2 Cancelled flights in 1 day! Fri 22 April 22 hrs Sydney to Melbourne

My Easter trip to Melbourne was screwed up by Jetstar. Had booked a return flight Sydney to Melbourne on JQ35 at 3.15pm Fri 22 April.
Checked in nice and early at 11.50am as at Sydney Intl terminal. Initially flight was then delayed to 16.25. All queued and waited...and waited. No communication until a sole rep at the gate told us that the flight had been cancelled due to "Staff shortages". Directed to collect our luggage, clear customs and check in again for other flights.
Ok, flights get cancelled, no biggie. However, we all schlepped up to Jetstar check-in again, formed an orderly queue and the check-in staff were in chaos.
First they told us to re-queue on a different side - we all stood for an hour before they started announcing names that had been pre-allocated to flights.
I had been allocated to a 9.50pm flight to Avalon! Not happy, but there was nothing whatsoever I could do.
Made my way across to Domestic terminal and checked in and waited.

You can anticipate the rest of the story! 9.50pm came (eventually) and no plane was at the gate. In fact, there were more police there than Jetstar staff -so I guessed something was up. At 10pm we were told that the flight was cancelled "due to someone pulling on an emergency cord", whatever that means? Sure enough, passengers were in uproar, as many of us had been transferred to this clearly non-existent flight.

We has to queue up again and I got put on a 7am flight to Avalon.

So, how can Jetstar manage to cancel 2 flights in one day for the same trip? Why such non-communication and why leave us all stranded for 12 hrs when there clearly was never a flight at 9.50pm that day :-(

We have been offered $100 voucher in compensation -big deal. One flight cancelled, ok shit happens, but 2? I'm just so dumbfounded I don;t know what to do.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


You got enough others

You got enough others impacted to start a class action ?

Umm clearly the 2nd flight

Umm clearly the 2nd flight wasn't canceled or they wouldn't have put you on it. As you said yourself, there was some emergency cord pulled and whether it was accidental or not, there probably needed to be an incident report/investigation done etc. You were purely unlucky. Nothing else.

Clearly the second flight ws

Clearly the second flight ws cancelled as they were NOT put on it. Jetstar needs to learn that it needs to please its customers. US airlines are working that out rather quickly. The bad airlines loose customers. It is estimated that for every customer that stops flying an airline that airline loses between 30,000 to 200,000 in revenue.

@ Anonymous - I fail to see

@ Anonymous - I fail to see your point here and why you choose to put it down to purely bad luck rather than bad management etc. As I stated, it was known well in advance that the 9.50pm flight would not be operating -why else would there be so many police called there well before 9.50? We should have been told this way in advance of the flight time.
There was never a plane at the gate, no passengers disembarking, no news report of such an incident (emergency cord) having occurred etc.

Maybe it happened at the

Maybe it happened at the previous airport and so it never could male the trip to Sydney. They may not have known I was cancelled until say an hour before your departure.

Anonymous - you sound like

Anonymous - you sound like the social media rep for Jetstar! Why not fess up and tell us all what happened to the flight(s) then?
As far as I'm concerned, its simply awful customer service to be screwed over twice in one day -remember, we all had to re-queue and rebook 3 times here,(on top of checking in 3x!) amidst chaos and staff who also were ill advised and under staffed.