 who didn't let me and my wife board the flight. Due to this we missed our on-going flight back to London from Hanoi (Vietnam Airlines). We had to buy a fresh new 2 flight tickets worth £1266 GBP (Cathy Pacific) to come to London from Hong Kong.

I will start from where the problem started:
Problem 1 - BL679 was originally scheduled to depart at 19:55 on 26th Oct, 2015 but flight time was changed to 13:20 on the same day. I have to make changes to my travel plan...

Change fees - ridiculous

2 months prior to my flight, I need to change the date of my initial flight. Jetstar informed me that there would be a change fee of $80,-, per passenger. Even though all the passengers are on the same booking, and I assume the change is as simple as a few clicks in a computer system. It gets to the point where my initial ticket was 85$ one-way, but if I want to change the existing ticket it will end up costing me 112$ per passenger, yet when I book a new flight I can get it for 105$???? ARE YOU SERIOUS JETSTAR, stop being a douche and stop charging these ridiculous fees to change dates....


Hi i have just got back to perth from bali, two days after i was supposed to arrive here. On wednesday Jetstar cancelled my morning flight only after we waited in the airport from 9 in the morning till 2.30 in the arvo then we had to stand around for another 2 hours before they finnally sent us to a hotel. from this point onwards there was no contact from jetstar except the next morning when they sent a fax to the hotel for all passengers telling us our flight had been rescheduled for friday morning at 10am i went to the airport with some other passengers to check the validity of this only...

Norm Cameron

Posted to Jetstars Facebook page today :=
Thank you Jetstar for reducing my 14 year old Grandson to tears by refusing to board him and his sister on a Flight to Sydney until they each personally provided photo ID's as proof of age, despite them being accompanied to the Gate by their Grandparents. You were happy enough to accept an Adult fare for him too!! Shame on you. You need to teach your Ground Staff something about Tact, Politeness and Courtesy. Young Adults of 14 shouldn't be browbeaten or bullied in the same way your staff appear to browbeat and bully their older customers....

What a joke of a airline!!! Are they ever on time?!?

My partner and are got a sms 2 mins prior to arring to the airport in Bellina advising the flight will be 4 hrs late! Not only was this not cotrect as the time time changed to over 5 hours late!!! We finally land in sydney and you guessed it, we still sitting in the plane as they were not even able to sort out a parkinging bay! It's currently 10:40pm and after thos experience i will nesure i pay more to not have to go theough thos nonsense ever again! jetstar is becoming later and later.

Cancelled Flight

My husband and I recently flew to Hawaii. On the morning we were due to leave for Melbourne (12/9/15) I checked my email before we left for the airport only to find an email (sent at 11.40pm the night before) to say our flight home had been cancelled. There was no mention of another flight home. We rang the Australian office and she tried to say that we couldn't get another flight for 2 days. I explained that my husband was on heart medication and didn't have enough with us. She said that she had booked us on a flight the next day going via Sydney. She said we would receive a...

Jetstar cust serv !!!!!!????

The past 14 days ive booked 10 seats each time I have not been able to obtain boarding passes on line or sms so spent a lot ot time in Qs just now I rec travel tips sms but again no boarding pass for tomorrows flt they show no interest in helping... try working in the motor trade ans see what its like to be continually scrutinized on cust service ... GO VIRGIN

Thanks Jetstar for teaching me about customer service

As a gold Qantas frequent flyer I always try to support Australian airlines. Jetstar are cheaper so I'm willing to wear the subjectively unreasonable 'opt out add ons' that increase the booking time, and the per seat fee for booking the flight myself.

But I reckon there are a few fundamental requirements for an airline. For example:

1. After receiving my payment either book the flights or advise me that the flights cannot be booked
2. If the flights cannot be booked, offer a refund or an alternative flight
3. After agreeing to provide a refund, either do so...

Bundle Plus a rort - dont opt for it! (In fact just dont fly Jetstar)

when you go to make the date changes, which you pay the money for that privilege, it puts you on another heightened fare schedule, and does not offer the same lower fare as a 'normal' customer. Therefore you have to pay the difference. I am not asking for a refund on fare difference, but why should I pay more if same flight offered is same or cheaper!

Sydney to Brisbane Fiasco

Okay so we've all heard the stories..... I've flown with #Jetstar quite a bit without issue but when they drop the ball they drop it big time.

Booking a flight to Sydney for a weekend started ominously. The payment failed due to an "unknown issue" with the Jetstar payment system. Of course getting the money back from #jetstar takes weeks apparently ?.#wtfjetstar.
So we had to fork out more $$$ to book it again. Why can they not reverse the payment immediately ?.

Anyway, the flight down was ok and we spent the weekend in #Sydney which was nice.

We were...

Japan return for free, be very careful with the return date!

I booked a "Japan Free Return" flight departing Melbourne May 7 2016, however the online system caused me to book the return flight in the next month, I believe this was a trick.

The online system deliberately presented June 2016 dates for the return flight knowing that it would lead to mistakes so they could avoid providing the free return flight when people like me wanted to change it.

Also the online system does not show flight details on the payment page, obviously to hide any mistakes, so they can charge for changes or avoid having to provide a free return flight....

Jetstar charged me twice, refuses to help and they get to keep my money for 3 weeks.

I made a booking on Friday with plans to travel to Melbourne the week after, they charged my card which was fine but then they charged me again on Saturday!

I called their overseas 'customer service' and apparently they can't see the overcharged amount implying that I'm lying. Even if I'm right and they found out they overcharged me, it'll take 15 business days for me to get my money back...... to late to use that money for my holiday!

I call my bank and they say they can't do a reversal because the charges were on different days (well played Jetstar) they asked me to tell...