Making light of Terrorist Threats against Australians

As you may be aware, on 18 March, 2012, an event which occurred in Bali resulted in the Australian government raising travel warnings to Bali to high risk. On the news and in newspapers, a request was put out asking Australians to reconsider their travel plans to Bali in light of the events. Myself and a friend are booked to visit Bali on March 31.
I called the Jetstar customer enquiry line on March 19 to enquire as to the possibility of changing the flight destination (NOT getting a refund). I had already looked online and was aware that for a cheaper fare, I could purchase return tickets even at this delayed time to Fiji, with Jetstar. The gentleman who answered the phone stated that they had not heard of any such risk, and that if I sent an email to the Feedback site, I would have a reply within 48 hours. Being aware that I had limited time to change tickets, I did so, and waited the 48 hours. No reply.
I once again called the customer enquiry number. They once again stated that they had not heard news of any such threat. I informed them that it was on the Australian government travel advice website, as well as on the news, and in most newspapers over the last 3 days, so cannot understand how this is possible. I was placed on hold for 5 minutes, then they lady serving me, came back to the phone call and stated that there was in fact notification of this, however they were advised that this threat was only until March 27, and that tickets for flights leaving after this should not be considered for exchange or refund. This is completely ridiculous. There is nothing magical that happens on that date that removes the threat, and given the significant loss of Australian lives 10 years ago in similar circumstances, I feel that the airline should take such a threat more seriously.
I was put through to a supervisor who was frankly rude, obstructive, and offered to reroute the flight to Fiji for a cost of $2800. She refused to think this was unreasonable, even though I was able to purchase flights to Fiji for only $850 return. After arguing with me for about 10 minutes, she finally put me through to her manager, who stated she would send a message to head office and call me back tomorrow. I suspect she may call back, but also presume she has no intention of following this matter any further, and I have no guarantee of her actions.
I find this appalling. This is not a call stating "I just feel like changing my flights for the heck of it and you should accommodate me". This is a request for a change, NOT a refund, based on government issued warnings about a potential terrorist style attack on Australian citizens in Bali. This is no laughing matter. It wasn't when the 202 people were killed in 2002, with the major subgroup being Australians. It still isn't to those who lost children, siblings, parents, or partners in those attacks. I am absolutely disgusted in the blasé way in which Jetstar take such threat and subsequently deal with their prior loyal customers.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)