Jetstar sucks- never again.

Booked a flight a while ago and they sent me an email that they cancelled the flight and put me on another one 5 hours earlier...called them up instantly and even asked them to get me on a quantas flight at the same time which was only 50 bucks more. Of course i did not want to pay for it...the guy in the call center told me because I won"t accept the flight change which woudl cut my weekend trip short for one day basically that they would call me back as they cannot make a decision on the spot to put me on this quantas flight. Weeks later still nothing...but would you call as a call centre employee if you sit somewhere a couple 10000km away in some other country? I ended up to look for an email address...but there is none to much about aprochability for ther clients...great jetstar well done! Ok ther is a form on the website...using that, explaining all my issues with them pressed the send button and what? Server failure...all my text is gone...obviously not really interesting in solving clients issues they have iniciated in the first place...cancelled the flight - sick of Jetstar..booked a much more expensive flight as the other cheap options at the time I was looking were sold out...send an refund request online never got a confirmation...called the guy in some random country again and he said it takes 15 business days..say 3 weeks...not only that they stuffed me around...chewed up hours on call centre calls and attempts to email them...taking a no-interest-loan of me without asking, costing me hundreds of dollars now to find alternative no t also takes them another 3 weeks to just give me my money back...


Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Rubbish. It really is

Rubbish. It really is disgusting what these swine get away with.

Try one or all of these - we

Try one or all of these - we got a response from Michael Mirabito !!;;