Jet star change my flight to 90 minutes earlier than booked flight. I waited on the phone for 25 minutes to talk to someone,when i got through and explained the time was not suitable,she offered the day before/or later that day,this no good as there was a wedding to go to that day,when i asked about a refund she HUNG UP on me,how ruled,i have just flew with Jet star,and have done so over the year's,not know more.



When I tried to find what

When I tried to find what flight my nephew was on ............. They couldn't tell me anything. I rang people all morning. It was after they cancelled his flight due to malfunction and placed him in a hotel. Luckily I knew he would be alright in Japan... Talk about a royal run -a-around. At least the telecall staff spoke english... even if they were off shore.

ruled? i think what you meant

ruled? i think what you meant is rude....R-U-D-E

well is a convict airline

well is a convict airline company for convicts decendant might as well call it Con Air as far as i know convicts are always rude