Charged for over baggage twice.... Check your bank statement - they are on commission for this extra revenue.

I flew from Melbourne to Hobart last month, and as it was only a 3 day trip with different events I worked hard to get my cabin baggage under 7 kilos. That done... I was still singled out by the weigh in girls and was the only person asked to not only weigh my little case, but my handbag as well. Well have you ever seen whats in a woman's handbag!!! That meant I was over baggage with both weighed. I asked why the others had not been asked to weigh their handbags... and only me? Countless passengers did not get asked that day. One guy had a backpack on and it did not get weighed, just his case. I continued to ask questions from her. There was no response from the "deaf to my ears woman" who just had the credit card machine waiting. All she said was "That would be $60.00 so how would you like to pay?" $60.00 for what kilo over weight. I was kicking myself as I chose not to bring my swimming togs, gym shoes, etc. In any case... it gets worse. I check my bank statement at the end of the month, and what I see is she deducted the same amount twice 2 hours later. Yes thats right. I was told by a Jetstar employee, that these employees are on commission for the extra baggage revenue they get, which is a conflict of interest I feel and unethical practice. So I truly believe that she did this purposely on the day. I rang customer care and they will deal with it... in 10 days! Will wait and see what happens. So keep an eye on your bank statements, and check for any double charges. I have made an offical complaint about her as I feel her actions were malicious.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine