A Waking Nightmare

I was very excited to be flying to Christchurch to see my boyfriend after 1 month apart. My flight was to leave at 9pm on the Friday. It actually left at 1.30pm on the Saturday!!!! At first they kept pushing the flight back hour by hour by hour. Midnight came and went, the airport crowd thinned out, Air NZ flew to and from Christchurch 3 times. Out of boredom and frustration my fellow passengers started to consider forming an angry mob. Jetstar decided to cancel the flight at around 1.00am. The check-in counter people were defensive and not a bit sympathetic - they sat there chewing gum and giggling. There were elderly people and people with babies and they were not looked after at all. Jetstar staff assured us all that we were all booked on a special flight at 12.25pm - it would not be late, it would not be cancelled. It wasn't cancelled but it was delayed twice. Yes, I made it to Christchurch eventually - but I was sleep-deprived and in need of a stiff drink. And to round it all off nicely - Jetstar cancelled my return flight.
Never. Again. Ever.

New Zealand-Auckland
New Zealand-Christchurch