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I booked on the QANTAS website and paid a $50 upgrade for a meal and gate to gate movies. The carrier turned out to be Jetstar which didn't bother me too much until the day of the flight. By the time the Jetstar crew got around to figuring out who wants an iPad and starts handing them out, we were 40 minutes into the flight. Then they collect them half an hour before landing, leaving no time to watch the average length movie on a trans Tasman flight. I knew this, which is why I bought the upgrade with QANTAS, and naively thought Jetstar must have solved the problem. They hadn't.
Then the meal ... I had to call for an attendant to explain that my upgrade entitled me to a meal. I was informed that I may choose up to $10 worth of items from the snack menu!!
Now, not only do I NOT book with Jetstar, I am also VERY careful about booking with QANTAS and getting palmed off to their delinquent younger sibling.

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As movie cost is often $10, I

As movie cost is often $10, I'd be asking for $40 food or did your upgrade include choosing your seat cost also? Like you, I don't book Jetstar and I'd be very annoyed with what you got for the extra cost. Is there any way you can complain to Qantas and maybe be refunded in Cash or Points? Try that!

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