Cancelled flight - only partial refund

My struggle with Jetstar is just another example of how bad their customer service and refund policies are.

My flight from Melbourne to Launceston was cancelled due to bad weather conditions earlier this year, and I was promised a full refund of $79. Hence started my long battle with Jetstar to get my refund back. It's too complicated a story to relay, but long story short, after MULTIPLE(more than 5), LONG AND FRUSTRATING live chats and calls to Jetstar demanding a refund, I've finally received a call from customer service saying that they've processed the FULL refund and I should receive an eVoucher soon. (Hooray!)

But the story doesn't end there. When I checked the refunded amount, it was only a partial refund ($50 instead of $79) !!! Now, I couldn't care less about the money anymore at this point. But seriously, it's about the principal of it! After all the time and effort and lots of emotional distress dealing with them, this is how they treat you?! How on earth can they think that they can just get away with refunding a partial amount like this. Do they just think that people would give up on the case and just accept their partial refund, and pocket the rest for themselves?! THIS IS JUST PLAIN DISRESPECTFUL, we deserve to be treated better than this.

Imagine how much unclaimed refund money that Jetstar has profited from over the years, from frustrated people who have just given up.

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Just lodge a complaint with

Just lodge a complaint with Jetstar, and if you're not happy with the response then go here:
If you want to send a message to Jetstar that this sort of behaviour won't be tolerated, then take the time to fill out the form with the Airline Advocate.
It's amazing how compliant Jetstar become when the airline advocate is involved!