Mislead by Jetstar

We purchased 4 return tickets as part of Jetstars birthday sale, we paid extra to allow us to change dates and names on the tickets to give us some flexibility. Well we needed some flexibility and thought, hey it's ok we paid extra to allow us to change our tickets, so to ensure we didn't go over the original cost, we checked Jetstars online prices for the dates we wanted to change to and confirmed pricing was about $20 more expensive per return ticket, we thought that's not too bad so we called Jetstar to make the change and was told that the web price was not guaranteed and it was going to cost almost one and half times the original price of the tickets on top of what we had already paid. Needless to we were very shocked and were forced to cancel and lose our original fares.... Surely Jetstar cannot get away with misleading its customers like this... NOT HAPPY JETSTAR...

Australia-Gold Coast


Hi Gary, I’m really concerned

Hi Gary,
I’m really concerned you feel like this.
Depending on your fare type, to make any changes you will be subject to a Change Fee and any Fare Difference between your original and modified bookings.
I understand you’ve booked a more flexible fare type such as a Starter Plus. For these fares the Change Fee will be waived and you will be subject only to any Fare Difference that applies.
It is true that bookings made through Telephone Reservations will be a slightly different price to what you see online, which is why we encourage you to make changes there if you’re savvy with the website.
However, I’m really disturbed to hear there was such a large increase on your fare pricing between these two channels and would like to investigate this for you.
Name changes to any fares can be significant, so on occasion it may be that it is cheaper to purchase a new fare to make a name change than modify an existing booking.
If you can fill out some more details through the feedback from on the website I’d be happy to chase up exactly why this occurred.
Thanks, Juliette

But if they tried to do it

But if they tried to do it online wouldn't jetstar just charge them again and then not be able to find the payment?

Wow someone from Jetstar

Wow someone from Jetstar cares about its clients thats worthy of a spot on today tonight !!!!!!!!!!!!!