Jetstar flyers outraged at Christmas cancellations

Jetstar have done it again, this time it seems the company has it in for New Zealanders over the Christmas season. Here is an excerpt from The New Zealand Herald

New Zealanders living in Melbourne have had their Christmas plans thrown into turmoil after being told by Jetstar that some flights home for the festive season have been cancelled.

Many had booked their flights early in the year only to be told this week that they had to reschedule, with some being offered alternative flights on Boxing Day.

Jetstar yesterday vowed it would get everyone home in time for Christmas, but did not say how it planned to do that.

No seats were available on the Jetstar website from Melbourne to Auckland on any day between December 18 and 27.

Many Jetstar customers vented their frustrations on the Jetstar Facebook page.

Kat Anderson said her partner was told on Saturday that his flight from Melbourne to New Zealand on Christmas Eve had been cancelled.

He was offered an earlier flight on Christmas Eve - which he could not take because of work commitments - and was told the next flight would be on Boxing Day.

"The customer service was poor and no explanation has been provided for why this flight has been cancelled," she wrote.

Aleisha McNiece said Jetstar had "officially ruined our Christmas" after her flight from Melbourne to Auckland, which had she booked in July, was cancelled 3 weeks out.

The fare difference on another airline was $600, "which makes the difference of literally NO presents under the tree".

"Sorry to all the other Kiwis trying to get home this Christmas who this has happened to as well. I know I'm not alone."

Rhys McPherson said he had to book a flight with another airline at three times the cost after being told his flight to New Zealand was cancelled because of "safety problems".

via The New Zealand Herald


Hi everybody who has had

Hi everybody who has had their flights to New Zealand cancelled over Christmas. Jetstar has put on a new flight on the 23rd at 7.55am. We have been booked onto this flight and have email confirmation. This in no way makes up for all the distress they have caused everybody the past few days but it is a massive relief for us. I'm sorry for all those people who booked new flights on other airlines and I hope the rest of you get booked on the flight on the 23rd. Call customer care ASAP, don't even bother with reservations because they are completely useless. Good luck!