Check In Under Staffing

ATT Jet Star customer care​​​​​​​

Dear Sirs

​​Re: Complaint Re Flight Booking ZY525L 2.05pm 1st Dec
I’m a regular traveller between Sydney and Melbourne, as is my girlfriend and I’m writing to lodge a complaint in relation to the above flight that I took last Friday when I arrived at least 1.5 hours in advance.
I checked in at one of the auto booth terminals, printed my tags and of course because there’s no automated drop-off bag facility (offered by say virgin in Melbourne) I then had to stand in one of the very long queues.
What shocked me was that out of the approximate 14 check-in desks only two were manned by staff and one of these was dedicated to imminent departures.
To say that it was shambolic is an understatement. I patiently waited in line until I realised my flight was about to leave in 35 minutes at which point I jumped over to the imminent departure lane. Unlike Virgin staff who ask publicly whether any travellers are on an imminent departure and to come forward, I wasn’t afforded this basic requirement at all.
However some other imminent flight travellers were only to find when they arrived at the subject check-in desk that their flight/s were closed. There was justifiably considerable angry towards your understaffed personnel who appeared to be completely frazzled.
It literally was because I had chosen to jump the queue and because of the closed flights ahead of me that I was able to make it through with a less than five minute window.
It is beyond my comprehension why Jet star would so poorly staff your check in booths when you don’t have an automated drop-off system. This isn’t the first time in the middle of the day I’ve experienced a similar scenario with Jet Star and the operating staff quizzically asking why haven’t more staff turned up for work today.
In my opinion those poor travellers who entirely missed their flights should have been fully refunded or given an alternative ticket free of charge.
Given that Choice magazine is hotly pursuing the airlines on these issues I intend to forward on a copy of my letter, being a member and look forward to your response within your prescribed 10-15 reply period.

Yours unhappily

Dominic Ogburn

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon