Double charged without being told!

My wife and I arrived at Sydney from UK with two young children under a business visa.
My company had screwed up the internal flights, so we popped across to the JetStar services desk. I explained that as we were emigrating, we had over 100kg excess baggage from our BA International flight (top service there!), which we expected to pay heavily for. The Jetstar girl on the desk (apparently new in the role) told us we had only 20kg hold baggage per person and 10kg carry on. Quantas offer 23kg, but they weren't flying to Sunshine Coast soon, so we decided to pay the baggage excess and check in. We paid over 290 dollars for the excess only to find that the counter girl had booked us tickets with carry on entitlement only!!

I walked back to the Services desk and was stopped by a very nice lady who asked what my issue was. She was professional and sympathized, took our tickets to the Duty Manager and returned saying "That will be absolutely fine, the girl made an honest mistake and you can travel with these tickets". She then initialled our tickets and I watched as she went back to talk to the desk girl, do some work on the computer system: I thought she would be rectifying our tickets and explaining the error to the girl.

Today I checked my bank account online and see that JetStar have not only charged me for the original flights and excess baggage, but then re-charged me for the same flight at the higher hold baggage rate!. Without my permission, they've double-charged me an additional 650 AUD!

I have spent all day trying to ring JetStar to get a refund, but we all know that these people avoid answering phones.
Reading the horror stories here, I will NEVER use this excuse for an airline again. If they refuse to reimburse me the full amount, I'll be speaking to our company lawyer about the legality of processing additional charges to a bank credit card without the cardholder present and without his permission.

I travel bcd to Sydney on Tuesday ( with Virgin), so let's see what junk they come up with face to face.

Jetstar sucks!!!

Australia-Sunshine Coast


expect a very good flight

expect a very good flight with virgin!

I do mate. they're worth the

I do mate. they're worth the extra $ and actually give a *** about their customers. Richard Branson seems to get it bright in every transport business he launches....

Even if they agree to refund

Even if they agree to refund you you will wait at their pleasure some time before they get around to it. Up to 6 weeks I have known in some cases.

Just raise a query directly

Just raise a query directly with your card provider. They would credit your card back straight away and raise a dispute with jetstar. Ongoing interest will also be prevented from being applied to you card in the meantime

UPDATE:::: After two weeks of


After two weeks of back and forth, including speaking to the same desk that processed the transaction (Jade, very pretty and extremely professional), escalating the issue, no return calls and being offered vouchers(!!!!!!!!), I was close to handing the whole affair over to our company legal team. Today I was put through to David (Admin Supervisor) at the complaints centre. Within a 20 min call he'd found evidence of transactions, accepted email evidence from my side, submitted the refund claim and ensured it was returned via EFTPOS (not bank deposit). He has also arranged to have my entire excess baggage amount refunded too.

Sorry guys, but I see these guys are improving dramatically! Nobody has been rude to me, they have all tried to beat the obvious internal process delays and I've finally found the " go to guy".

I am not employed or affiliated with JetStar, I am just a Pom who moved here two weeks ago and has had JetStar pull out the stops. Now, if I can just get those ******* at Telstra to switch a telephone line on in less than a month, I'll be a pig in .........