Excess fees for change of dates

I recently booked a fight for my daughter and her friend who will be visiting from South America. I booked from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast and discovered when the itinerary was sent that they had put the return date a month from when I had requested it. I rang to politely advise them that the date was wrong. I waited the 15plus minutes listening to all the promotional blurb. Guess what it cost an extra $50 per person to change what they had done as they said that they were not at fault.

I could not get a refund and so paid the money but will make sure that the many peope whom I know will all find out about this rort. I am amazed that these hidden fees are so commomly trotted out. The cost of the base fares is added to by the various fees and charges so that in fact the cheap fare ceases to exist. I would welcome another expose by one of the current affairs programs to alert more people to the pitfalls of these organisations.

Meanwhile I will continue to use anything but this airline.f6f33

Australia-Sunshine Coast


did you book over the phone,

did you book over the phone, in person or online ?