MAJOR FAIL Jetstar wants to ruin Easter holidays by cancelling JQ11 OOL to NRT

I got a text message last nght from Jestar saying that our flight from Gold Coast to Tokyo the next day (today) on April 14 was cancelled - I thought this was a joke. We had booked this flight about September last year and pre-paid accommodation and a 5-day hiking tour that starts on April 16. I got onto the live chat and was told to phone Jetstar - they didnt proivde a phone number and i couldn't find the number anywhere on their website. i had to google it. Eventually i got put through to someone who told me that the flight was indeed cancelled . what a blow to this holiday we had really looked forward to for such a long time. How could they do this to people???!!! She told me they could issue a refund. I told her we had a 5-day tour booked & accommodation etc - she didn't really care. We didn't want a refund - we wanted to go on our holiday! She offered to put us on a flight that went ool-mel-cairns-nrt - probably a 30 hour journey. That would make us miss our tour. My husband didn't want to spend 2 days travelling with what should be a 9 hour flight. The phone operator refused to transfer me to her manager saying there were no other flights -
NOT GOOD ENOUGH JETSTAR. SHE SAID I SHOULD USE THE LIVE CHAT TO GET OTHER OPTIONS. I SAID I USED LIVE CHAT AND THE only option i was given was to call Jetstar. the phone operator (can't call them customer service because there is none) told me i didnt use the live chat - basically calling me a liar. I said i have the transcript here and don't call me a liar. We have ended up booking Qantas flights from Brisbane at an additional cost of $3000 and lost one day of our holiday as we won't get there until tomorrow night. I'm sure there are lots of people at the airport today left stranded and terribly disappointed THAT THEIR EASTER BREAK HAS BEEN RUINED BY JETSTAR.

I cannot believe Jetstar would cancel an international flight leaving passengers stranded. This is either very bad maintenance, planning or JUST PLAN INCOMPETENCE by Jetstar.


Australia-Gold Coast
Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)


We had our flight JQ1 Melb

We had our flight JQ1 Melb to Honolulu cancelled after the many lies sprouted.
Engine problems - 4hr delay
Then plane cant be fixed- assured we would fly but not until 11.30pm. Another 4hr delay.
Final straw- no crew for the flight and now cancelled!
100s of holiday makers affected, 1000s of lost dollars in tours etc and weddings missed.
Your management need to take a long hard look at themselves!.
Wont fly with you again.

My Son and his Partner ,

My Son and his Partner , booked on this flight also . Incorrect information passed onto customers or no information. Hundreds of people asked to stand in line waiting . Told they would be provided with overnight accomadation and only when he overhead staff talking amongst themselves, did he hear there wasn't accomadation for everyone at all .When he asked about this ,of a staff member he received a rude reply . Lots of Families with small children left waiting around for hours to then be sent away and told to comeback today . Not good enough JetStar !!!! Seems like the didn't give people information about the flight being cancelled until it was too late for people to try and book flights with another airline . Will be passing this all onto my friends , Family and any one planning a holiday , Don't use Jet Star !!!!!

Were booked today 15th to fly

Were booked today 15th to fly cairns to Osaka. Just been told we're delayed from a 1pm departure to 7.30 pm departure. Really hoping at this stage that we don't get cancelled. Stranded in cairns with a 4 year old and a 2 year old.....

We were told it's a mechanical problem but I'm guessing it's because of yesterday's canceled flight...

We were booked on the same

We were booked on the same flight and were furious! Basically in the same boat, couldn't afford to go traipsing around Melbourne on the vague hope that they would follow through with their bullshit promises to get us to Tokyo at some point in the future whilst substantially reducing our international holiday and increasing the costs. We planned this holiday for ages and were extremely disappointed. Will NEVER book with Jetstar again. They don't have any engineering problems, just not enough people on the plane. Total lies.

We were booked to go with our


This comment is by Jo-Anna

We were booked to go with our family, planned for months and the best we could get out of them is fly to Melbourne but go check at the airport first and we will see if about when we might get you there, sure we are already out of pocket due to their ineptitude and they want us to just see how we go and they will try and send us as soon as they can. Really tell that to a two year old grandson - and oh do we want to travel for 9 hours for just a few days in Japan - NOT! We will never ever book Jetstar again and going on conversations we have had in a last few days this seems to be there standard modus operandi................

" I call bullshit. They do

" I call bullshit. They do this all the time and can't even be honest about it". If you knew Jetstar did this all the time, why did you book with them?
It's really simple, don't ever use Jetstar and you'll have a much better life. I stopped using them about 4 years ago and I haven't looked back since! Without exaggeration, I would have spent at least $10k on travel since then. All of it going to other airlines that have never let me down.

I didn't know prior to them

I didn't know prior to them cancelling my flight. I've flown internationally more times than you've had a hot breakfast. Of course they are not a public service. Anyway live and learn....they can eat a bag of dicks.