To those flying without the owner of the Credit card kindly take note!

you: at 10:55:42
I'd like to ask for a copy of Jetstar's Credit Card authorisation form (if any) as the owner of the card paid for my fare but isn't travelling with us.
Joey: at 10:56:14
Are you going to use this one for credit card verification?
you: at 10:56:43
Joey: at 10:57:13
For credit card verification, the owner of the card must be at the airport personally to verify the card/
you: at 10:57:44
the owner of the card will be in overseas.
you: at 10:58:11
isn't a photocopy of the credit card and an authorization letter would be enough?
Joey: at 10:58:51
We're sorry, however that will not be enough.
Joey: at 10:59:12
The credit card holder needs to verify the card to any Jetstar office or check in counter at the airport.
you: at 10:59:52
So if the owner of the card be in the airport, what is he/she going to do?
Joey: at 11:01:46
They just need to verify the card at the check in counter.
you: at 11:02:10
Explain how do you 'verify' the card?
Joey: at 11:03:54
They just need to present the card at the check in counter, then the staff will link the card on your booking.
you: at 11:06:26
Isn't it the same if I were to produce documents from the bank to prove that the card belongs to my daughter and she authorized the purchase of the air tickets together with the physical credit card that was used?
you: at 11:07:17
if that wasn't enough, I would be able to let the Jetstar representative to have a Webcam chat with her via Skype using my cellphone.
Joey: at 11:07:42
There will be a difference, they need to have the person who owns the card personally at the airport to verify the card, the actual person.
you: at 11:08:15
how would they know that the owner is the owner of the card? there's no Photo ID on credit card.
Joey: at 11:08:36
The person also need to bring an ID.
you: at 11:09:06
My daughter's name does not match with the name that appears on the credit card.
you: at 11:09:43
Name that appears on the credit card does not necessarily have to be the same name that is on ID.
Joey: at 11:10:19
We're sorry however your daughter really needs to be at the airport to verify the card.
Joey: at 11:10:30
This is the policy of the Singapore and Manila airport.
you: at 11:11:27
Yes, even if she's in the airport, how do you guys verify it even with her ID?
Joey: at 11:13:32
As long as the person will go to the airport with the credit card, the one use in the booking, they will be the one that will check it.
Joey: at 11:14:59
Did I explain that clearly?
you: at 11:15:56
Yes you do and I understood that. But you've missed out on how you guys go about with the verification since my daughter's name on the credit card does not match her ID.
you: at 11:17:03
So if that's case arises where my daughter is there with her ID and credit card, how is that going to prove that the credit card belongs to her since the name does not match
Joey: at 11:17:26
They have the system to verify if the card is under your daughter.
Joey: at 11:18:08
Even on the card there is a different name or maybe a nickname, still on the records or the credit card holds the full name of the owner.
you: at 11:19:13
The bank does not disclose such information to a third party.
Joey: at 11:21:23
We are associated with banks as we are a business that sells ticket and accept credit card to pay for the ticket.
you: at 11:22:58
Yes, and based on my experience with other airlines, an authorization letter coupled with few documents from the bank would be suffice. So why is this exceptional?
you: at 11:23:22
What if the owner of the credit card happens to be bedridden?
Joey: at 11:23:27
My apologize, however every airline has it's own policy.
Joey: at 11:24:11
We're sorry, however this is the policy that we are following, what ever the reason maybe, still the credit card holder needs to present the card at the check in counter to be verified.
you: at 11:25:24
Money making policy I must say! pity those who fall for the trap! My first and the last flying with Jetstar!

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur


Want better service and more

Want better service and more flexibility - Pay more money and fly Qantas or Virgin. Want a cheap flight, know the rules and play by them, expect that you are more likely to be delayed and the service won't be as good. Long story short - you get what you pay for!

Long story short , Jetstar

Long story short , Jetstar are assholes , don't fly Jetstar. As above stated you get what you pay for, but you don't even get what you pay for with Jetstar.


THIS IS SO TRUE , THE STATEMENT IF YOU WANT BETTER SERVICE THEN PAY EXTRA , I have been making regular trips overseas and personally experienced that flying with a more expensive airlines works out the same and sometimes cheaper, other airlines provide entertainment and meals including water at no charge, choosing a seat to accommodate those with leg problems also at no extra charge, changing your flight schedule no extra charge, my last flight which was cheaper then jetstar was like I was flying buisness class compared to jetstar, it pays to shop around and allow yourself some time and have patience , dont be fooled by the cheap fare you see on the jetstar web site , by the time you hit "pay now" the fare has allmost doubled, then remember you will have to pay for anything you want during the flight with your credit card only including water, a blanket because the aircon is so cold you need one , I am surprised they dont charge for the use of the toilet and toilet tissue , thats about all you will get free.I have had to donate clothes to charity which was conveniently located near the jetstar check in because of there luggage weight scam , I had my laptop weighed and carry on bag and was hit for excess, being a bloke I dont carry a handbag which some women seem to get away with, I have heard the staff get paid commission on excess luggage charges so BEWARE,

We missed our airline because