Left elderly parents high and dry

My elderly parents (both in their mid 70s) were flying from Brisbane to Sydney on a 6pm flight (JQ821) that departed from gate 38 tonight (Oct 19). My mother was sitting at gate 39 (opposite) and my father was having a cup of coffee - in a coffee shop nearby. They arrived at the airport and checked in around 5pm. They somehow missed the initial boarding call and were patiently waiting. Their names or final boarding was never called. My dad then received a phone call from a Jetstar representative asking where he was. He told them he was having a coffee near gate 39. They informed him that he was very late and he needed to get there in the next couple of minutes. He immediately got up, got my mum and went to the gate … and the flight had closed. Why would you bother to call someone and then not wait until they got to the plane? They were sent to “customer service”, put on a 7.20 flight and charged a further $100. My parents live in Wollongong, which is a nearly 2 hour train trip from Sydney airport. They will now be getting a 10.35 train (if they make it) which means that they won’t be home until midnight! The “customer service” desk gave them a card with your “customer care” details on it. When I went to this site, my only option was a live chat. Really? You expect 70 year olds to live chat their complaint!! Oh, of course you offered an address so they could MAIL you a complaint as well … how ridiculous!!! I tried your live chat, only to be told that as I was not “authorised” to access their account, I couldn’t actually even make a complaint!!!! I found this address through a very helpful website called “don’t fly Jetstar”. Clearly I’m not the only one to find myself in this frustrating position.