Phone booking gone wrong!

I am absolutely appaled by my recent Jetstar experience. Have traveled with Jetstar to Indonesia a few times and locally without any problems until now. I booked a one-way fare to Bali which was on sale. No problems. Try to book a flight back and have to pay in USD or indonesian rupiah. Phoned the booking centre and was quoted the australian dollar amount for the flights back, perfect, was placed on hold and then quoted another price. Jetstar did not honour the original quoted price and I paid the newer quote to secure the seats. Lodged a compliant and was offered a $100 voucher for the "pain and suffering". Absolute joke. Jetstar you should have honoured the lower quote. Unless this is resolved i won't be flying Jetstar again. One bad experience has tarnished all of the good experiences!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


It won't be resolved.

It won't be resolved.

With the initial booking I

With the initial booking I was provided with a $50 voucher, and I purposefully did not accept the voucher however it arrived in my inbox within a few hours. When I lodged the compliant I was offered a $100 voucher. Honestly I will never fly Jetstar again if I can help it. For a highly awarded Australian airline I think their customer service is completely crap.

I then made the compliant on the website, was phoned by a rep, asked him to call back, never received the call back and received an apology letter in the mail. Disgrace!

Don't quote me on this one,

Don't quote me on this one, but I'm sure there's something on their website that says prices are subject to change without warning right up until you've confirmed and paid - so I think that they're allowed to screw you around on a technicality here.

Also, to their credit, it seems like they at least made something of an effort to reimburse the difference (but of course vouchers for other flights don't help much when you're annoyed at paying more cash for this flight), I think $150 compensation is the closest thing to "resolution" you're likely to see here.

Hey Lilly. My issue was the

Hey Lilly. My issue was the fact that i was quoted one prices, placed on hold and then quoted another price which was nearly $500 more. The useless complaints rep acknowledged that the person i spoke to made a mistake so that there is admittance. All i wanted was for them to honour the lower price. I would happily hand back the $150 in vouchers for them to honour the lower price.

Aaah yep, I read your

Aaah yep, I read your complaint wrong haha! I thought the issue was just with being given vouchers as compensation instead of the lower fare or cash (so you ended up paying the same amount out of your pocket anyway, etc etc). That is really miserable customer service, you'd think that they'd be a little more professional when their staff makes a $500 "mistake".