Over sold

Arrived at Queenstown airport an hour and 20 minutes before my flight. Spent an hour of that in their check in queue, which was attempting to process 2 flights with 3 desks open. Got to the front and the supervisor was shouting anyone on my flight, I said 'me' and she grabbed 3 people behind me. I said 'excuse me, I'm ahead of those people', she abruptly told me to 'wait my turn!'.
They processed them, called me up to the desk only to tell me that 'the flight had been oversold and they would try to "squeeze" me on another flight'.
Another 40 minutes in their 'service' desk queue, a $20 refreshment voucher and off home 4 hours later.
Never again. Incompetent, rude and tacky

New Zealand-Queenstown
New Zealand-Auckland