Issue with plane, 15 hours waiting in lines... not on a flight again till tomorrow with a different airline

After checking in at 4.30am, I am now back in my family home at 6.30pm, were I started 14 hours before, missing a day at work. Using my annual leave to sit in an airport.

Our plane had an equipment issue, so the flight was delayed 30 mins, then 1 hour, then till 2pm. They promised 2pm we will fly either with that plane or a new one.

2pm came around... nothing NO COMMUNICATION, just one $15 voucher which isn't even enough for a meal.... after many many minutes with the Jetstar just looking back at us with no answers. They said our flight was cancelled. And we had to go back through customs, give back our duty free and line up to re-book our flights.

This all happened with Duty Free and Customs were dealing with three flights coming in.They had all day to get us through customs when no one else was around... why did they decide then? So we stood and waited, got through customs, got our bags and lined up again for new tickets. From 2.30pm till 6pm I stood in a line that did not move. When it slowly started up a hand-written list with names on it was passed down the line. If you name was on it, you were on a flight to Melbourne leaving that minute. The hand written letter did not explain this at all. Customers had to go down the line and explain it to its fellow customers.I felt so sorry for peopel who did not have english as a first language. Not that it really mattered Jetstar staff weren't talking.

As the line slowly moved, customers would explain afterwards to the rest of us what Jetstar was doing for them, not once did the 3 staff get up from behind their desk and explain to us what was happening. Families with young child were at the back of the line, no one was given any special treatment.

By the time I got to the front of the line, there was a flight tomorrow via Melbourne, getting me to Sydney at midday OR a flight leaving at 4pm . Both with different airlines.

So for me ANOTHER day off work.

There was no sorrys, explainations NOTHING! I will never fly JetStar again

New Zealand-Christchurch