Staff hide the Name badge and terrible attitude

The incident happened at 0740am at Melbourne airport on 09/02/2017 where staff treated me very badly and loudly saying that this bag needs to be checked in my friend and you need to pay 50$ for a shaving kit in a little shopping bag. I was completely shocked as I did not know why the lady lost her temper for no reason, after experiencing this all, I have asked the staff member to provide me with her name to give a feedback in online portal, however she was still very rude and hiding her name badge saying that I am not going to show you my ID . After 15 minutes of waiting the manager has arrived with very unprofessional manner saying that if staff member does not want to give the name they are within their rights and after that terrible manner without kindly describing or empathizing she said 50$ thank you.. I was in shock saying to myself how this can be possible and after all this terrible experience, the flight also delayed 1.5 hrs and I got late to an interview.

I will avoid Jetstar after now in any future bookings as well as I am really disappointed and 4 terrible experience out of last 6 is not worth it pay bit more and get treated better.

I have really felt discriminated and disrespected, that caused me terrible performance at interview..

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


well i can say this if u book

well i can say this if u book with quantas you could end up on a jetstar flight