12 hr delayed flight and lost baggage

I had a flight from Perth to Bali and Bali to Singapore on 21 March. There was no issue on the flight from Perth to Bali. However, I had a lot of issues with the second flight back home. The plane was supposed to leave at 10.45pm on 21 March. An announcement was made, telling us there is a delay and the plane will only leave at 12.10am. At 12 midnight, another announcement was made that the flight has been further delayed to 1am. At this point, everyone was getting more and more frustrated. At 1.30am, they told us that the flight has been cancelled and we had to take the flight, at 12.30pm(which is a 13 hrs delay). Everyone was pissed and we were told to head to the check in counter without any clear explanation. I was furious and demanded them to give us airport lounge passes since we have to wait 12 hours for the next flight and we were not given any meal vouchers.

The staff at Denpasar had a poor command of English and does not seem to understand what I was saying. I told them I wanted them to collect two of my baggage since they would be printing a new boarding pass for me and I was worried that they may misplace my baggage. The staff agreed and told me that they would look for it and deliver it to the lounge. However, they were not delivered to the lounge and the staff assured me that they would be sent to Singapore.

Upon reaching Singapore, I went to the baggage belt with a sense of trepidation. My worst nightmare came true, both of my baggage were not on the carousel. I filed a lost baggage report with the airport staff and went home. A day later, the airport staff called me and told me that 1 out of 2 baggage were found. They were on a completely different Jetstar flight. This shows how irresponsible Jetstar staff are since they did not even bother to check the flight number carefully before loading my baggage on the plane. I called Jetstar again today to ask them if they could check if my baggage is stranded at Denpasar and the helpline staff told me that this was not possible as all Jetstar flights are suspended at the moment and they could only send an email to Singapore airport to check for me.

I learnt my lesson and will never ever fly with Jetstar again.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)