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My flight got cancelled 3 hours before due departure.

Ground junior staff said it by mistake that they over-sold our tickets - means to ensure the flight is full they sell more seats than they have to expect somebody not turning up. If all turn up, then cancel you!!! (Of course quickly the senior staff steps in and says it's due to the whether, but when the weather in Christchurch is perfect, they even express their fake care to your safety saying would you rather fly and risk your life. Treat you like kid)

Then you call the 0800 to listen to a long promotion to say how wonderfully they have treated you. After a long wait and going through a long list of questions, including your cellphone number, the line was just cut off and not call back. Then you call again, they go through the same, then cut you off. Of course the third person cuts you off after talking to you for 5 seconds.

At the end they offer you the same and doesn't care whether you have an important meeting. Plus they mislead you when you transfer your ticket. They should change their name to Je*kstar

New Zealand-Auckland
New Zealand-Christchurch