Still waiting on my luggage!

I am furious, on the 20th of March I was booked to fly home to Darwin from Melbourne.
Prior to boarding, I decided to use the bathroom and when I had arrived back the plane had not left but I was not allowed to board. I asked the ladies at the next what should I do, the response I got was "I dont know, book another ticket?".
That was no way helpful!

I then went up to the check in desk just before it had closed at the front of the airport and asked the lady to please help me get home as I had work the next day, she advised me that there were no other flights until the next day, I told her I was going outside to notify my work then will be coming back in to book another ticket. When I arrived back inside, the desk was closed and I was left clueless on what to do.

I ended up sitting at the airport with no sleep until 7am the next morning and finally booked my flight (only a $50 ticket transfer fee) thank goodness! I then had to obviously get some sleep and it was obvious Jetstar wasn't going to help me with accommodation. So with the last of my money I had to book a hotel to sleep for the day due to my flight being at 10pm that Monday night.

After that ordeal, I was left without a days pay from my employment, I had no money in my wallet nor bank account because of having to get accommodation and food as I was stuck in Melbourne for that extra day, But that is not all.

I finally arrived in Darwin, exhausted and quite emotional from the ordeal of being stuck in Melbourne by myself. I waited at luggage collection, waited and waited, until no more bags were coming out.
Jetstar had lost my luggage with over $500 worth of clothing in there, by this point I was absolutely fuming, all I wanted to do was cry but of course that never helps anything.
All day this week, I have been contacting Jetstar to track my luggage and every time is the same thing, they ask if I have reported it WELL OF COURSE I HAVE. It is now the end of the week and I still have not received anything, I have not had one phone call, the only way I have found information is because I have been nonstop persistent.

I will never, ever fly with Jetstar again, your employees are as rude as anything, you do not actually care for your travelers, and your all basically just a bunch of cockheads, thats my opinion, but I am sure many agree. Thankyou.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Good on you. I already don't

Good on you. I already don't fly Jetstar since 5 years ago and I don't even consider them no matter how cheap they pretend to be. They do provide competition so keeps the others' airline prices lower and I don't mind their existence. BTW don't you find their ecstatic expressions on the ads annoying? Lol

Budget in service, not in price.

I still have not received

I still have not received anything and ive resorted to taking it further.
I am so mad. Ive even made an angry facebook post on their facebook page haha

I sympathise with ur

I sympathise with ur situation, but if you're not at the boarding gate and are considered a no show, the ground staff would have initiated an offload - where you and your checked baggage would have been removed from the flight. This is done before the actual departure time as to remain on schedule and not miss it's slot time . The aircraft would still have been at the gate (because baggage handlers would have been searching through the hold for your luggage ), however, as your name was removed from the manifest, there is nothing ground staff can do.

As for your baggage being lost, this is unacceptable, as is their lack of care and response to your requests for help and information on it's location. Has it been missing since you were taken off the first flight? Or did you recheck it for the replacement and it did not arrive at your final destination?

Don't fly jetstar... they are

Don't fly jetstar... they are a bunch of bastards...