Stranded in Myanmar

I am deeply disappointed with Jetstar.
I booked my ticket for a roundtrip from Singapore to Yangon on 30/07 , I made the booking via the website, as I always do, and the credit card didn’t go thru, so I called the call centre, after waiting 20 minutes I was serviced by a girl that could barely speak English and that then subsequently booked me on the wrong dates. I had to call again and change my booking with again another person that could not speak proper English.
After that all of fine, I just thought it wasn’t worth it to complaint about it.
I board my plane to Yangon from Singapore on the 17th of November with no other issues.
When arriving at the airport of Yangon last Monday 22nd November I was informed there that my flight was cancel. The worst was that I was informed there that Jetstar doesn’t fly on Monday from Yangon to Singapore effective Nov 01.
I was never communicated of that by e-mail or phone in the 3 ½ months in between my booking and my travel on the 17th, nor I was informed at the airport that my return flight on the 22nd November no longer existed.
In Yangon there was no Jetstar staff, only Myanmar airways staff that told me I was only able to fly back on Wednesday, after much discussion and 2 hours waiting I was able to get a Myanmar Airways flight on Tuesday 23rd (this flight was a connecting flight in BKK which took the whole day to arrive in Singapore).
When I called Singapore to ask my fiancée to call Jetstar to ask for some help on the matter (phones do not work in Yangon) Jetstar call centre was unable to help and asked him to call the Yangon airport.
I have an official letter from Myanmar airways proving that the flights were cancelled on Mondays since Nov 01 and that me and other 3 passengers were not notified.
I lost a day of work, important meetings and will never fly Jetstar again.

This is a formal complaint and I will be writing to the newspapers in Singapore and in Australia on this matter as well !



Tell as many people and write

Tell as many people and write to as many publications as you can! This hopeless excuse for an airline and all their staff need to be exposed for the incompetent swine that they are.

Geez, that's a little harsh

Geez, that's a little harsh Travis

Harsh? I am with

Harsh? I am with's the truth! They are incompetent, rude, cheap and down right nasty!!!!!!! Yes Travis, let's tell EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Happened the same to me!! I

Happened the same to me!!
I decided to fly with Air Asia in order to be on Tuesday in SG...
I'm writing a complaint to Jetstar today!