- Proudly Australian Rip-off

Airline passengers consumer rights in Australia seem to be not worth the paper they were printed on. We received a AUD 60 refund and their finance department is incompetent enough to declare 3 different, verified European IBANs invalid repeatedly over the last two months. These 3 IBANs are in daily use so it is impossible they're invalid. Blessed be those who believe in these kind of coincidences. It's more probable that their banking software is buggy or their finance department employees failed their computer drivers license tests when it came to the copy & paste part. Totally inacceptable business practices. I'll keep communicating this everywhere until our IBANs miraculously turn valid again. Even in Australia



And our AUD 60 seem to be

And our AUD 60 seem to be peanuts compared to the damage they inflicted on others who posted their cases here...