22nd July 2011 - Flight JQ980 - Brisbane to Perth - 14 hrs of HELL!!!

‎22nd July 2011 - Flight JQ980 - Brisbane to Perth with 8pm departure. I was travelling with my 5yr old twins. Ended up going via Melbourne to 'refuel' WTF?? Then aborted late landing into Perth, due to fog (as we were late from going via Melb). Circled, then flew to Kalgoorlie, and was told nothing ... Sat on tarmac for 3 hrs, before being told there were no stairs high enough to get us off plane. Then was told we were being taken to Adelaide. Finally landed in Adelaide after 14 hours on that plane at about 6am!!!! Told to go to checkin desk along with about 5000 people. Stood in queue for 4 hours with my 5yr old twins, then went ape at them and got a room in Adelaide. I could go on for hours about all other details including blocked toilets on plane, no food available and surly staff. Had a very stressed family awaiting our arrival until 2am. No communication. Stayed in Adelaide. Called Jetstar call centre and was on hold for up to an hour about 3 times. Was told we were booked on an early flight following morning. Got to Adelaide airport early following morning, only to find we were not booked on anything!!! Went ape at checkin desk again, and they immediately put us on a Qantas flight ... Took us 48 hours to get to Perth from Brisbane in the end. Terrible company, with no concept of customer service. If you have a choice, don't fly Jetstar, they are horrible all round, take a bus instead. You might be lucky and have a good experience, but if things go wrong, they fail ... badly ... I never bothered complaining, as wanted to put this horror story behind us. Thank you social media for giving me a voice! Jetstar should compensate me, though will they?




Ummmmm .... Still waiting

Ummmmm .... Still waiting .....

Ok, so nothing to say

Ok, so nothing to say Jetstar?

Alex, sorry to hear of your

Alex, sorry to hear of your troubles. Sorry, but not suprised.
Jet Star are nothing but a poor excuse for an airline; full of bogans and cheap whores who wouldnt know customer service if it bit them in the arse.
You wont get a response, sorry.
They know theyre wrong. Theyll never address your complaint.
In short, theyre cunts.