Jetstar Complaints

Total ripp off merchants

Booked 2 tickets from Brisbane to Sydney made a mistake and booked 8.45 pm instead of 8.45 am called jestar to get it changed expected a small charge for this however the price to change was $268 a total ripoff. the flight I wanted to change to had plenty of seats available but Jetstar wanted $80 a ticket to change and $54 dollars a ticket for difference in fare I would like to know how they arrive at this figure. Will never use them again their customer care is zero they are only interested in ripping people off. How much is the admin cost to change the time on a ticket for the same day...


I came back from on the 20th August 2015, flight 3K210 from Jakarta on seat 30C. I always book 30C whenever I travel to Jakarta on Jetstar I had my wallet in my back pocket and I always feel the uncomfortable bulge and as usual I put in in the back nettings of the my front seat. This is where you put your brochures and stuff. It is in seat 30B.

Upon arrival, I disembarked and forgot to retrieve until when I am out of the plane and when i try to go back, I couldn't find the plane. I asked for help from the security people and they are not of any help and asked me to go to the...

Minor - not assisted

My daughter was travelling alone (15 years old) - with moon boot on too! Flights cancelled twice, so 7 hours at airport for domestic flight. Due to mobile dying I had no contact.. couldn't get an answer from Jetstar. Daughter had panic attack. No staff helped. Incorrect info from Jetstar when I got through. They told me she had boarded - didn't believe me flight was cancelled!
Thankfully two other passengers assisted my daughter. Appalling service

Dr. Nicholas Al-Jeloo

I'm never traveling with Jetstar again. First, they have a strict 7 kg policy for all hand luggage, which is ridiculous. When I arrived to check in, both my hand luggage and personal item weighed more than this limit, so they made me shift items into in my hand luggage and then check it in. To be able to do that, I was charged a whopping fee of $165 - which I begrudgingly paid.

This has never happened to me in my traveling history, and I have travelled nearly each year since 2002 - sometimes up to three times in the same year - to over 25 different countries. To add insult to...

Additional Luggage, what a joke.

I thought we were getting a great deal when booking online for my wife, my daughter & myself - NO NO NO. All I wanted to do was add additional luggage to one passenger, the only option you get is to add luggage to ALL three passengers.
I immediately called customer service to add baggage to one passenger and they have a higher charge rate than online, why, because you are talking to a customer service representative and not booking online from what I am told by the Jetstar Service Centre........ Fix Your Systems Jetstar.. Simply not good enough.

Oh, I was also slugged...

OMG, I am an idiot!

You would think that after swearing off Nostar in 2014 that I would have leant my lesson. I didn't! I'm at the Coolangatta airport waiting for a flight to Perth. 7:20pm departure, oops the plane delayed, 7:50, oops the plane delayed (technical issue, just love that one) 9:00pm. We have 90 minutes and yes, I expect another delay. I promise that this time, I have leant my lesson.

Website defaults booking - Be very careful!

I booked a return flight on the Jetstar website.

When I went to pay I noticed I had been charged an extra $9 each flight for a carry on bag that was included in the price. I then had to negotiate back through the pages to remove this 'add on' and in doing so my return flight somehow changed and I did not pick it up as I was focusing on the total amount to pay.

I called Jetstar immediate as I was trying to obtain the last flight for that amount. I could not make any change as I was not the person named on the ticket. I had to then call the person and they in turn had to...

Jetstar took my booking knowing the we could never verify the credit card and knowing they would not refund the cost - FRAUD

I recently purchased a flight from Manila to Singapore and then Singapore to Manila on my credit card for my fiance from Philippines. It was only after the booking was made the conditions stated the original credit card would need to be presented at the gate for verification purchases. Of course this is not possible and they knew this upon accepting my booking yet took my money. Now they are saying they wont refund my money. I will be reporting this to the police as it is fraud from Jetstar

No seat available

Get to airport go to book in sorry no seats available for you as the flight was over booked can send email to say flight has changed but can't send one to say there are no seats left what a joke got as on the flight seperate seats well done Jetstar will never fly with them again

Jetstar still charging $25 credit card fee!

Jetstar doesn't offer direct debt to pay and instead offers a range of credit cards and charges $25 per transaction!

The RBA gave credit card companies the option to put a stop to it back in 2013.
Malcolm Turnbull announced measures to stop credit card transaction fee gouging in Oct 2015

Flight Changes

Jetstar recently had a promotion whereby children fly and stay free to bali departing Brisbane (return), which I booked. Unfortunately the only week I booked to go to Bali was the same week of my sons year 6 Canberra trip.

I rang Jetstar to ask about changing the flights and after three 40min calls with Call centre staff and three different quotes, I was expected to pay a change fee (fair enough) of $800 plus the original cost $1184, plus fare increase of around another $800 totalling to around $2700.

I went on their website and found fares for the dates I wished to change...

Still waiting on my luggage!

I am furious, on the 20th of March I was booked to fly home to Darwin from Melbourne.
Prior to boarding, I decided to use the bathroom and when I had arrived back the plane had not left but I was not allowed to board. I asked the ladies at the next what should I do, the response I got was "I dont know, book another ticket?".
That was no way helpful!

I then went up to the check in desk just before it had closed at the front of the airport and asked the lady to please help me get home as I had work the next day, she advised me that there were no other flights until the...

Tom hensley

We ordered snacks they came by and threw in our laps didn't offer water or anything to drink our meals were very expensive 24 dollars for a meal the size of a Frozen Meal That You Buy No I Take That Back It Wasn't Evan That Big very bad service oriented company I would not recommend this airline to anyone this was overseas flight we had paid top dollar for a very low rated plane trip

Ripped off because of a screw up with Jetstar's website

The following is a copy of a letter that I sent to Jetstar Customer Care, and as many Jetstar executives as I could find email addresses for (Note: Up to when this happened I was flying with Jetstar 3 or 4 times (return every month, and my staff another 6 to 8 times per month).

Dear Eduardo,

After having sent you 3 or 4 emails, with zero response, I suppose I should at least be thankful that you have finally found the courtesy to send me a reply, albeit with the same bullshit answer (or perhaps it was just my threat to begin posting the manner in which Jetstar has treated one...

The worst deal ever..!!!


5 of us were supposed to fly from Hi Chi Minh to Dong Hoi on 20th March at 2pm. After a 4 HR delay the flight was finally ready to leave at 6 PM. We waited at the airport for 4 hrs. At 6.30 PM another announcement says that the flight has finally been cancelled to "flight engineering problems". We made our way to the Jetsar check in counter all the way to another level of the airport where we had to convince them to get us to the nearest destination near Dong Hoi. We had made our reservation the next day to trek to the caves around Dong Hoi. What we were finally offered was to...

Thankyou for flying Jetstar.......

Many a time of flying with Jetstar I have heard the words, 'Thankyou for flying jetstar, we recognise you do have a choice'. Well after my latest experience with Jetstar, I have learnt that this can mean 2 things. Either they appreciate my business or I can exercise my choice to longer fly with them. I will be exercising my choice by no longer flying with them

Jetstar would have to be one of the most customer unfriendly companies I have come across in recent times. The management must be comprised of accountants who are more focussed on their bottom line profit than customer...

SMS boarding pass?

Flew BNE HBA BNE and could not get an SMS boarding pass for either sector.
Tried to ring after "Jess" was unable to send the sms and got a PHILLIPINES CALL CENTRE.( Language comprehension difficulties, using 10 words when 2 would do) Net result still no boarding passes after wasting 10 minutes on the phone. We'll be giving Virgin a go next time. Jetstar even charge extra if you want to sit beside your wife now! Not just cheap and nasty but tacky.

Date change, charged more than entire trip!!!

Hi guys,

Really disappointed, angry and gutted, will definitely be the last time we use Jetstar.

My husband tried to surprise me with our first trip away as a couple in June to celebrate my birthday and our honeymoon 18 months after the fact. So this was a really big deal to us. He booked flights from Napier to Auckland, New Zealand and back last night and after he paid for it all realized he'd booked the trip home on the wrong day. His mistake, no dispute there. He rang straight away to correct it. He was not told about any charges that would be made. It was only a minor...

lied to us

Waiting for delayed Hobart this morning. Ground crew said they would get us food and drink vouchers for lunch. They Didn't!!!! Cheap service. Because cheap flight??

Lied too

I have been on the phone to Jetstar this morning with a dispute that I had not paid for my baggage via PayPal ( they )Anton was quick to tell me they would ring pay pal to verify this , then came back to me stating that the Payment was pending !!! For starters I have since found out that they are unable to ring PayPal on my behalf , so this is not the case ! Also the payment HAD been cleared that same day ! Anton told me that I had to fix this up today via credit card I told him of my displeasure and told him I couldn't pay in which he told me I wouldn't be able to fly unless this was paid...

Another Jetstar shambles

I got to Christchurch Airport at 1855 on Sunday Feb 28 and was told flight had been cancelled. No apology given and was offered another flight at 1455 on Monday Feb 29. The Monday 1445 flight from Christchurch to Auckland turned back because of "bad weather" as the plane circled Auckland. Assumed that Auckland Airport was closed but later in the flight the pilot stated that basically they had to turn back to Wellington because unlike nearly every other plane in the queue they did not have enough fuel to wait a little longer. The plane refuelled in Wellington and returned to Auckland after...

Packaging ripped open by Jetstar

When I booked my flight, the advice on screen was that I was travelling from the international airport ""JQ759 Departs from and arrives at an International terminal". So I had to pack some wine for checking in instead of carrying it on, it's been fine before. Luckily my taxi driver experienced the same problem last month and prompted me to call and confirm it was in fact a Brisbane domestic departure.

The bottles were packed well with breakage protection inside the carton between the bottles and the carton was packed tightly in a padded bag with three fragile tags. When it arrived...