Flight attendants poor behaviour

Good afternoon, my names Marcus. My partner and our 6month old baby just landed in Newcastle on flight JQ483 from Brisbane. Both myself and my partner are avid Jetstar passengers and have chosen you above anyone else traveling interstate and internationally on multiple occasions. But today we are extremely disappointed in the behaviour of your flight attendants.

Upon landing, our child was asleep in my partners lap, the seatbelt sign went on, and we began fastening my partners seatbelt, as well as the attached seatbelt for our child.

When the last inspection was carried out from your attendants, the blonde attendant (which I did not get her name) assisted us as she believed it was not done properly. At further glance she was correct, it wasn't done right and we appreciate her concerns and her help.

But what happened next was highly un-professional and highly out of conduct.

She began talking to her co-worker about how rude my partner was, how she rolled her eyes at her, how she can't believe we wouldn't look after our child and do the seatbelt up properly.

As noted before, we appreciate her helping us us this was the first time we have traveled with our child and did not know how to strap both in, but her comments and behaviour was highly unacceptable. She may aswell have said we are bad parents.

When hearing this, I turned around and said " I can hear you and that is extremely unprofessional " as then the talk fizzled out.

Upon landing, the blonde attendant was the first to jump up and walk to the front to avoid consultation. Her co worker wasn't us lucky as I asked for the blondes name, she didn't respond, i told her once again how unprofessional it was, she replied with

"She was doing her job"

I agreed and said

"yes but talking behind our backs bad mouthing us isn't your job "

She had nothing to say.

I'm never one to complain, I have never written to anyone like this before, but the way she made us both feel not only as passengers and customers of Jetstar, but as parents was gut wrenching.

We simply want your flight attendants of this flight to know that there behaviour is highly unacceptable. We wish to continue using Jetstar into the future, but if this doesn't get taken up you will loose 3 of your most valued customers.

Thanks for your time.