I have made a complaint via email to Jetstar and havent got any respose for weeks. Does anyone know head office phone number that i can call????

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Jetstar contact information can be found at:
How to contact Jetstar - phone numbers, email addresses etc



Good luck. Don't expect any

Good luck. Don't expect any response. They have moved their head office to the Phillipines I have been informed (by a Qantas employee). No response is the way they deal with complaints. How to avoid this problem - never fly with them again and tell all your friends.

Ok. So their head office is

Ok. So their head office is actually in Melbourne. Only the Call centre moved to Manila (as of Feb). And should you get a number for their head office you would never get past the receptionists without knowing exactly who you want to speak with.

Also, they don't have an email address for complaints, so where ever you sent the email, It has not reached anyone. They have a customer care form on the website. Go there and make your complaint, or you could write in to the postal address on the website. I have worked with the airline (not as an employee) and no one is employed to receive your complaint unless you go through the processes explained on their website. but dont hold your breath , they must be the worst company out for customer service, they just dont know about it. maybe also send them a link to a training company they need some customer service skills. if every one stopped flying with them. they might get the picture i will look up the melbourne no i have , i have to find it

You don't need their number.

You don't need their number. They won't pick up the phone anyway.

need to correct you there

need to correct you there about nobody employed to receive your complaint unless it goes through the processes.

I would say nobody is employed to receive your complaint through any process.

I do get my letters responded to because I send the registered post, but they keep sending me blah blah letters , oh and to accuse me of lying. Cause we all know that Jester/jetstar always contact their passengers in a timely manner and keep them up to date with what going on. NOT.

good buy jetstar theres a new

good buy jetstar theres a new airline in town and they return emails straight away jetstar you have hurt too many customers strategic you will be the winners . look them up when you next fly

tim we have a problem with

tim we have a problem with Jetstar 2 we wrote to the General Manager stirred them up so write to him/her here is there address they did answer via phone good luck General Manager GPO Box 4713 Melbourne Vic 3001

send a email to

send a email to with your booking no# and a complaint and a contact number as that is how i got my problem fixed :) or the following emails :;;

evilhit did you get ant

evilhit did you get ant where before emailing these people what was the problem

Yeah how did you go with your

Yeah how did you go with your complaint EvilHit?

yea how did the complaint go

yea how did the complaint go EvilTwit??

I got a problem with booking

I got a problem with booking and always someone anwser phone in Phillipines-it is just explaing the problem to the wall

i cannot get hold of anybody

i cannot get hold of anybody I want to write to the CEO but nobody knows anythings or any numbers.
I did a booking online for 552.00 but they say they did not recieve the money by that Ipoli thing and the booking has been cancelled but they have still got my money and they say they havent. The people in Manilla are useless and I sent an email to all those email address posted and NOT one response. My bank are even finding it hard to get hold of anyone to get my money back and it is going to cost me $40.00.
Jetstar what a complete joke and we did not even get to check in!!!!

did you take a look at the

did you take a look at the page linked to from the front of

Hi all I know how you all

Hi all
I know how you all feel about jetstar,as on the 16 january i have purchased $6500 worth of tickets and still have not recieved anything fom jetstar and yes they do have all there offices in Manilla,but there is a Melbourne office wich i have managed to get the number through my bank,but i went through them saying there was no money in there account.I have now found out that they have cancelled all my tickets and it can take up to 3wks for them to refund your money.Ring Melbourne and speak to stacey im sure she would like to hear another complaint in regards to there over sea's employees. 03.86283400

Hi all, my complaint started

Hi all,
my complaint started in October while we were in Thailand, when trying to transfer to another flight to come home. Yes unfortunately it was inside 24hours just, but only for the first leg of the journey, second leg 34hours outside scheduled flight. Customer service refused to transfer us to next day and told us we had to pay for a new flight. 3 days later. No choice had to accept a flight which cost us $1829. They told us that there were no flights available all booked out. I could not access internet at time, but did the next day only to find the flight we wanted was still open for ticket sales. I could of booked through the internet that day and paid $1200 instead of $1829. On returning to Melbourne, we complained. They have told me these flights were only available to new bookings. So the Customer Service lied to us. Was not ours a new booking?, we did not get any refund, we had to pay with new money. They linked the new flight with our previous booking reference number even though we considered those flights gone. This is what they are clinging to. That is why they say this was not a new booking. Why couldn't they have charged us for the first leg of our journey and transfer the 2nd leg. This would have cost us including 1 nights accommdation $256 instead of $2300
I am taking this matter to VCAT. Jetstar are very dismissive with their emails and only send NO REPLY RESPONSE address emails to you, so you cannot continue a dialogue. They have told me the matter is closed.
We will see.
For anyones information H/o 473 Bourke St, Melbourne. Vic 3000 CEO Bruce Buchannan Ph No. I will try the one above and see if this works.

Wow Wow Wow, Look at all the

Wow Wow Wow,

Look at all the complaints!! Just how does this airline stay in business?
The best one of all is when you actually e-mail a complaint they write back saying 15 days it takes for a review.
They don't care one bit about people or people's feelings.
KARMA WILL GET THE BEST OF JETSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jetstar will be out of

Jetstar will be out of business soon.
They are losing more and more customers with this terrible customer service.

They failed to book our hotel correctly with the package deal and we could not check in Hawaii and we could hardly find rooms to stay and ended up with paying another accormodation fee.

Call center people will only kick you to another department...
Sent mail to David according to Chris's post , he replied immediately saying will review our matter.

Is there anyone tried tribunal and fairtrading to report Jetstar?
I claimed for fully refund and will keep going to tribunal if they refuse.

I am from the Philippines,

I am from the Philippines, going to Australia, first time to travel so my ticket was booked in Melbourne, my friend booked my ticket April6...flight on the April10, seems everything went well...after 4days they texted Australia saying that I have to be able to present the physical credit card to them once in Singapore? Is this for real? ticket paid name is there in the ticket duh!!! I am the passenger...and so Australia was so pissed off called Jetstar..they made a complain but the only option they suggested was i should be able to pay $500 once i get to Singapore to get to Melbourne..and I am ok??? fuck them all!!! this is total bullshit...i just didn't board the plane at all..just to say they dont want to refund the $1400...they are the scummest airline I've ever seen..they should have informed us about this bullshit within 24 hours...noooo they opted to inform us the last minute!!! grrrr