The biggest rip-off of all time

Dear Jetstar team,

I am writing you to lodge a complaint regarding extra luggage charges that I was forced to pay when I checked in for my flight JQ603.

When I proceeded to the Jetstar desk at Sydney Airport on 02/06/2017 / 5.15 am the customer service ground staff informed me that I had to pay extra for my luggage since the weight of the oversize item (my surfboard) was meant to be equal to the weight of the purchased luggage.

This policy being extremely confusing and unclear, I told her in good faith that while making the booking on I thought that purchasing a piece of luggage + an extra oversize/sports item meant that my total weight allowance would be 15kg + 15kg = 30kg.
My board bag was 12kg and my checked luggage was 13kg = 25kg total.

The ground staff member seemed quite amused when I told her I was absolutely confused since I clearly thought that my pre-purchased allowance would cover 30kg for a total of 2 pieces of luggage.
Despite my request not to charge me for excess luggage since I had even called your customer service hotline while making the booking to ensure I was doing the right thing, she then proceeded to charge me an excess of $235.00

I checked in on that day at Sydney airport 2 hours before departure and that ‘fine’ was almost twice the cost of return flight to Melb Avalon ($ 128.00).

I was in total shock as you can imagine and tried to explain her that I wasn’t aware of that at all, otherwise I would have booked the adequate weight from the beginning, and I thought that I had done the right thing.

I then asked if I could pay for the additional weight as I would have on the website explaining that everything was really confusing and that I absolutely didn’t realise the whole policy of weight for checked baggage and oversized item and as a customer feedback that if they could have a clearer description of it that would avoid situation like this one .

She was again quiet amused by what I was saying and I found it really annoying to be made fun of in front of other customers.
As a Qantas and Jetstar regular customer it was an extremely frustrating experience to be treated like a fool when I was already stressed by this unfortunate situation and couldn’t believe she was trying to charge me almost twice my initial fare for a misunderstanding and unclear policy in my opinion with checked baggage and oversize luggage .

As a loyal Qantas Airlines and Jetstar customer I am hoping you will do a gesture to regain the faith of a loyal customer.

Qantas is the spirit of Australia, but on that day the ground staff didn’t carry those values and made me feel that Jetstar/Qantas didn’t respect me at all.

Feel free to call me on O41……. if you need further details.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


Fly Virgin.

Fly Virgin.

Its all designed to relieve

Its all designed to relieve you of you hard earned $$$$ - thats why the luggage weight policy is so confusing ( its meant to be ! ) don't fool yourself - They do not give a damm about you. No matter how foolishly loyal you are to them. you couldn't give me a free ticket to fly Jetstar. Id rather swim!!