Sorry we overcharged you, can you pay another $500 so we can fix up the mistake

Booked flights on Jetstar. Sydney to Osaka followed by a return flight from Tokyo. Booked over the phone so we could do a multi-city booking. After confirming over and over again that the price was $1081 I found out on my credit card receipt that they overcharged me by several hundred dollars. I immediately called Jetstar back (10 mins after the booking was made). They apologised and told me they would refund the money. They proceeded to ask me for another payment of $500 to make sure I got the same fare I was supposed to pay for. On top of that they told me that it would take 15!!! days to refund my money. So a Jetstar employee makes a mistake which results in me missing hundreds of dollars. After complaining hours on the phone a supervisor promised me he was going to fast-track the return, he assured me he money would be on my account within 5 days. This is the only reason I agreed to paying another $500. I ensured Jetstar that I could not miss the money for 15 days since I am a student and have bills to pay. They once again promised me that the money would be in my account in 5 days.

It is now 8 days later and I still don't have my refund and there are bills to be paid. I called their call centre who basically claimed that I was lying because their notes said it would take 15 days for my money to be returned. Nothing that me and the supervisor spoke about had been documented.

Currently Jetstar has over $1700 of my money while they should only have $1100...

They are rude to me every time I call and are actually stating that it is my fault that this all happened to begin with.

Never flying Jetstar again... They put me in a very difficult financial position and have treated me in a away no other company has ever dared to..

Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)


Forgot to add that Mastercard

Forgot to add that Mastercard actually told me that the transaction Jetstar did was fraudulent and illegal. They charged me a different amount than they said they would, which is classified as illegal.

these scum r just criminals!

these scum r just criminals! they took your money and wont pay it back, dats a criminal act! even at a conveeniance store they will reefund yor cash if they make the mistake but the jetstar rats wont even let u complain! they got yor money and u cant do nothin about it. dats da sad fact.

I'm a bit confused why they

I'm a bit confused why they would ask for another $500 if they overcharged you somehow? Sounds like they made you a seperate booking and will be refunding part of the original booking. Still, quite confusing.

Yes Vikash.. Ben must be

Yes Vikash.. Ben must be right.. obviously you paid them another $500 without Jetstar asking for it or needing it.

@ Ben - Vikash said what he said. It seems clear to me. Many of us who read this website have been told various conflicting things by various Jetstar employees at various times when chasing up refunds and the like. Why is it so inconceivable that Jetstar customer service staff and the Jetstar system makes errors on occasions?

Cause they claimed it was the

Cause they claimed it was the only way to fix it. If I didn't comply they would send me on a oneway ticket to Japan. I've also just blown my cap cause of all the hours I called them on the phone.

I've submitted a complaint to fair-trading and I want my phone costs reimbursed...

I guarantee you won't get it

I guarantee you won't get it reimbursed. The phone number is a local call. Nobody forced you to call from a mobile.