Jetstar Cancels flight but doesnt really.

I had and SMS from Jetstar while in Indonesia saying that my return Thurs flight in 4 days time had been canceled. They gave me a number to call to sort it out. I tried the number from 3 diff phones but none of them could get it to work so I then called their Melb number direct having to wait on both 9 &7 mins to no avail before I gave up.On the third try I got through but @ $4.00 a minute on an Aussie mobile you think they could get their free service to work better.
I then was offered a seat back on Fridays flight but that was too late for me so I had to opted for a flight on Wed night for which I was informed I would not need to pay anymore this time (I had paid $799 for the return leg) At no point was I offered a flight on Thurs night the original booked night. As it was I was going to complain about the cancellation as I had perceived it be due to loading.I had previously noted a week before that the flight was only about 65% full. I asked the guy if this was the case and he said he could not comment. Its well known flights are canceled if not loaded enough and its well know anything in Jetstar lacks transparency. I am continuing to write about this but as well i will be writing to both the Fed govt here and the Govt in Jakarta. These two govts are the ones responsible for giving Jetstar the routes and I believe they need to be complained to as well if Jetstar are not servicing the routes in an appropriate manner. Such information is needed when routes are reviewed by govts and they need input from the public in both countries. The airlines like the banks are a law unto themselves and this needs be turned around. Finally as i was preparing for the journey home I checked Jetstar to see if the outbound flight had left on time. When doing that I noted that on the day of my cancelled flight which simply was shewing as sold out ( a lie) they had added another flight leaving Syd & returning from Denpasar at roughly the same time. This flight was routed via Darwin for fueling purposes and the stopover was just long enough for that purpose. The flight number was one of those out of sequence with any of the regular ones showing that its a ringin and and was not one of those that are regularly scheduled through Darwin. In essence what had be done was a smaller plane had taken the flights over from a larger one they did not fill. Being a star class pass I was never offered and economy seat on the substitute flights as I would of course be asking for a fare adjustment. So I well as others may have been given poor limited options. One would have though they would have worked through the options at least with the premium fare customers. Qantas in its present state of decay cant bear the burden of a delinquent child with Jetstar helping send long term customers off to Singapore airlines as would seem to be the case for many higher ranking fliers. Its unfortunate that both airlines are run by penny pinchers when it come to customer service and recognition. Both airlines need to be cleaned out at the top to stop the cancer that's eating from within otherwise we will lose an national icon to a foreign owner. ( maybe thats the plan). In the meantime I will pursue my complaint with the airline the regulator and the legislators in a hope that i can help get transparency and commercial honesty back into the business for the benefits of suffering customer. As for in the in air service etc i find it fine but ground service lacks badly but one can sense that as you approach the counter from 10 meters away but i think that a deliberate part of the selection program we dont want you being to happy in case you expect too much. Dont be too hard on the staff though ( though some enjoy it) the whole process is driven by an ineptness and arrogance towards customers from the top.

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Sorry note my destination was

Sorry note my destination was Sydney..not Japan

you think they could get

you think they could get their free service to work better.
Yeah, but they cant.