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How to contact Jetstar - phone numbers, email addresses etc.

Knowing first hand of how hard it can be to contact Jetstar and also seeing how many people get to this site when searching for a way to contact Jetstar, I thought it might be a good idea to have a list of contact phone numbers and email addresses people could try. These contacts may or may not get your through to Jetstar, but they may be worth a try.
I will also add more contacts as I learn of them.

Make a complaint about Jetstar on the
Australian Competition and...

Parents now charge $30 to carry babies on domestic flights and $50 for international

Jetstar is now hitting parents carrying babies with another charge.
The charge is $30 to have a baby sit on their lap, and $50 on Trans-Tasman or international flights.
The new fees, including the rise from $40 to $50 for international baby-carrying journeys, were brought in yesterday and apply to carrying children aged under two.
"We know that fees and charges can be unpopular, but giving customers choice and charging each customer for what they actually need helps us to offer the lowest possible fares, every day," a Jetstar spokesman said.


Jetstar fined for misleading prices (price dripping)

Jetstar has been ordered by the Federal Court to pay fines totaling $545,000 for misleading it's online customers with it's 'price dripping' tactic when purchasing online.

The federal Court deemed the Jetstar tactic of 'price dripping', which is were extra unavoidable fees are added to the total price of a fare as you progress through the checkout process, as being in breach of Australian Consumer Law. Basically, Jetstar advertised a price for a fare, but when buying online, the fare could never be that low as compulsory extras were added on. This case was...

Alan Jarman Jetstar F.U.Tube segment on The Checkout

Alan Jarman and his complaint about Jetstar's credit card surcharges.
Wait till you hear about the charges when he tried to use a $50 Jetstar voucher.
None of this will come as a surprise to regular visitors to DontFlyJetstar.

View the F.U.Tube video at:

You can take a look at Alan's original video at:

You can also see a follow up on The Checkout at:...

Petition: Jetstar: drop the $8.50 credit card surcharge on our airfares in line with the new Reserve Bank ruling!

The smart people probably don't care about Jetstar's credit card surcharge as they don't fly Jetstar, but I'll post a link to it anyway.
excerpt from the page:
"These "booking and service fees" are ridiculous. Jetstar are the worst. They add on $8.50 per passenger per flight to pay by credit card -- hitting us with a huge surcharge for using the only real payment option they give us.

On Monday, new reforms aiming to stop excessive credit card fees by major retailers come into effect -- the Reserve Bank rules now say only the "reasonable cost of card acceptance" should...

Airlines may be forced to pay compensation for flight delays

"AIRLINES in Australia could be forced to pay out thousands of dollars to passengers who are delayed for three hours or more, following a landmark court ruling in Europe.

Compensation lawyers have warned the decision may pave the way for passengers here to claim for disrupted travel plans. The news comes after the European Court of Justice found travellers were entitled to monetary compensation, unless the delay was caused by "extraordinary circumstances".

Senior compensation lawyer Bernard McHardy from Sydney-based legal firm McLaughlin & Riordan said the court ruling...

Passengers without water for hours on Jetstar flight

"PASSENGERS were unable to flush the toilet or wash their hands when a Jetstar flight ran out of water three hours from its destination, leading to "nauseating" conditions.

The flight from Honolulu turned into a nightmare three hours from Melbourne, with passenger unable to access free drinking water.

A passenger on the 10-hour flight from Honolulu said the smell was "nauseating" and the conditions on the plane were appalling.

"We sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes after we landed while quarantine came on because they wondered why certain people got sick," MR Aldridge...

Jetstar flyers outraged at Christmas cancellations

Jetstar have done it again, this time it seems the company has it in for New Zealanders over the Christmas season. Here is an excerpt from The New Zealand Herald

New Zealanders living in Melbourne have had their Christmas plans thrown into turmoil after being told by Jetstar that some flights home for the festive season have been cancelled.

Many had booked their flights early in the year only to be told this week that they had to reschedule, with some being offered...

Passengers take Jetstar crew hostage

Here are a couple of links to stories about apparent Jetstar crew members being taken 'hostage' when a flight was diverted from Beijing to Shanghai because of bad weather.

Below are 2 links about the incident written by the same 'journalist' that seems very vague in some of the facts and to me, almost contradict each other in some areas.

What do you think really happened?

"A JETSTAR pilot and crew were held hostage for more than six hours by a mob of angry passengers after their flight was diverted from Beijing to Shanghai because of bad weather....

Jetstar pilots 'forgot to lower wheels' due to mobile phone

Can you trust the Jetstar pilot at the wheel of the Jetstar plane you're on?

Confused Jetstar pilots forgot to lower the wheels and had to abort a landing in Singapore just 150 metres above the ground, after the captain became distracted by his mobile phone, an investigation has found.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau report on the May 27, 2010 incident on Flight JQ57, from Darwin to Singapore, reconstructed a scene of cockpit chaos.

The captain, of more than 13,000 hours flying experience, was distracted by incoming text messages on his...


Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken's son has been uncovered as the man who urinated on passengers of a Jetstar flight. Mrs Aitken says she is embarrassed and humiliated by her son and that she could never condone his unthinkable actions - flying with Jetstar.

Ruth Aitken broke down as she told GetF@ct that she and her husband were mortified. Why their son would choose to fly with the beyond budget airline was mystifying.

"Michael has done some silly things in his time, but this takes the cake. He claims to have absolutely no recollection of the event...

Iain Stables punched and beaten by Jetstar staff - video footage

There is now video footage of the story posted on dontflyjetstar late last year (

A JETSTAR representative has been arrested and charged following an altercation with New Zealand radio commentator Iain Stables.

See the video here:

New site is finally live

Finally....the new version is live.
Why a new version? Because of the ridiculous amount of spam that was getting put on the site I had to implement some sort of log in system and I decided to go with a system where it was basically impossible to be anonymous which meant linking you account to facebook.
The fact that you now have to log in makes it a lot easier to keep track of your complaints and comments. They will be listed on your profile page. Obviously though, any comments or complaints that were made before the log in system will not be displayed.
I though while I...