Embrassed by the staff, then delayed.

I had a flight from Adelaide to Sydney a few weeks back. I booked with my travel agent and told that my flight would leave at 8.30am. My printed itineray said so too. I reached the airport at 7.50 am. My friend frantically called me to tell me that if I didnt get to the checkout in 2 minutes I wouldnt be able to check in. Confused; unfit; just awoken - I ran all the way to the check in.

Apparently the woman at the service said to my friend that I couldnt get on the plane? When I got there another woman served me and said to run to the plane.

So I ran to the plane. And by the time I got into my seat I was sweating and had a dizzy spill. I needed to go to the bathroom as I hadnt gone worried i'd be late.

I told the flight attendent that I needed to go and she refused to let me go. The plane hadnt even moved nor were the engines even on. I went to the bathroom as nature calls. I did my business was two minutes and coughed once in the bathroom.

When I went out, I sat on my seat and then a flight attendent approached me and said very loudly " You've vomited. You're sick - you're not allowed on the plane."

After insisting that I was fine and that I was sweating from the run, she commented with " No. I dont believe you've been running all morning. We heard you vomit and we can smell the vomit all the way from the cockpit. It stinks like vomit. We wont liftoff until you have left the plane."

She said it so loud that the whole plane could hear. If I did vomit in the first place, I would have been very embrassed - and I already was; the last thing anyone would want is that information boasted around strangers. It wouldnt have been that hard to quietly mention it to me. I am a reasonable person and rather than cause a scene id leave the plane. I was devisated that I had to do the walk of shame with everyone looking at me in a rather disgusted manner.

To avoid any issues, I left the plane and my friend flew alone. And you know what? I can understand that the woman was just doing her job and respect that she saw signs of a potiential ill person. What stumps me is the manner of which she expressed her issues with me. Surely there is a more professional way to do then embrass me in front of everyone and LIE about me vomiting. Clearly I didnt vomit- how can there even be a smell of vomit to begin with?

They put me on another flight, which was set for 1.30pm. That flight was delayed for two hours. They didnt even tell me it was going to be delayed - the time kept changing consistantly for when the flight would be ready - I didnt enjoy sitting around paying 5$ for a bottle of water at the airport while staring at the flight times changing every twenty minutes.

It was the long weekend.

It seemed I spent all of it at the airport. My holiday was ruined.

Jetstar are terrible. Take my advice - if you want to fly; be sure to fly with another company because although they are more expensive, the chances that you'd be treated terrible is way less than with jetstar.

Also, I have lost my faith in Qantas too as I know that Jetstar belongs to Qantas and I feel its a big " Fuck YOU" to povity striken people who can only afford cheap flights. Just because I cant afford a 700$ return flight to Sydney with Qantas - doesnt mean im less of a person on a cheap jetstar flight. Id like to see the same treatment on a Qantas flight. Why does the service end with jetstar?



Going to fly to melborne with

Going to fly to melborne with Jetstar on 18th in this month, after I had read a few post in this website, now I am terrify about the trip... Hopefully everything will solve out, or I am not one of the unfortunate traveller who got delay on its return trip, cause I need to attend my graduation ceremony with my family.