It's funny how you read many stories on how bad Jetstar's "service" is and how they will NEVER fly Jetstar again, but if you pull up their records you will see that whenever there is a sale or cheap flights its "these" people that are on the website trying to secure a booking for themselves.

You guys tend to whine and complain about anything and everything if it’s not going your way. If you read this website you will see people complaining about Jetstar's flights that were cancelled due to weather and in the same time you can also see they complain WHY Jetstar flied in such bad weather.

There really is NO way of pleasing everybody. Jetstar may be the WORST airline out there but whining about it here like kids?
Not gonna help. You think they Care? They know when the next 1cent sale is up or next 1 dollar fare is up, YOU WHINERS ARE THE FIRST TO BOOK!!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Australia-Gold Coast


You a mystic or something

You a mystic or something Yosuka? Or a hacker? How do you know what people do online? Actually you don't- so therefore you are making up the facts. So how about some facts, research or at least some real world experience before you share on this website next time eh?

how would you know he is

how would you know he is making up the facts?

Fact is - people expect too much. You get what you pay for. Read the fare rules before you book and there won't be a problem. Know the terms and conditions of what you are accepting.


Dear Lisa - the reason i know

Dear Lisa - the reason i know is obvious- the writer would have to have contact details for Jetstar customers, and would have to cross match these with some information identifying that person's interaction with this website. Or they could be psychic. I don't believe the writer has access to either of these methods- his/her comment is based on imagination, not fact.

Up until about 8 months ago I would have agreed with you. But what I've discovered is that when things go bad with Jetstar- they go really bad.. and they take no responsibility for the problems they inflict on passengers. I am not talking about people arriving with a few kgs too much baggage.. I am talking about people becoming stranded for hours or overnight, or having flights cancelled and no timely refund or reasonable alternative offered. I'm talking about a customer service methodology that involves an email being sent with a reference number, and the promise that the problem will be resolved in NO LESS than three weeks... meaning more than three weeks... Poor businesses blame the customer - clever businesses manage their customers' expectations.. if customers expect too much of Jetstar- either the standard offered isn't good enough, or the management haven't set structures in place to correctly manage the customers expectations.. this is first year biz management stuff..

Konnichiwa, Yosuke. Nihonjin

Konnichiwa, Yosuke. Nihonjin ni totte, eigo meccha jouzu ya na! Sore iuta no de, Japanese dattara...
Care to "pull up" my record, Yosuke-san?

What I'm trying to say is, if

What I'm trying to say is, if you can give your first and last name, we can actually check the records. As of now, I can no longer check the records for you personally as I have stop working for the company. I also can't call any of my ex-colleagues and pull up any records as this would breach the Privacy Policy that Jetstar has. So quit your whining and stop complaining like a child and fly with another airline i.e. Virgin Blue.

As you know, Jetstar has a reputation for cancelling flights, WHY DO YOU KEEP FLYING WITH JETSTAR and coming back to this website to WHINE! If you are going to continue to fly with a shitty airline because you are too poor to spend a little extra comfort and reliability, then you can just shut your gap!!

LOL!!! Yosiiiiii!!!! ahaha

LOL!!! Yosiiiiii!!!! ahaha well said!

Dear Yosuke, Please spare a

Dear Yosuke, Please spare a moment to open up your mind and try and think of thoughts you've not had before. The people that lodge complaints on this website are all different people.. new people.. different and new (ex Jetstar) customers.. comprehend?? Different people... not all the same people.. Some people in the world still don't know that Jetstar cancel flights.. they learn by bitter experience, have a bad experiences with Jetstar customer service, then find this website to express their sad story. If Jetstar fielded customer complaints - there'd be no need for this website. And another idea - do you think that even Bill Gates sometimes eats at McDonalds?? Maybe... so with all his money - sometimes he probably eats a budget meal.. possible? So please don't try insulting us over money you think we don't have- because some of us do. But just to get things straight and clear- you once worked for this airline.. and now you are abusing people for freely commenting on their poor service on this forum?? Are there any other forums and websites we shouldn't be participating in? Maybe there are some books you'd like us to burn?

Really. A budget meal. Could

Really. A budget meal. Could you think of a more horrible analogy?

He would eat maccas because he wants a burger he wants that dirty low costing experience. He willingly does so.

So why are you willing getting rear ended by Jetstar all the time. Unless you actually like this experience there is no reason for you to be coming back.

OK so I'll repeat this again

OK so I'll repeat this again and again.. I no longer fly Jetstar.. haven't done for months and months.. that's not to say I don't fly budget - I find Air Asia and Virgin very good. Therefore I don't get 'rear ended' by Jetstar as you put it- so once again Anonymous - like the others you've missed the point. The reason I comment on this website is because consumers get cheated by this big corporation every day - and the Jetstar employees (and ex Jetstar employees) seem to think it's the customers fault- and recently have become abusive. keep going.. the more that people read your comments - the more that people will see what Jetstar really is. I used the Macca's illustration because I thought it was one you could understand.

I no longer fly jetstar

I no longer fly jetstar either, but I still enjoy complaining about them.

Oh I understand it completely

Oh I understand it completely Phil. But what I can't understand is why you would fork out the money to buy Macca's when you can go and buy a good steak. You knew what you were getting into.

Hilarious how when you're

Hilarious how when you're beaten down with facts on your own stupidity you delete one of the only valid posts that made a point on this cesspool

Oh. My. God. Phil - You make

Oh. My. God. Phil - You make the dried shit crumbs off a tibeten monkey's ass sound more interesting. What a moron! You wank.

LaughOrCry... you've seen

LaughOrCry... you've seen dried shit crumbs off a Tibetan monkey's ass????

The prospect of it is more

The prospect of it is more appealing than that of reading what Phil has to say.

LOL! So funny to see these

LOL! So funny to see these jetstar employees trying to defend their airline! ^^^^^^^^^
Now, kids, go back to serving drinks and snacks. After all, it's what you get paid minimum wage to do.

Jetstar employees are

Jetstar employees are employed on casual basis, often through third party companies and are poorly paid.. yet you Jetstar employees defend the company like you are all shareholders. When Bruce Buchanan retires on a multi-million dollar payout - how much will you get?

Someone called me ?

Someone called me ?

you dumbfucks just don't get

you dumbfucks just don't get it do you ?? WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT JETSTAR !!!!!!!!

Ok now that's clear ........ All this is about you fucking aussie's dissing MALAYSIAN's for jetstar's fault........ u wanna blame jetstar GO AHEAD, you wanna blame a country.... GO AHEAD but make sure its your own country and not ours !!!!!!


Haha well said Yos, and

Haha well said Yos, and Shaun.

I am a casual employer at jetstar (well not for much longer we all lose our jobs soon) and I can promise you in no way do I ever stick up for Jetstar, I often warn my friends when booking that they dont just skim the terms and conditions and assume that things can be fixed. The policy is strict. Everyone seems to think that all the employers are going to be mortified and standing up for the company.

One of the things is a lot of the stuff that people want we cant do, from my end it is incredibly frustrating when I cant do my job properly and then everyone ends up pissed off. Refunds - it gets sent to another department to minimise fraudulant behaviour - and yes sometimes things slip through the system and need to be chased up. Flight cancellations - look at any airline, they happen, due to all kinds of reasons.

When you call someone and talk to them like they are the scum of the universe I can tell you straight that I dont care what my fucking job is I am a human and have the right not to be spoken to in any manner that is not acceptable, so why should I just because I work in customer service be forced to put up with apaulling behaviour/language/tone from customers, and if i retailate im doing a bad job. Sorry - for me, my human rights come first, my job after.

What a stupid comment Yosuka,

What a stupid comment Yosuka, sure you will say the exactly same thing when it happens to you.

I found that there are things that's understandable and there are things that's not.
But its more to do with HOW they deal with it ! They can handle things in nicer manner rather than a shitty service, half the time they don't even know what they are doing, and "I don't know, not sure, don't know" is mostly what they can say.

God you must work for them..