Flew to Phuket on 26/3/16. Boarded the plane at the right time. Then the captain advises that there is a problem with the wing and engineers have to investigate. ( maybe if the planes spent more than a couple of hours on the ground and had sufficient maintenance, this would not happen) After sitting in a plane that was going nowhere for over two hours we finally took off. We got moving and I thought I would watch a movie and have a drink. Tried to get my screen working and it said I hadn't paid for this service which I definitely had. Called the flight attendant over who presumed I was trying to "scam them" out of $9 and in a sarcastic tone asked to see my ticket. She apologised and had it activated. So now to order a drink! A jim beam and cola for $8 is a good deal. Not when it's 6 months out of date! Was meant to arrive at Phuket at 8.30pm and spend the evening with my girlfriend. Landed around 10.30pm and with the amount of congestion at passport control with flights arriving at the same time got to my hotel after midnight! My first night over before I got there! I have taken this same flight 3 times now. Never takes off on time and never arrives on time. You would think that the airline/pilot would crank up the speed a bit to try and get you there on time. Not likely, departing 2 hours late, 40000ft in the air and sitting on 730kph to conserve fuel! I follow this route regularly on flightradar24 app! The only reason I fly Jetstar Sydney to Phuket is because it's the only airline who flies direct! Please Air Asia put this on your timetable! Have flown Air Asia within Asia many times and am very happy with service!



Sympathise with you totally

Sympathise with you totally but have two questions:

A) if you taken this flight twice before and you monitor it regularly and you know it's never on time, why would you take it a third time and expect to arrive on time?

B) why are you posting this story nearly four months after the event?

Just interested.

Like I said. The only reason

I took the flight twice and was late both times. Third time I thought, I can't be unlucky 3 times in a row. After arriving home, I got onto flight radar to see if it was always late. 4 months late because I didn't know this site existed. Thought I'd share my story with other disgruntled Jetstar customers.

If you fly with them

If you fly with them regularly you should already know that it's a BOB service, and they are generally expensive.

Your complaint is so full of rhetoric, and can't really be taken seriously. Would you rather them fly the plane without checking if it's safe to fly?

If you have genuine complaints, I'd suggest to provide the airline with your feedback directly; then they can improve the service.

Did you mean inexpensive? I

Did you mean inexpensive? I never mentioned the cost! Does cheap mean "we will get you there when we get you there? What is a bob service? I would prefer them to do maintenance on the plane and not wait for a problem to happen before fixing it! A complaint to a site like this is the only way customers will know what really happens with Jetstar! And finally " fuck off"