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Jetstar horrible rude at Singapore.

13 july we have a flight to Singapore with Lufthansa.
From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Lufthansa booked us wit Jetstar Asia.
The gate from jetstar was in a different terminal and a long walk .
We just made it on time but not get a ticket from this flight and online checkin was......Read Complaint

Really rude and disrespectful ground staff, she yelled and shouted at me in public for a mistake that's later found to be hers!!

On Sunday, 12 July 2015, my parents, my brother and I transited at Changi Airport, Singapore on our way to Surabaya, Indonesia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The boarding pass for our second flight (to Surabaya, Indonesia) was already given in Kuala Lumpur to us. Our flight to Surabaya was......Read Complaint

the worst counter service which I have ever experienced

I should check this site first before I screw my wife and my son's trip. the below is my case.

my wife and my son had booked flight from Osaka to Narita 11:55am-1:25pm on July 24th, in order to catch the Air Canada flight to Toronto at 5:00pm.
I Thought JetStar air was more......Read Complaint

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Never try to change your booking..

My partner and I booked a flight from Sydney to Melbourne over the phone.something I will never do again..however we finally got sorted only to find that my partners name was spelt wrong . This was fixed quiclkly . Then a circumstance occured that meant we had to change our flight date.......Read Complaint

refund run around

I paid for a flight in December via direct deposit and the reservation number was incorrectly entered. After numerous phone calls and multiple faxes detailing my bank account details they told me my payment would be reassigned to the correct reservation number and used to pay for the flights. On......Read Complaint

Jetstar is not value for money - too many problems

Late last year I booked jetstar flights for my family and paid over $2,500 via POLI, according to Jetstar they never received payment, the problems I had with the call center and finally trying to get some help from Qantas I still received no help at all. I had all the paperwork to prove that I......Read Complaint

Worst Destinations

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
New Zealand-Auckland
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)

Worst Origins

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
New Zealand-Auckland

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Flight got cancelled last minute!Read more

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Knowing first hand of how hard it can be to contact Jetstar and also seeing how many people get to this site when searching for a way to contact Jetstar, I thought it might be a good idea to have a list of contact phone numbers and email addresses people could try. These contacts may or may not get your through to Jetstar, but they may be worth a try.
I will also add more contacts as I learn of them.

Head Office - (03) 8628 3400
Jetstar "customer care" - 1300 360 933

Alan Jarman and his complaint about Jetstar's credit card surcharges.
Wait till you hear about the charges when he tried to use a $50 Jetstar voucher.
None of this will come as a surprise to regular visitors to DontFlyJetstar.

The smart people probably don't care about Jetstar's credit card surcharge as they don't fly Jetstar, but I'll post a link to it anyway.
excerpt from the page:
"These "booking and service fees" are ridiculous. Jetstar are the worst. They add on $8.50 per passenger per flight to pay by credit card -- hitting us with a huge surcharge for using the only real payment option they give us.

Most popular Jetstar complaints ever

Never try to change your booking..

My partner and I booked a flight from Sydney to Melbourne over the phone.something I will never do again..however we finally got sorted only to find that my partners name was spelt wrong . This was fixed quiclkly . Then a circumstance occured that meant we had to change our flight date. According to the Fare Rules included in the flight comfirmation it clearly states that changes can be made . Now all we wanted to do was change the date by one month.. same flight No ,same destination and same time. We found like so many others it seems that a $50 EACH non-refundable charge is applicable . There is absolutely NO mention of the amount of this charge and I guess like others we assuned that it may be like the $6 booking fee maybe a bit more.. but $50 is outrageous. I have been fobbed off......Read Complaint

The Unofficial Jetstar Refund Policy

After my long battle with the Jetstar Customer Rep, I decided to post this online so that Jetstar users at least know what they are getting into before calling for a refund. Here is the Unofficial Jetstar Refund Policy Guidelines:
- Offer of a full refund is not a commitment that Jetstar will refund your fare.
- After receiving the offer a full refund, you may call customer service to ‘request’ a refund.
- There are no defined guidelines that determine a refund request’s success.
- Jetstar’s decision is final and will be made known 15 business days after you make your refund request....Read Complaint


I have made a complaint via email to Jetstar and havent got any respose for weeks. Does anyone know head office phone number that i can call????

(Added by the site developer)
Seeing as this page is getting so much traffic, I thought I should edit this complaint.
Jetstar contact information can be found at:
How to contact Jetstar - phone numbers, email addresses etc...Read Complaint

Refunds for Japan!!!!

how bloody annoying

I know of 3 people - one travelling to japan in april the others on may 10th and may 20th...ALL called jetstar and were given refunds...

im travelling on the 14th and after speaking to maybe 5 operators and one supervisor...they would not grant me a refund.

i was as vocal as i could be...doesn't make sense to give other people refunds (esp those travelling after the April 18th deadline as noted on their website) and not me?

are the operators simply telling these people that a refund will be given just to get them off the phone?...Read Complaint

$270 excess baggage - disgusting

My grandmother was forced to pay $270 for excess baggage when she was informed at time of purchase that the ammount of baggage she had wouldn't be a problem. Will never be flying Jetstar again....Read Complaint

Jetstar left me stranded on an Island

This is my Jetstar horror story and the letter I sent to them, they replied to the office of fair trading stating they were in their rights of section 10.01, and believed their staff over myself and 2 family members and a family friend.I might add they refused to veiw the ctv footage or compensate me the 427 for my virgin ticket also I lost my fare back on the jetstar flight. Letter as follows:-...Read Complaint

Don't pay Jetstar by bank transfer!

I booked four tickets for my family on 16th January via Jetstar website. Fortunately, I saved a copy of the booking page and the booking number. I took Jetstar's advice from their web site and paid by bank transfer as I have an account in Australia. My bank completed the transfer the following day. I still don't have confirmed tickets and my booking has disappeared from their website. When I log in to my Jetstar account, there is also no record of my booking. When I phoned Jetstar it took twenty minutes before anyone answered (costly, even on Skype as I live outside Australia) The Jetstar representative took my booking number and said I should wait 7 days for my booking to be processed! I have booked scores of airline tickets over the years and have never had to wait 14 days to receive......Read Complaint

Nut allergy

I was totally floured when they started selling peanuts onthe flight. No airline sells peanuts any more with the number of allergies to nuts that is in this world today. I was lucky that the gentleman beside me gave his back an ate chips instead. This is the 21 century get with it!!...Read Complaint