Should Jetstar be fixed?

My partner and I flew Melbourne to Launceston (return) on Saturday J733, flight was supposed to leave at 8:45am, we boarded at 11:45am. It took Jetstar almost 2 hours to find hardcopy manifests so they could board people manually... you would think that a company the size and with the experience they have, there would be a procedure or process in place for such an eventuality? Apparently not!!! I would have thought a hardcopy manifest would be a given with and available for check in staff for every flight?

This as previously stated to you was a day trip, original return flight was at 10pm, Jetstar changed that to 6:15pm reducing our day trip by 4 hours, then the debacle yesterday further reduced that by another 3 hours.

1. Your staff (‘Brendan’ – Melb Airport - in particular) was rude, they stood around like shags on a rock, calling out instructions (not using PA). The shift Supervisor (‘Jackie’) was about the only one who knew what needed doing, there was a guy from head office (William Hansen?) who was standing there looking like he had no idea what was going on or what to do and also not willing to make any decisions.

2. Return flight – when we arrived at Launceston we went to the check in desk and checked in for return so we wouldn’t have to rush back and have more time to do what we wanted to do down there, we asked the question – would there be a delay because of the delays that happened in the morning, the response was no, you need to be here 30 mins before and on time. We arrived back at Launceston Airport at 5:45pm, looked at the flight screen and found that our return flight was delayed and wouldn’t leave till 7:00pm, we could have had dinner instead of hanging around in an airport lounge.

3. Regarding your ‘Friday Fare Frenzy’, if the general public actually sat down and read all the conditions they would know that a $45 fare is not a $45 fare, because Jetstar say they have the right to change any part of that booked flight and charge an admin ($70) fee, so then the $45 flight becomes a $115.00 flight , just a little bit of false advertising? You would say no because of your conditions, but are your conditions allowed for in the Trade Practices ACT? Just a thought.

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