JetStar - A Great Service???

If you like hiking out to the plane on the hot tarmac, even if disabled - By all means fly JetStar.
If you like gate agents who could care less if you drop dead in front of them - By all means fly JetStar.
If you like having to retrieve your luggage from baggage claim just to recheck it in for a continuing flight - By all means fly JetStar.
If you like paying exorbitant excess baggage fees - By all means fly JetStar.

We (4 of us) traveled to Australia from the US to see the sights of Australia. The four of us was packed for a six week holiday. We were shocked to find out that we had to walk to the airplane, which was parked out on the tarmac on a sunny summer day, even though my wife and I are disabled. Once on the plane the attendants were gracious and accomodating.
No mention of excess luggage fees. That was Sydney to Ayer's Rock.

Ayer's Rock to Cairns: Had to walk out to the plane AGAIN! Flight was good. At Sydney I had to retrieve our luggage from baggage claim and check it back in to JetStar, then I got to go back through security again - O fun. JetStar DOES NOT provide transfer service for your luggage, even with a JetStar connecting flight.
No mention of excess luggage fees.

Cairns to Sydney: This flight was the real joy. Notice above there was no mention of "excess luggage fees". Now the fun begins. They got me. So with four of us with bags on the same group we were all clumped together. Our luggage AND carry on bags were all weighted. Well, you guessed it, we were over weight to the tune of $765.00. My wife was crying, my brother and his wife were besides themselves over this trap. My wife asked what were we to do? The young blond counter agent with a very rude, snippy attitude said - well what would you like to through away!
If I could have flown another airline I would have!



Is this really a valid

Is this really a valid complaint? I've flown JetBlue in the states and had to walk to the plane. The airlines don't have control of this whatsoever. Time and time again you are told both through the booking process and your confirmation about baggage limits. Maybe take time to read them next time rather than externalise blame.