Newcastle airport delayed flight

Well sitting here at Newcastle airport still fucking waiting for our delayed flight by 3 hours which is now 3and a half hours waited for ever to see Adele but guess what no way are we going to see the beginning of her show let alone the first song!! Fuck!! every time this airline let's us down I say never again!!! but I won't forget this Time I'll pay more for the reputable airlines that's for sure!! Thanks for another memory fucked up!!!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Ann, I understand your grief.

Ann, I understand your grief. Three hour delay notice (posted two hours prior to the flight) for a 90 minute trip??? Whisky Tango Foxtrot?! We arrived early to witness that sad sign - DELAYED 3HRS. Well, we are old and cashed-up. We paid Virgin $840 for 2 of the last 6 tickets they had available for their flight to Melbourne which was ON TIME. It remained ON TIME. Our trip up to Newcastle from Melbourne by way of Jetstar was delayed an hour. Does JETSTAR EVER remain true to their promised etd?? Has anyone ever had a happy experience?? Well, let me tell you that my heart broke when I saw a gorgeous young couple arrive for their Jetstar flight from Newcastle to Melbourne today. She was possibly expecting. She had a tiny baby bump - maybe three months gone? She (and he) stood stock-still, looking at the "3hr delay" sign. She teared-up, but she was brave and didn't make a scene. They had (expensive) tickets to see Adele. A concert of a life-time. Jetstar staff said, "Yeah, we are sorry, too!" (In a sing-song voice. Can they not learn to sound like they actually DO care?) Guess what her man did? He paid the $840 to Virgin to get his woman to see the concert of her life-time. Doesn't matter that they probably have to live on Cornflakes for two months, he made the best decision of his life. So - Jetstar - you have ruined so many people's nights. Everyone knows that you cannot run on time but you are excelling in your extraordinary failure. Under and below the call of duty. Three hours late (2hrs ahead of time) for a 1.5hr flight???? Get out of town. Seriously. Get out of town. Give an honest airline a chance. By the way. Do you realise that you are actually nothing beyond public transport? A bus in the sky. You are not precious just because you fly in the sky (sponsored by Qantas). You sell a service which you repeatedly fail to provide. You are losing loyal customers. (Count me in on that one.) Providing scant (if any) service is a recipe for a glorious implosion. Umm, btw, how much bonus is your CEO receiving this year? Could he donate $840 of it to that gorgeous couple who now need to live on Cornflakes for a month? No. Probably not. PS: I am totally disillusioned. Did you notice??