Questions about jetstar negative and positive feedbacks. Please help me.

Hello people. First im sorry if most my questions may not be fully complaints but it is good to know things if someone understand and have or does travel with jetstar domestic within australia.

Question1: Do the plane has a tv to watch for all standard seats on the A320 plane a morning flight from brisbane to melbourne in june ? (i heard jetstar doesnt provide no tv nor intertainment at all because its a cheap airline)

Question2: I wish jetstar does offer a more to choose from from the menu meals. I had a look at the menu meals for domestic and they dont have much at all and most of it says (NZ ONLY).. Not a great deal with them with food on board. Can i take macdonalds food like macdonalds breakfast hash browns... coffee or milksakes.. hot french fries and stuch like that at least ?

Question3: What is the most complaint about jetstar for domestic australia what is the most issue with the passanger and jetstar ? is it the seat.. food wise... something els ?

Question4: Ive never flown with jetstar ever before. I had booked my family to be seated on the far back near the toilets. How come when i log into jetstar even though it is not June just yet, I have the abillitie to move where ever i wish a million times like i might wish to seat 25F seat but then i might change my mind a few times and seat els where.. Will they charge me doing this constantly? I paid JETSAVER price. I just hope they are not to trick me about paying every seat ive change for the price of a ticket. that would be shocking if i new.

Question5: My family will be seating on the same row with me. What is the propose that NO ONE will steal my seats or make us all seat separated ?

Question6: What is the worse thing jetstar would do to us ? for example we print out the boarding poass and have everything set and all normaly.... what will jetstar do the worse case senario and unexpected ?

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


1) Yes most Brisbane -

1) Yes most Brisbane - Melbourne flights will have video units available but they are not free.

2) For most domestic flights it is just the usual menu - chips, nuts, sandwiches, wraps, chocolates, drinks. You will be able to take your own food but probably not hot drinks like coffee.

3) Probably people who book cheap tickets and then want to change them and have to pay large amounts to do so because they don't read their fare rules. Or maybe missing check in.

4) You can change your seat "preference" as much as you want. It will not cost you unless you choose an exit row or upfront seat. Seat preference is not guaranteed as they will give priority to people with children and/or disabilities.

5) Refer to previous answer.

6) It depends. If you are abusive toward staff they will deny you boarding. If you turn up late they will make you pay a substantial fee to change flights. Or the flight could be canceled at short notice if you're unlucky.

I have told you all the

I have told you all the answers on youtube when you sent me 4 long messages and i replied, so there is no need to do it again VOXS2!

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