refund to take up to 3 months -

email i send to jetstar:

I am writting to complain regarding an online transaction i did and apparently there was some technical problem with the website and i was charged twice by Jet star. Upon realizing that I was charged twice I contacted Jet star staff immediately Mr Jeremy he inform me that it was best if we cancel both booking and I make another booking and later pay for my fare at the airport. He later then told me he will cancel both the transaction and I should contact the bank. I contacted my bank and was told that they need a simple confirmation in form of email or fax to say that both the transaction declined and cancelled. I called the second time and spoken to a Mr Peter and he had a hard time understanding what I needed for jet star to do to help me. Peter kept repeating that jet star did not take my money. I kept telling him I know jet star did not take my money however the money is floating in my bank account waiting for jet star to claim it. According to him both itinerary has been cancelled and i should get my money back from the bank. Still unsatisfied i spoke to the customer service manager Mr Lucas which then offered to speak to my bank to claim that the transaction was cancelled and there was no money collected by Jet star. Lucas then proceed and spoke to the bank and confirmed that he has spoken to Jet star merchant bank which is Citibank and Citibank has confirm they will not deduct my money and the problem now lies with my bank for not wanting to let go my money. So like a fool I now called the bank and the bank to me if there is no confirmation from jet star that itinerary was cancelled they cannot proceed. Hence I am again left with no choice but to wait for the email of the cancelled itinerary which Lucas claim ha had sent to 5 times. Today which has been 3 days later I have not received any email from Jet star and my money from the bank which was floating has already been deducted. ?????????? How can this be when 3 person including the customer service manager claim that my money was not taken by jet star because itinerary was cancelled. Despite all this I have to fork out another SGD 390 cash to be paid at the airport. Total I have to pay SGD1297.80 for a return trip to Jakarta which should cost me no more than SGD 400 usually.
Now I again called jet star and spoke to Mr David with staff id no sdhu01 who told me they are sorry about this and what I should do now is fax my account summary to jet star in Australia and wait approximately 3 month to get my money back. WHY do I have to fax my account summary??? Jet star have taken my money and they need me to prove it??? U telling me jet star not sure if they taken my money or are you guys just making things so difficult for customers in the hope they give up and you guys get our moneys????? I then offered to email my account summary as I do not have a fax machine at home or a printer. Your customer service officer said this I have to sort myself.... How is this possible such a big organisation who give customer email confirmation for their confirm booking thru email do not allow customer to send an email to them???? How is this possible??? Why is jet star making things difficult for me? All I want is my money back fast..... I am not asking for a discount or a free ticket. This is absurd and ridiculous. I am sure there is definitely an easier way to resolve such matter unless Jet star do not wish to have my money returned. I am certainly bringing this complaint to case and the Singapore police as i am not sure if my voice is heard in this feedback .
This news article was found in a website dated 20th Feb 2010.
Jetstar has pledged to give its passengers what they paid for and compensate them if it doesn't.

The Qantas offshoot has launched a new 10-point customer charter it claims is the first in the aviation industry in Australasia and southeast Asia.

The customer charter
1. Your safety is our highest priority
2. We commit to provide the lowest fares with our 'Price Beat Guarantee'
3. Our team are always here to help, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
4. We'll let you know your choices if your flight is changed before you travel
5. We'll keep you updated and provide options if things don't go to plan on the day
6. You will get what you paid for
7. You can have confidence in how quickly we will respond to an issue
8. You can have confidence in how quickly we will refund your money
9. We share your passion for protecting our environment
10. We commit to the privacy of your personal information

Jetstar has promised that if it breaches the charter and a customer contacts the airline, Jetstar will provide affected customers with travel vouchers valued at $50 to $100 in local currency for each breach.