Wrong Flight Details

I booked two flights with Jetstar, I signed up to their club and accidentally put both bookings under the same name.
When calling to change I was met with a $242.00 AUD Charge. I looked up the cost of a new flight it was $151.00.
I called and asked to speak with the complaint team which is conveniently online. It took the service officer about 5 minutes to reply to me each time and when they did they just kept referring me to the terms and conditions.
I advised that they are going to waste a seat and they suggested I take both flights. I am not two people how is this possible I asked. The officer replied with "okay well it is $242.00 to change the name."
In the end I unsubscribed from their Jetstar Club and will never fly with them again.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Sorry Kiarah, this would be

Sorry Kiarah, this would be funny if it wasn't so seriously stupid. Yes, you are communicating with an unmovable force ( a person reading script from a look up Book) when you contact Jetstar. Just occasionally I am tempted by good deals/prices but no, I will never choose to fly with them again; I haven't for 5 or more years. I guess you have to rebook the other person, sad.