Flight cancelled 7.5hrs prior, 10hr wait at airport

Firstly my issue is the flight to our holiday, the air hostesses were rude and nasty, the plane had a horrible odour and the flight was FAR from comfortable.
Finishing our holiday and heading to bed early for a 4.20am hotel to airport transfer, at 10.30pm we received a text saying our flight was cancelled, tried to login and change flights but everyone I chose was already booked, the earliest was 2.40pm.
As it was 10.30 at night we could not change our transfer as they were closed, contacted Jetstar to speak to someone and explain we had a transferred booked and paid for and getting to the airport with a 3yr old and waiting there for 10 hours just wasn't suitable, they were not helpful basically told me to choose the flight or get a refund!!! So exactly how was I going to get home???? Pay top dollar at another airline, hope to get an earlier flight then wait 15 days to be told nope no refund given!!! I don't think so, in the end we had to go with the 2.40pm flight arrive at the airport with a 3 year old and wait the 10 hours. Not once did they go out of there way to help or accommodate, in the end they had our money and that was it!
Spoke to a lady who was suppose to be on the same flight that was cancelled, she had booked through a travel agency, she was offer other times and airlines than we were offered and got a Qantas flight at 9am, we never got that offer even when login online.
Once on the plane we were seated in seats that still had food on them, there was rubbish on the floor and there seats need a make over, the magazine rack was falling apart and kept falling on the floor, the seats reclined but wouldn't go back up again all the way. Arm rests and table was sticky and messy, overall the hygiene of the aircraft was not maintained at a high standard!!
We are thoroughly disappointed with Jetstar and will NEVER fly them again, we will not recommend them to anyone.
They say customer guarantee.... Surely that should finish to be disappointed.