Update on stuck in Darwin story

I sent a very very detailed 5 page letter registered post to David Hall CEO outlining my issues with Jetstar.

I received a blah blah letter to which I replied again, quoting their own charter back to them, by registered post.

I received another letter basically calling me a liar, stating they did try and contact us, to which I replied again, stating that I was telling him he was being fed *** by his staff and that I could or would prove it. My phone records and email accounts would be produced to support my claim., again by registered post.

I have now received another letter, again saying they had tried to contact me, wthat the.....? . but also included was an amount of vouchers equal to a return trip to my original destination.

If you have valid claims, record every detail and send it registered post, c.c. Ministers of Transport of Dept of Consumer Affairs. This seems to get their attention. Quote their charter and oultine their breaches. Keep the letters to the fact and civil. It worked for me.

Still extremely unhappy with their customer service practice, but hopefully similar letters such as mine will make them take notice.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


FYI - I highly doubt it was

FYI - I highly doubt it was David Hall responding to you. It was probably just passed on to the customer relations department, and signed (or computer signature) signed by David Hall.

Well I spoke to someone who

Well I spoke to someone who identified himself as David Hall when he rang me, and yes it was then written by the Head of Customer Service, and hand signed by him.

If you send it by registered post it has to be delivered to him or they are breaching the Postal Act.

I dont expect the CEO does any of his own letters.

Fight on but also you and

Fight on but also you and thousands of others who have been mistreated by this group must get permanent help by way of legislation to stop the abuse. Involve your federal member now in all your dealings with this company, Protection is needed and is only gained by constant involvement with the federal representatives.